Committee Description, 2011 Texas A&M University Faculty Senate Bylaws:
This committee has the responsibility to study policies, procedures, and regulations and to recommend actions in the following areas:    
  1. External funding of research.
  2. Internal funding and distribution of research funds.
  3. Travel related to soliciting, conducting, and presentation of research.
  4. Libraries, computing, and other support facilities affecting the environment.
  5. Publication or other means of disseminating research findings.
  6. Copyrights and patents.
  7. Other matters affecting the conduct and dissemination of research.

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                 2019-2020 RESEARCH COMMITTEE

LName Fname Email College
Akleman Derya SCNC
Alvarado Jorge ENGR
Arroyave Raymundo ENGR
Banu Sakhila VMBS
Bluemel Janet SCNC
Buchanan John EDHD
Burkart Patrick LIBA
Castell-Perez Elena AGLS
Hetland Rob GEOS
Jimenez   Daniel ENGR
Miranda Rajesh COM
Sullivan Thomas LIBR
Tao Feng COD
Vishnubhakat Saurabh LAW