Past Agenda

Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda
September 11, 2017
Rudder 601
Call to Order
Guest Speaker
President Michael Young
Texas A&M University
Speaker Comments
Aggie Spirit Award
Approval of August 14, 2017, Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes - Attachment A
Consent Agenda
New Courses – Attachment B
SPSY 627            Culturally Responsive Interventions- Models for Making Cultural Adaptations to Interventions
VIBS 642             Histological Research Methods
VIBS 676             Speciation Biology and Genetics
VPAT 654            Fundamentals in Laboratory Animal Medicine
VPTA 655            Contemporary Topics in Laboratory Animal Medicine
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Change in Courses – Attachment C
MARB 607            Research and Conservation in Greece; Dolphins, Fisheries and Cultural Heritage
Program Change - Attachment D
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
      Horticultural Sciences
                      MAG-HORT Master of Agriculture in Horticulture
New Courses – Attachment E
ANTH 448   Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
CSCE 416    Hardware Design Verification
MUSC 381  Ensemble Performance
SPAN 112   Intensive Beginning Spanish
SPAN 321   Hispanic Cultures in Historical Context, 15th-18th Centuries
SPAN 322   Hispanic Cultures in Historical Context, 19th Century
SPAN 323   Hispanic Cultures in Historical Context, 20th-21st Centuries
Change in Courses – Attachment F
CHEN 491   Research
MATH 411  Mathematical Probability
MUSC 211  Collaborative Musicianship
MUSC 255  Keyboard Instruction
MUSC 316  Music and Technology
MUSC 317  Recording and the Producer
MUSC 318  Electronic Composition
MUSC 402  Intermedia Performance
PERF 303    Creating Performance
PERF 454     Seminar Performing the City
PERF 481     Capstone Seminar Performance as Research
SCMT 300   Business Communications I
STAT 301     Introduction to Biometry
STAT 302     Statistical Methods
STAT 303     Statistical Methods
STAT 408     Introduction to Linear Models
STAT 415     Mathematical Statistics II
STAT 426     Methods in Time Series Analysis
THAR 102   Text and Performance Analysis
THAR 245   Critical Design Studies
THAR 302   Dramaturgy
THAR 321   Collaborative Design Process
THAR 322   Collaborative Performing
THAR 420   Directing Live Performance
THAR 435   New Technology for Performance Design
THAR 445   Design as Performance
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Change in Courses – Attachment G
MARB 407  Research and Conservation in Greece; Dolphins, Fisheries and Cultural Heritage
MAST 411   International Maritime Culture
Course Inactivations – Attachment H
MUSC 206  Music Theory III
MUSC 207  Form and Analysis
MUSC 208  Musicianship I
MUSC 210  Musicianship II
MUSC 212  Musicianship III
MUSC 253  Individual Performance Guitar I
MUSC 254  Individual Performance Voice I
MUSC 256  Individual Performance String I
MUSC 259  Individual Performance via Classroom Instruction
MUSC 270  Individual Performance Woodwind I
MUSC 271  Individual performance Brass I
MUSC 272  Individual Performance Percussion I
MUSC 285  Directed Studies
MUSC 286  Ensemble Performance-Symphony Orchestra
MUSC 289  Special Topics in…
MUSC 291  Research
MUSC 311  Music in Early Western Culture
MUSC 312  Music in Modern Western Culture
MUSC 315  Music in the 20th Century
MUSC 321  The Symphony Orchestra and its Music
MUSC 352  Individual Performance Band and Orchestra II
MUSC 353  Individual Performance Guitar II
MUSC 356  Individual Performance String II
MUSC 370  Individual Performance Woodwind II
MUSC 371  Individual Performance Brass II
MUSC 372  Individual Performance Percussion II
MUSC 485  Directed Studies
MUSC 489  Special Topics in…
MUSC 491  Research
THAR 101   Introduction to Western Theatre and Drama
THAR 115   Voice and Articulation
THAR 210   Acting II Characterization
THAR 250   Stage Makeup
THAR 255   Costume Technology I
THAR 280   History of the Theatre I
THAR 285   Directed Studies
THAR 289   Special topics in…
THAR 290   Theatre Practicum Crew
THAR 291   Research
THAR 310   Acting III Period Styles
THAR 335   Theatre Technology II
THAR 345   Scene Design
THAR 355   Costume Design
THAR 381   Theatre History and Dramatic Literature I
THAR 382   Theatre History and Dramatic Literature II
THAR 390   Theatre Practicum Performance
THAR 391   Theatre Practicum Production
THAR 392   Theatre Practicum Design
THAR 410   Acting IV Advanced Problems in Acting
THAR 485   Directed Studies
THAR 489   Special Topics in…
THAR 491   Research
Special Consideration – Attachment I
      Mays Business School
                                     Inactivation of program CERT-CU2 Advertising Strategy-Certificate
Special Consideration– Attachment J
      Mays Business School
                                       Inactivation of program CERT-CU3 Analytics and Consulting-Certificate
Special Consideration – Attachment K
      Mays Business School
                                       Inactivation of program-CERT-CU21 Entrepreneurial Leadership-Certificate
Special Consideration – Attachment L
      Mays Business School
                                       Inactivation of program-CERT CU50 Retail Buying and Management-Certificate
Special Consideration - Attachment M
      Mays Business School
                                      Inactivation of program CERT-CU52 Professional Selling and Sales Management-Certificate
Change in Curriculum - Attachment N
      College of Liberal Arts
                      College of Liberal Arts
                                        BA-USLA-RPC University Studies-BA, Religious Thoughts, Practices and Cultures Concentration
Change in Curriculum - Attachment O
      College of Science
                                         BS-APMS-STA Applied Mathematical Sciences-BS, Statistics Emphasis
Change in Curriculum - Attachment P
      College of Science
                      College of Science
                                       BS-USSC-MBU University Studies-BS, Mathematics for Business Concentration
Change in Curriculum - Attachment Q
      College of Science
                      College of Science
                                       BS-USSC-MPP University Studies-BS, Mathematics for Pre-Professionals Concentration
Change in Curriculum - Attachment R
      College of Engineering
                      College of Engineering
                                      Minor-ENPM Engineering Project Management-Minor
Change in Curriculum - Attachment S
      College of Liberal Arts
                      Performance Studies
                                        Minor-PERF: Performance Studies-Minor
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Change in Curriculum - Attachment T
      Galveston Campus
                      Marine Biology
                                         BS-MARB Marine Biology BS
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee-UCC Report-August 2017
      Change in Curriculum - Attachment U
      Mays Business School
      Mays Business School
                      College of Business
                                             BBA/MS-ACCT/CLBA-YR5 Accounting-5-Year Bachelor of Business Administration/Master of Science
                Texas A&M University at Galveston
                Special Consideration-Attachment V
                Galveston Campus
                                Marine Engineering Technology
                                Maritime Administration
                                                New Program Proposal
                                                BS/MML-MARR/MAAL-GAD: Marine Engineering Technology-5-year Bachelor of Science/
                                                Master of Maritime Administration and Logistics
W-Courses – August 2017- Attachment W
Courses submitted for W recertification:
ECMT 461            Economic Data Analysis         
Courses submitted for C recertification:
PERF 202              Creating Performance
Miscellaneous Change Request-August 2017-Attachment X
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Graduate Council
Prefix Change Request-UG/GR Courses
                              NUTR/FSTC to NFSC
__________________________________End of Consent Agenda____________________________________
Unfinished Business
Old Business
New Business                              
Information & Discussion Only (not to be voted upon)
Proposed Revisions to Student Rule 7-Attendance-Attachment Y
Committee of the Whole
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