Legislative Affairs

Committee Description, 2011 Texas A&M University Faculty Senate Bylaws:

This committee shall annually review and report to the Senate proposed legislation that may impact the educational process or employee benefits and working conditions. The committee may meet with local legislators to promote
or discuss potential legislation.

Initial Committee Charges from Executive Committee, 2018-2019:

  1. Emphasize that we need to fund the formula and resolve special items for the budget.
  2. Discuss success metrics and funding success initiative.
  3. Explore the funding cost of Hazelwood.
  4. Work to get more faculty subject experts in front of the legislature as appropriate.
  5. Create a joint effort with UT faculty to visit legislators.
  6. Reach out to the faculty for issues and concerns to bring to the legislators.

For printable roster, click here.
2018-2019 Legislative Affairs Committee
Last Name First Name College  Email
Bierman Len Mays Business School lbierman@mays.tamu.edu
Ferdinand Alva Public Health aferdinand@tamu.edu
Hill Price Angie Engineering ahprice@tamu.edu
Kane Matthew Galveston kanem@tamug.edu
Linderholm Anna Liberal Arts linderholm@tamu.edu
Reece Bobby Geosciences b.reece@tamu.edu
Rowell Eric Science rowell@math.tamu.edu
Shim Won-Bo Agriculture wbshim@tamu.edu
Woosley Jim  Education jwoosley@tamu.edu
Yakovlev Vladislav Engineering yakovlev@tamu.edu
*Committee Chair