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Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda
August 13, 2018
Rudder 601
Call to Order
Richard Stadelman Faculty Senate Service Award
Special Award
Guest Speakers
Michael Stephenson, Vice Provost, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Tim Scott, Assistant Provost, Dean of Science
Overview of Student Success Initiative
Speaker Comments
MinutesAttachment A
Approval of June 11, 2018 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
JULY 2018:
            New Courses – Attachment B
        GEOL 616    Petroleum Systems Analysis and Basin
        LAW 764       Introduction to the United States Legal System
        MEEN 623    Tensor Analysis for Engineers
        PETE 649     Boundary Element Method for Geomechanics
        PETE 655     Finite Element Method for Geomechanics
Change in Courses – Attachment C
ANSC 636            Texas Panhandle Beef Production Tour
CSCE 611            Operating Systems and Applications
CVEN 681            Seminar
EDAD 605            School Principalship
EDAD 609            Public School Laws
EDAD 615            School Superintendency
EDAD 624            Administration of Special Populations and Special Programs
EDAD 630            Site-Based Management of Schools
EDAD 635            Administration for Special Services
EDAD 638            Developing School-Community Partnerships
EDAD 684            Internship
ENGR 681            Professional Development Seminar
EPSY 644             Histories of Psychology
ESSM 636            Wildland Watershed Management
FINC 601              Financial Analysis Practicum
GEOG 676           GIS Programming
GEOG 678           WebGIS
HPCH 605            Applied Research Methods
HPCH 607            Biological Basis of Health and Common Diseases
HPCH 610            Community Organization and Assessment
HPCH 611            Program Planning
HPCH 612            Public Health Interventions
HPCH 613            Program Evaluation
HPCH 635            Community Health Development
HPCH 638            Seminar on Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
HPCH 639            HIV/AIDS:  A Public Health Issue
HPCH 641            Coaching Health Behavior Change
HPCH 665            Proposal Writing and Grants Management
ISTM 645              IT Security Controls
MEEN 612            Mechanics of Robot Manipulators
MEEN 681            Seminar
MKTG 621            Survey of Marketing
MSEN 657            Multiscale Modeling in Materials
PHEB 605            Epidemiologic Methods I
PSAA 601             Foundations of Public Service
PSAA 616             Managing Workplace Diversity in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
PSAA 623             Budgeting in Public Service
PSAA 630             Program Evaluation in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
PSAA 636             Grant and Project Management in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
PSAA 649             Volunteer and Human Resources in Nonprofit Organizations
PSAA 675             Public Service and Administration Capstone Seminar
RDNG 605            Practicum in Literacy Intervention
RDNG 609            Foundations of Reading Instruction
SCSC 642            Plant Breeding II
SCSC 660            Experimental Designs in Agriculture
SEFB 618             Applied Behavior Management in the Classroom
SENG 670            Industrial Safety Engineering
SENG 680            Industrial Hygiene
SPED 609            Educating Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
SPED 642            Prevention, Support, and Intervention for Students with Emotional and Behavior Problems
STAT 601             Statistical Analysis
STAT 607             Sampling
STAT 626             Methods in Time Series Analysis
STAT 636             Applied Multivariate Analysis and Statistical Learning
STAT 657             Advanced Programming Using SAS
WFSC 639            Wildlife Ecotoxicology
WFSC 641            Sustainable Military Land Management
Change in Courses Attachment D
Texas A&M University at Galveston
MARA 673            International Maritime Industry Graduate Management Experience
Change in Programs – Inactivation Proposal - Attachment E
College of Education and Human Development
     Department of Educational Psychology
           CERT-CG27          Hispanic Bilingual Education - Certificate
Change in Programs Attachment F
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
     Department of Ecosystem Science and Management
           CERT-CG56          Geographic Information Science - Certificate
Change in Programs Attachment G
College of Mays Business School
Department of Business
           CERT-CG59          Business Data Analytics - Certificate
Change in Programs Attachment H
College of Mays Business School
Department of Business
           CERT-CG60          Finance - Certificate
Change in Programs Attachment I
College of Mays Business School
Department of Business
           CERT-CG62          Supply Chain and Operations - Certificate
Change in Programs Attachment J
College of Mays Business School
     Department of Information and Operations Management
           CERT-CG68          Business Intelligence and Analytics - Certificate
Change in Programs Attachment K
College of Education and Human Development
     Department of Educational Psychology
           MED-BIED             Master of Education in Bilingual Education
Change in Programs Attachment L
College of Education and Human Development
     Department of Educational Psychology
           MED-SPED            Master of Education in Special Education
Change in Programs Attachment M
College of Engineering
     Department of Computer Science and Engineering
           MS-CECN              Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Change in Programs Attachment N
College of Engineering
     Department of Chemical Engineering
           MS-CHEN              Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Change in Programs Attachment O
College of Engineering
     Department of Computer Science and Engineering
           MS-CPSC              Master of Science in Computer Science
Change in Programs Attachment P
College of Engineering
     Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
           MS-ENSM              Master of Science in Engineering Systems Management
Change in Programs Attachment Q
College of Mays Business School
     Department of Management
           MS-HRMT             Master of Science in Human Resource Management
Change in Programs Attachment R
College of Engineering
     Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
           MS-INEN               Master of Science in Industrial Engineering
Change in Programs Attachment S
College of Engineering
     Department of Nuclear Engineering
           MS-NUEN              Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering
            New Courses – Attachment T
ANSC 495          International Agriculture and Animal Production
FINC 342            Introductory Finance for the Petroleum Ventures Program
HORT 424          Horticulture as a Medium for Creative Expression
New Courses – FS-36-066-Att-V-UCC-Change-in-CoursesAttachment U
Texas A&M University at Galveston
MAST 226          Museums, Law and Ethics
SOCI 240            Tourism, Culture and Place
        Change in Courses – Attachment V
AGCJ 305           Theory and Practice of Agricultural Publishing
AGEC 340          Agribusiness Management
AGSM 335          Water and Soil Management
AGSM 337          Technology for Environmental and Natural Resource Engineering
AGSM 473          Project Management for Agricultural Systems Technology
ANSC 302          Basic Beef Cattle Production
ANSC 436          Texas Panhandle Beef Production Tour
ANTH 417           Naval Warfare and Warships in Ancient Greece and Rome
ARTS 325           Digital Painting
BAEN 320           Engineering Thermodynamics
BAEN 460           Principles of Environmental Hydrology
BMEN 207          Computing for Biomedical Engineering
BMEN 350          Statistics for Biomedical Engineering
BMEN 448          Healthcare Technology in the Developing World
CHEN 382          Bioprocess Engineering
COMM 320         Organizational Communication
COMM 327         American Oratory
CVEN 305          Mechanics of Materials
CVEN 322          Civil Engineering Systems
CVEN 403          Applied Civil Engineering Surveying
CVEN 424          Civil Engineering Professional Practice
CVEN 450          AutoCAD in Civil Engineering
ECEN 215          Principles of Electrical Engineering
ECEN 303          Random Signals and Systems
ECEN 322          Electric and Magnetic Fields
ECEN 350          Computer Architecture and Design
ECEN 403          Electrical Design Laboratory I
EHRD 408          Globalization and Diversity in the Workplace
ESET 329           Six Sigma and Applied Statistics
ESET 455           Wireless Transmission Systems
GEOG 201          Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 213          Planet Earth Lab
GEOG 450          Field Geography
GERM 221          Field Studies I
GERM 222          Field Studies II
GERM 321          German Culture and Civilization I
IDIS 343             Distribution Logistics
KINE 406            Motor Learning and Skill Performance
LBAR 332           Studies in European Civilization and Culture II
MEEN 221          Statics and Particle Dynamics
MEEN 315          Principles of Thermodynamics
MEEN 368          Solid Mechanics in Mechanical Design
MEEN 461          Heat Transfer
MEEN 475          Materials in Design
PETE 418           Deterministic Reserves Evaluation
POLS 306           Contemporary Political Problems and Issues
POLS 326           Commercial Egg Industry
POSC 333          Instincts and Behavior
POSC 411          Poultry Nutrition
PSYC 319           History and Systems of Psychology
SCSC 311          Principles of Crop Production
VTPB 303           Medical Communication in the International Community
Change in Courses – Attachment W
Texas A&M University at Galveston
        MAST 252          Crafts of the Maritime World
        MAST 265          Elissa Sail Training
POLS 366           Political Conflicts of the Middle East
        Change in Courses – Attachment X
Texas A&M University at Qatar
BS-CHEN-QT      Chemical Engineering – BS, Qatar Campus
BS-ELEN-QT      Electrical Engineering – BS, Qatar Campus
BS-MEEN-QT     Mechanical Engineering – BS, Qatar Campus
BS-PETE-QT      Petroleum Engineering – BS, Qatar Campus

Change in Programs – Inactivation Proposal - Attachment Y
College of Geosciences
     Department of Geography
           CERT-CU14          Diversity - Certificate
W&C COURSES          
C Courses Attachment Z
GEOG 215-C      Geospatial Cornerstone
PHYS 328-C       Experimental Physics II
W Courses Attachment AA
BICH 491-W       Research
ECMT 463-W      Introduction to Econometrics
GENE 491-W      Research
GEOG 435-W     Principles of Plant Geography
HLTH 481-W       Seminar in Allied Health
MMET 301-W     Mechanical Power Transmission
PHLT 310-W       Public Health Writing
PHLT 311-W       Narrative Approach to Public Health
RPTS 474-W      Management of Programs and Services for Youth
AUGUST 2018:
     Change in Courses – Attachment BB
ALEC 608           Leadership of Volunteers
ALEC 623           Survey of Evaluation Strategies for Agriculture
ECEN 602          Computer Communication and Networking
ECEN 605          Linear Multivariable Systems
ECEN 608          Modern Control
ECEN 620          Network Theory
ECEN 622          Active Network Synthesis
ECEN 665          Integrated CMOS RF Circuits and Systems
ECEN 676          Advanced Computer Architecture
ECEN 760          Introduction to Probabilistic Graphical Models
ECEN 768          Bioelectronics
MGMT 680         Business and Corporate Strategy
PETE 602           Well Stimulation
PETE 645           Upscaling of Geologic Models for flow Simulation
PETE 647           Petroleum Thermodynamics
PETE 651           Probabilistic Reserves Evaluation
PETE 653           Linear and Nonlinear Rock Mechanics
PETE 659           Rock Mechanics Related to Hydraulic Fracturing
PHPM 644          Texas Training Initiative For Emergency Response (T-Tier)
New Courses – Attachment CC     
COMM 245         Difficult Dialogues on Power, Privilege, and Difference
COMM 338         Critical Race Discourse
COMM 343         Communication and Cultural Discourse
COMM 346         Media, Culture and Identity
CVEN 449          Visualization and Building Information Modeling in Structural Engineering Design
ENGR 432          Subsea Project Implementation
MAST 250          Archaeological Field Methods
PHIL 470            Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law
SOCI 377            Entrepreneurial ThoughT Leaders Seminar
SOCI 450            Social Entrepreneurship
SOCI 476            Entrepreneurship Practice
STAT 312           Statistics for Biology
VIBS 111            Biodefense, Biosecurity and Bioterrorism
Change in Courses – Attachment DD
ANTH 403           Anthropology of Religion
ANTH 404           Women and Culture
ANTH 425           Human Osteology
BSN-NURS         Nursing – BS, Traditional BSN
CHEM 220          Physics and Chemistry of Inorganic Materials
COMM 407         Gender, Race and Media
CSCE 314          Programming Languages
ECON 318          The Economics of Gender and Race
ENGR 380          Seminar Series in Engineering Project Management
FIVS 401             Forensic Soil Science
HLTH 342           Human Sexuality
KINE 318            Athletic Injuries
PHLT 445           Applications of Public Health
VIBS 305            Biomedical Anatomy
VIBS 343            Histology
  Course Inactivation – Attachment EE
CHEM 111          Fundamentals of Chemistry I
CHEM 112          Fundamentals of Chemistry II
STLC 001           Basic Mathematical Skills
STLC 002           Basic Writing Skills
STLC 003           Basic Reading Skills
Program Change Request – Attachment FF
MINOR-ENGL     English – Minor
  Special Consideration – Attachment GG
CERT-PRAR       Proficiency in Arabic – Certificate
W & C Courses
  New Core Component Proposal – Attachment HH
         Courses Submitted for W Certification:
ATMO 456-W      Practical Weather Forecasting
CLAS 410-W       Seminar in Classical Studies
GERM 310-W     Composition
NFSC 204-W      Perspectives in Nutrition and Food Science
SOCI 420-W       Advanced Methods of Social Research
SPED 310-W      Instructional Strategies for Students with Disabilities
STAT 182-W       Foundations of Statistics
______________________________End of Consent Agenda____________________________________
Unfinished Business
Committee Reports
Core Curriculum Council Attachment II
New Courses Submitted for International and Cultural Diversity Designation
ACCT 445-ICD      International Accounting
ANTH 229-ICD      Introduction to Folklore
ANTH 317-ICD Introduction to Biblical Archaeology
ANTH 403-ICD      Anthropology of Religion
ANTH 427-ICD      Human Biological Variation
ARAB 475-ICD      Media and the Middle East
ARCH 212-ICD Social and Behavioral Factors in Design
ARCH 246-ICD      Foundations of Historic Preservation
ARCH 249-ICD Survey of World Architecture History I
ARCH 250-ICD Survey of World Architecture History II
ARCH 346-ICD Architecture, Heritage and Culture
ARCH 350-ICD History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Architecture
ARCH 438-ICD      History and Design of Sacred Architecture
ARTS 150-ICD Art History Survey II
COMM 335-ICD     Intercultural Communication
COMM 340-ICD           Communication and Popular Culture
ENGL 219-ICD Literature and the Other Arts
ENGL 333-ICD Gay and Lesbian Literature
ENGL 474-ICD      Studies in Women Writers
EURO 456-ICD      Contemporary Italy
FILM 215-ICD        Global Cinema
FILM 251-ICD  Introduction to Film Analysis
FILM 299-ICD        History of Film
FREN 301-ICD      French Society and Culture in Evolution
FREN 322-ICD      French Literature II
FREN 336-ICD      Politics, Culture and Society in Contemporary France
GEOG 201-ICD           Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 202-ICD           Geography of the Global Village
GEOG 301-ICD           Geography of the United States
GEOG 306-ICD     Introduction to Urban Geography
GEOG 325-ICD     Geography of Europe
GEOG 327-ICD     Geography of South Asia
HLTH 334-ICD       Women’s Health
INTS 201-ICD        Introduction to International Studies
INTS 321-ICD        Political Islam and Jihad
ITAL 455-ICD         Italian Cinema
JAPN 201-ICD Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN 202-ICD Intermediate Japanese II
MGMT 452-ID        International Management
MGMT 453-ICD     Emerging Economies:  Brazil, Russia, India, China
PSYC 208-ICD      Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Minority Experience
PSYC 209-ICD      Psychology of Culture and Diversity
RELS 312-ICD Contemplation in the Modern World
SCMT 340-ICD      Global Supply Chain Management
SCSC 420-ICD      Brazilian Agriculture and Food Production Systems
SPAN 201-ICD      Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 202-ICD Intermediate Spanish II
SPMT 336-ICD Diversity in Sport Organizations
TEFB 273-ICD       Introduction to Culture, Community, Society and Schools
THAR 201-ICD      Introduction to World Theatre
WGST 210-ICD     Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality
WGST 452-ICD     Women and Gender in Italy
New Courses Submitted for Cultural Discourse
AFST 201-CD  Introduction to Africana Studies
ANTH 210-CD Social and Cultural Anthropology
ARTS 339-CD  Contemporary Art Survey
ARTS 349-CD  The History of Modern Art
CARC 101-CD Cultural and Social Issues in the Natural, Built, and Virtual Environment
COMM 338-CD            Critical Race Discourse
COMM 343-CD            Communication and Cultural Discourse
COMM 346-CD            Media, Culture and Identity
INST 222-CD               Foundations of Education in a Multicultural Society
LMAS 201-CD Introduction to Latino/Mexican American Studies
SPMT 304-CD Sport Psychology Management and Practice
SPMT 319-CD Sociology of Sport
Texas A&M University at Galveston
New Courses Submitted for International and Cultural Diversity Designation Attachment JJ
MARA 440-ICD            Global Economy and Enterprise Management
MARS 210-ICD            Marine Geography
MAST 411-ICD International Maritime Culture
Other Committee Reports 
Academic Affairs Committee
Core Curriculum Council
Personnel & Welfare Committee
Research Committee

Old Business
New Business
Recommendation of Summer 2018 Degree Candidates
TOTAL: 2288
Agriculture - 279
Bush School – 30
Business - 120
Engineering – 419
Liberal Arts - 343
Vet Med – 94
Architecture – 157
Education – 427
Geosciences – 86
Medicine – 5
Nursing – 41
Public Health – 50
Science – 106
Dentistry 35
Law - 3
Pharmacy –
TAMU-Galveston – 86
TAMU-Qatar –
Proposed Revisions to Student Rules Attachment KK
Rule 15                        Graduation with (Latin) Honors
Rule 16                        University Honors Program
Proposed Revisions to Student Rules Attachment LL
Rule 24                        Student Conduct Code
Rule 26                        Student Conduct Proceedings
Rule 27                        Sanctions (Sections 27.1.2, 27.1.3 and 27.1.5)
Rule 27                        Sanctions (Section 27.4.2)
Rule 47            Investigation and Resolution of Complaints Against Texas A&M Students for Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking and Related Retaliation (SSDDSR)
Proposed Revisions to Dean and Department Head Rules – Attachment MM
For Discussion Only
Committee of the Whole

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