Core Curriculum

Committee Description, 2011 Texas A&M University Faculty Senate Bylaws:
This committee shall establish requirements for, and recommend to the Senate courses to be included in the core curriculum to satisfy:
     1.  State Coordinating Board requirements in:
          a. Communications
          b. Mathematics
          c. Natural Sciences
          d. Humanities and Visual Arts
          e. Social and Behavioral Sciences
     2.  The University graduation requirement for International and Cultural Diversity.
     3.  The committee shall also establish criteria for evaluation and review, and to recommend to the Senate renewal 
          or non renewal of existing courses on a regular basis.  
     4.  The committee shall establish and implement methods for assessing the success of the core curriculum in 
          meeting Coordinating Board and SACS standards.
     5.  Members shall be appointed by the Speaker, annually, with the advice of the
          Executive Committee and the consent of the Senate. Representatives for the
          Dean of Undergraduate Programs and of the Office of Institutional Assessment shall serve as non-voting, ex-          officio members.

Initial Committee Charges from Executive Committee, 2018-2019:

  1. Develop a strategic process to get ahead of recertification of Core Curriculum Classes
  2. Create a catalog (list) of approved Cultural Discourse classes
  3. Work with Anne Kenimer to develop a faculty-lead approach so we develop broader thinking about General Education at the University
  4. Investigate organizing the catalog of ICD by themes
  5. Discuss continuous improvement methods for Core courses relative to SACSCOC (involve CTE as appropriate)

Submitting ICD and CD Courses through CARS
CD Rubric
CD Cover Sheet
ICD Rubric
ICD Cover Sheet

Instructional Video on submitting ICD/CD courses through CARS
Core Curriculum Committee Meeting Schedule

Final Guidelines for New Core Courses

For printable roster, click here.

2018-2019 Core Curriculum Council
Last Name First Name College  Email
Allen Gregg Medicine
Bashir Hassan Qatar
Buchanan John Education
Cahill Tony Engineering
Epstein Janice Science
Erickson James Science
Frank-Cannon* Tamy Vet Med
Harlin Julie Agriculture
Heinz Kevin Agriculture
Hoffman Matt Nursing
Holliday Shelley Architecture
Humphrey Daniel  Liberal Arts
Klein Andrew Geosciences
Kunkel Gary Agriculture
Panina Daria Mays Business School
Rice* Dale Liberal Arts
Townsend Grace Galveston
Vestal Evan Engineering
Worthy Darrell Liberal Arts
*Committee Co-Chair