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Call for Nominations for
Texas A&M University
College Station
Texas A&M University selectively and judiciously awards honorary doctorates of letters degrees to individuals of exceptional accomplishment in order to bring honor and recognition to the University and identify persons whose accomplishments and service can be considered exemplary for our students.
Texas A&M University awards honorary doctorates principally to individuals who have distinguished themselves in sustained scholarly activity in the arts, letters, sciences, social sciences, technology, or in service to humanity.  On occasion an honorary doctorate may be awarded to an individual from industry, government, communications, or another public arena who has distinguished himself or herself by nationally or internationally significant contributions.  A significant level of achievement is the overriding criterion for all candidates.
The Honorary Degree at Texas A&M University is intended to enhance our University’s continuing quest for excellence in our multiple missions.  It aims to recognize men and women who have demonstrated the highest levels of achievement and accomplishment, who are able to relate to faculty and students in addressing our institutional aspirations and concerns, and who are representative of our University’s responsibilities of leadership and influence across a diverse set of cultural, regional, national, and international constituencies.
Nominations - Only faculty of an academic unit of the University can initiate nominations.  A nomination must include:
o    Honorary Degree Checklist/Cover Page (available here)
o    A brief (500 words or less) executive summary of the nomination packet
o    A letter of nomination
o    A letter of support from the appropriate academic unit (indicating basis for endorsement, evidence of faculty endorsement, and a plan of potential ways in which the nominee can develop short- and long-term relations with the faculty and student of Texas A&M University)
o    The nominee’s curriculum vitae
The committee may request additional information from the faculty unit during the selection process.
Confidentiality - In order to maintain confidentiality of the nomination process, letters from outside references are not required.  A nomination is kept strictly confidential until approval is granted by the Faculty Senate and confirmed by the Board of Regents, and the nominee has been informed and agrees to accept the honorary doctorate.
Submission of Nominations – Both one paper copy (MS 1225) and one electronic copy (email to senate@tamu.edu) of the nomination for Honorary Degrees to be awarded December  2017 must be submitted by March 15, 2017 to the Chair of the Committee on Honorary Degrees:
Honorary Degrees Committee
Faculty Senate Office
205 YMCA, MS 1225