Committee Description, 2011 Texas A&M University Faculty Senate Bylaws:
This committee has the responsibility to study policies, procedures, and regulations and to recommend actions in the following areas:
     1. Policies affecting University development and use of resources.
     2. Establishment, reorganization or discontinuation, of organizational units/areas of instruction, research, or administration.
     3. Libraries, computing, and other support facilities affecting the academic environment.
     4. Physical Plant and facilities affecting the academic environment.
     5. Other related matters relating to planning.

Initial Committee Charges from Executive Committee, 2018-2019:

  1. Follow up on implementation, faculty involvement in the direction and goals, new courses related to the School of Innovation (I school)
  2. Follow up on Ofo bike management - bike racks, parking, etc.
  3. Discover the admissions plans for upcoming academic year
  4. Explore the continuing Workday issues - problems and solutions
  5. Explore the campus master plan and implications regarding new buildings, roadways, etc.
  6. Explore the future of campus transportation
  7. Explore the future construction plans and implementation/ impact on campus
  8. Update on sustainability plan / conservation, presence on the council
  9. Explore the facility charge on some health insurance procedures that are hidden or a surprise; work to make these facility charges transparent to faculty and staff in our health plan.

For printable roster, click here.
2018-2019 Planning Committee
Last Name First Name College  Email
Banerjee Debjyoti Engineering
Earnest David Medicine
Greenbaum Ira Science
Law Wendy Law
Magill Clint  Agriculture
McNeill Beth Education
Musser Jeffrey Vet Med
Pooley Alexandra  Education
Sicilio Mark Medicine
Strawser Bob Mays Business
Tassinary Louis Architecture
Walzem Rosemary Agriculture
*Committee Chair