Committee Description, 2011 Texas A&M University Faculty Senate Bylaws:
This committee has the responsibility to study policies, procedures, and regulations and to recommend actions in the following areas:    
  1. External funding of research.
  2. Internal funding and distribution of research funds.
  3. Travel related to soliciting, conducting, and presentation of research.
  4. Libraries, computing, and other support facilities affecting the environment.
  5. Publication or other means of disseminating research findings.
  6. Copyrights and patents.
  7. Other matters affecting the conduct and dissemination of research.

Initial Committee Charges from Executive Committee, 2018-2019:

  1. Differentiate the role and mission of this committee from CPI
  2. Protect freedom of scholarship (need more information here: about setting research agenda/program or ways to publish or else?)
  3. Promote *scholarship* on campus and emphasize those areas not covered by traditional CPI faculty - Examples
    1. Participate in the development of internal funding streams to support scholarship in the humanities, and other fields
    2. Develop and/or promote the use of small scale Core Facilities - accessible to faculty across campus (3D printing, large format plotting…)
    3. Unfunded research
  4. Consider changing the name from research committee to scholarship committee or something else to be more inclusive of the intellectual activities faculty do on campus.

For printable roster, click here.
2018-2019 Research Committee
Last Name First Name College  Email
Abd Elmageed Zack Pharmacy
Alvarado Jorge Engineering
Arosh Joe Vet Med
Arroyave Raymundo Engineering
Conway Daniel Liberal Arts
de Figueiredo Paul Medicine
Deva Reddy Libraries
Hetland Robert Geosciences
Jimenez Daniel Engineering
Katz Claire Liberal Arts
Miranda Rajesh  Medicine
Mora-Zacarias Miguel Agriculture
Sezgin Ergin Science
Simmons Joe Dentistry
Staack David Engineering
Sullivan Thomas Libraries
Tao Feng Dentistry
Watanabe Coran Science
*Committee Chair