May 11, 2015

Faculty Senate Meeting
May 11, 2015
601 Rudder Tower
In Attendance: Louise Abbott, Gamal Akabani, Ergun Akleman, Derya Akleman, Joe  Arosh, Raymundo Arroyave, Joseph Awika, Debjyoti Banerjee, Guy  Battle, Michael Benedik, Leonard Bierman, Carlos Blanton, Joseph Boutros, John Buchanan, Tahir Cagin, John Carhart, Richard Carlson, William Clark, Greg Cobb, Jonathan Coopersmith, Charles Criscione, Walter Daugherity, Darryl De Ruiter, Nimir Elbashir, Janice Epstein, Jose Fernandez-Solis, Athony Filippi, David Ford, Tamy Frank-Cannon, Gerald Frye, Clare Gill, Elsa  Gonzalez, Melinda Grant, Ira Greenbaum, Ayeman Hamouda, Julie Harlin, Greg Heim, Kim Quaile Hill, Angie   Hill Price, Brian Holland, Shelley Holliday, Alan Honeyman, Richard Hutchinson, Jon (Sean) Jasperson, Daniel Jimenez, Mark Johnson, Kara Jones-Schubart, Reza Langari, Jason  Lindo, Thomas Linton, Igor Lyuksyutov, Clint Magill, Vanita Mahajan, Catherine  McNeal, Rajesh  Miranda, Leslie Morey, Christine Murray, Bimal Nepal, Bruce Neville, Mohammad    Nutan, Lynne  Opperman, Calvin Parnell, Heather Ramsey, Deva Reddy, Dale Rice, Karen Russell, Emet Schneiderman, Ergin Sezgin, Mark  Sicilio, Nancy Simpson, Karen Snowden, Joe  Spurlock III, Bob Strawser, Gabriela Thornton, Grace Townsend, Kim-Vy Tran, Nancy  Turner, Chuck  Wakefield, Benjamin  Wilhite, Jim Woosley, Hongwei Zhao
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Speaker Woosley at 3:18 p.m.
Guest Speaker
Speaker Comments
Speaker Woosley presented the Richard Stadelmann Faculty Senate Service Awards, given in recognition of outstanding first-term service in the Senate, to Greg Heim of Mays College of Business and Rajesh Miranda of the College of Medicine.
Speaker Woosley presented the Aggie Spirit Awards to students who showed outstanding courage and determination in the face of adversity while attending A&M. The recipients were Robert Webster, nominated by Tom Linton of Galveston; Stephanie Stryker, nominated by John Mullet; and Kendalyn Rising,nominated by Paul Kellstedt.
Approval of April 13, 2015 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
The minutes of the April meeting were approved as submitted.
Consent Agenda
GRADUATE COUNCIL – GC REPORT                                                   
New Courses
EDCI 711               Theory and Application of Classroom Instructional Strategies
KINE 609              Professional and Career Development in Health and Kinesiology
SOCI 680              Teaching Undergraduate Sociology: Overview of Principles and Practices
Attachment B
Motion Passed
Course Change Request - April 2, 2015
PHEB 690             Epidemiologic Proposal Development
SOPH 690             Thesis Development
Attachment C
Motion Passed
New Courses – April 10, 2015
MGMT 261          Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MGMT 477          Entrepreneurial Consulting and Development
STAT 182              Foundations of Statistics
STAT 404              Statistical Computing
STAT 406              Design and Analysis of Experiments
STAT 426              Methods in Time Series Analysis
STAT 436              Multivariate Analysis and Statistical Learning
STAT 438              Bayesian Statistics
STAT 445              Applied Biostatistics and Data Analysis
STAT 446              Statistical Bioinformatics
STAT 459              Categorical Data Analysis
STAT 482              Statistics Capstone
Attachment D
Motion Passed
Withdrawal of Courses
EDTC 311              Adaptive/Assistive Technology
EPSY 428              Collaboration in School Settings
SEFB 426              Effective Instruction of Students of Diverse Abilities
Attachment E
Motion Passed
Change in Courses
GEOG 201            Introduction to Human Geography
SPED 314              Effective Mathematics Strategies for Students with Disabilities
Attachment F
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum
                College of Education and Human Development
                        Department of Educational Psychology
                              BS in Interdisciplinary Studies
                                    Special Education EC-12
Attachment G
Motion Passed
Special Consideration Item
                School of Law
                        Any bachelor’s degree and JD in Law
                              Request for a 3+3 program
Attachment H
Motion Passed
Special Consideration Item
                College of Science
                        Department of Statistics
                              BS in Statistics
                                    Request for a new degree program
Attachment I
Motion Passed
Information Only
                College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
                        Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
                        Department of Nutrition and Food Science
                              Request to include zero credit hours to existing variable credit courses
Attachment J
Motion Passed
W-COURSES   - Report April 21, 2015
Courses submitted for W certification
GEOL 301                             Mineral Resources
Courses submitted for C recertification
MKTG 321                           Marketing
Courses submitted for W recertification
BUSN 205                            Integrated Work-Life Competencies
GERM 491                           Research
SOCI/WGST 489                Images of Women
Courses submitted for C recertification
ENTC 419                             Technical Project Management
Attachment K
Motion Passed
Core Curriculum CouncilReport                                                                    
May 5, 2015
New ICD Course                               Cross listed with Current ICD Course                      Title
ASIA 325                                              SOCI 325                                              International Business Behavior
ASIA 329                                              SOCI 329                                              Pacific Rim Business Behavior
ASIA 352                                              HIST 352                                               Modern East Asia
ASIA 355                                              HIST 355                                               Modern China
ASIA 356                                              HIST 356                                               Twentieth Century Japan
ASIA 365                                              POLS 365                                              Asian Governments and Politics
FILM 406                                              EURO 406                                            Propaganda and Dissidence
SOCI 310                                              WGST 310                                            Motherhood in Society
WGST 315                                            SOCI 315                                              The Marriage Institution              
WGST 318                                            ECON 318                                            The Economics of Gender and Race
Attachment L
Motion Passed
Critical Task Force on Research Expenditures Report
                __________________________________End of Consent Agenda____________________________________
Informational Review Items
New Courses
LAW 7303            Agricultural Law
LAW 7320            Health Care, Technology and the Law
LAW 7493            Securities Law Enforcement
LAW 7644            Climate Change and Energy Law Seminar
LAW 7792            LARW III: Criminal Procedure
LAW 7868S          Intellectual Property and Technology Clinic
LAW 7869            Innocence Clinic
Change in Courses
LAW 7162            Civil Rights Litigation
LAW 7666            Race and the Law Seminar
LAW 7437            National Security Law
Attachment M
Motion Passed
Information Only
Approval of Faculty Senate Constitution
Angie Price moved to delay the informational session on proposed Faculty Senate Constitutional amendments to the September meeting. The motion was adopted.
Unfinished Business
Old Business                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Proposed Revisions to Student Rule 24 (with enhanced justifications)
Attachment O
Motion Passed
Proposed Revisions to Student Rule 26
Attachment P
Motion Passed
Proposed Revisions to Student Rule 51
Attachment Q
Motion Passed
Proposed Revisions to Student Rule 58 (with enhanced justifications)
Attachment R
Motion Passed
Proposed Revisions to Student Rule Appendix IX
Attachment S
Motion Passed
New Business  
Recommendation of Students for May 2015 Graduation               
TAMU-Main – 7709
TAMU-Galveston – 241
TAMU-Qatar – 80
TAMU-Health Science Center – 678
TAMU-LAW – 182
In new business, the Senate approved the list of May 2015 graduates.
Committee of the Whole
In new business, the Senate approved the list of May 2015 graduates.
Speaker Woosley finished his term as speaker with the Annual State of the Senate Address.
Speaker Woosley then turned the meeting over to new Speaker Strawser, passing the gavel.
Strawser led the presentation of a gavel and resolution honoring outgoing Speaker Woosley.
In the annual election of a new speaker-elect, there were two candidates: Len Bierman of Mays and Dale Rice of Liberal Arts. Bierman was elected.
Angie Price of Engineering was elected secretary by acclimation.
The following new members were elected to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee:
 Richard Carlson of Geosciences
Walter Daugherity of Engineering
Janice Epstein of Science
Tom Linton of Galveston
Clint Magill of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Dale Rice of Liberal Arts
Speaker Strawser then turned the meeting over to Speaker-elect Bierman for the Committee of the Whole.
Angie Price brought up outsourcing issues, including landscaping and the care of plants and trees, as well as leaks in buildings. She said faculty members do not have a way of expressing those concerns and would like a way for faculty to do that.
Rajesh Miranda of the College of Medicine proposed adding an ad hoc member to the Executive Committee from the Health Science Center.
After the provost explained that the system of handing out diplomas at graduation was under review for possible changes going forward, the meeting was turned back to Strawser.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:04 p.m.
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