Below is the most up-to-date information regarding Faculty Senate & University Committee elections for Spring 2017.

Note that the Honors Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee and the Committee on Academic Freedom, Responsibility, and Tenure are university-wide elections. The nominees for these positions will be voted on by ALL university eligible faculty per the Faculty Senate Constitution. All other positions are devoted to the college and will only be voted upon by eligible faculty within that college. Elections will be determined based off of a total percentage of votes received. Individuals will be assigned positions in the order of the most votes received. 

Election Timeline
Nominations Open                                                          February 27, 2017                
Nominations Close                                                          March 13, 2017
Voting Opens                                                                  March 27, 2017             *NOW OPEN*
Voting Closes                                                                  April 10, 2017
Notification of Status                                                      April 12, 2017
Run-Off Voting Opens                                                    April 12, 2017
Run-Off Voting Closes                                                    April 21, 2017
Notification of Status                                                      April 24, 2017
Executive Committee Nominations Open                       April 24, 2017
Executive Committee Nominations Close                       May 1, 2017
Voting for Executive Committee Members                     May 8, 2017 (during the Faculty Senate Meeting)

Committee Descriptions

To preview the ballot for a particular college, please click on the links below: 
College of Agriculture
College of Architecture
Bush School
Mays Business School
College of Dentistry
College of Education
College of Engineering
TAMU Galveston
College of Geosciences
Law School
TAMU Libraries
College of Liberal Arts
College of Medicine
College of Nursing
College of Pharmacy
School of Public Health
TAMU Qatar
College of Science
College of Veterinary Medicine