Budget Information

Committee Description, 2011 Texas A&M University Faculty Senate Bylaws:
This committee has the following duties and responsibilities:
  1. To study the University budget and become thoroughly familiar with its structure, provisions, and development.
  2. To provide advice to and obtain information from the Vice President for Finance, other Vice Presidents, the Executive Vice president and Provost, other officers and the President relating to the University budget.
  3. To advise and recommend action on any issue pertaining to the development and content of the University budget to the Executive Committee of the Senate and to the Faculty Senate as a whole.

Initial Committee Charges from Executive Committee, 2018-2019:

  1. Review budget for transportation services related to faculty generated revenue for streets and sidewalks, football parking, garages
  2. Analyze the university budget relative to administrative overhead compared to peer institutions
  3. Review the practices of financing new construction and maintenance of older buildings
  4. Explore our decentralized funding model relative to expectations for colleges funding individual departments
  5. Explore the current funding model with flat growth in terms of the potential impact on colleges and departments
  6. Analyze the use of funds from student fees, tuition and state appropriations
  7. Discuss indirect cost funds generated to their expenditures across the University

For printable roster, click here.
2018-2019 Budget Information Committee
Last Name First Name College  Email
Battle Guy Science battle@math.tamu.edu
Boucher Tony Education tony_boucher@tamu.edu
Burns Rebecca  Nursing rburns@tamhsc.edu
Fernandez-Solis Jose Architecture jsolis@tamu.edu
Forrest David Agriculture d-forrest@tamu.edu
Heim Gregory Mays Business School gheim@mays.tamu.edu
Honeyman Allen Dentistry ahoneyman@bcd.tamhsc.edu
Johnson Mark Engineering johnson78@tamu.edu
Kolasinski Adam Mays akolasinski@tamu.edu
Lyuksyutov Igor Science ilx@mail.physics.tamu.edu
Orsi Alejandro Geosciences aorsi@tamu.edu
Rubin Hannele Liberal arts  Hrubin@tamu.edu
Whiteacre* Matthew Engineering mwhiteacre@gmail.com
* Committee Chair