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Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

September 10, 2018
Rudder 601
Call to Order
Guest Speakers
Michael K. Young, President
Carol Fierke, Provost

Speaker Comments

MinutesAttachment A
Approval of August 13, 2018 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

New Courses – Attachment B
CVEN 749               Advanced Visualization and Building Information Modeling in Structural Engineering Design
ENGR 667               Project Management for Engineers
FINC 653                 Maroon Fund Investments and Venture Capital
INTA 696                Analytic Tradecraft
KINE 651                 Introduction to Human Clinical Research
VPAT 660                Mammalian Cell Pathobiology
VTMI 626                Disease Detection, Surveillance and Risk Assessment
Change in Courses – Attachment C
ACCT 684            Professional Internship
BAEN 622            Unit Operations in Food Processing
BAEN 625            Advances in Food Process Engineering
CPSY 602             Counseling Techniques for School Counselors
CSCE 638             Natural Language Processing-Foundations and Techniques
CSCE 702             Law and Policy in Cybersecurity
CSCE 703             Cybersecurity Risk
ECMT 670            Econometric Analysis of Financial Data
ECMT 680            Financial Econometrics
ECON 612            Money, Banking and Financial Markets
ECON 614            Economics of Microfinance
ECON 617            Economics of the Multinational Firm
ECON 618            Behavioral Financial Economics
ECON 633            Energy Markets and Policy
ECON 663            International Transfer Pricing
ECON 668            Decisions Under Risk and Uncertainty
ECON 680            Financial Economics
EPSY 640              Statistical Analysis in Educational Research
EPSY 641              Statistical Analysis in Educational Research II
FINC 649              Financial Modeling
HLTH 611             Organization and Administration of Health
HLTH 645             Health Education Research and Program Evaluation
ISTM 615              Business Database Systems
MEEN 601            Advanced Product Design
MEEN 605            Gas Dynamics
MEEN 613            Engineering Dynamics
MEEN 626            Lubrication Theory
MEEN 651            Control System Design
MGMT 680           Business and Corporate Strategy
NFSC 642             Nutritional Biochemistry
PETE 612              Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs
PETE 620              Fluid Flow in Petroleum Reservoirs
PETE 630              Geostatistics
PETE 635              Underbalanced and Managed Pressure Drilling
PHPM 681            Seminar
PLPA 603              Plant Disease Management
PLPA 607              Pathogen Strategies
PLPA 608              Pathogen Perception and Signaling
PLPA 609              Defense Hormone Signals
Change in Courses - Inactivation Proposal Attachment D
     College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department of Entomology
ENTO 645             Arthropods as Vectors of Plant Pathogens
Change in Courses - Inactivation Proposal Attachment E
     College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department of Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences
WFSC 603             History of Ecological Thought and Conservation Practice
WFSC 609             Wildlife Research Methods
WFSC 610             Evolutionary Ecology
WFSC 611             Estuarine Ecology
WFSC 620             Vertebrate Ethology
WFSC 622             Behavioral Ecology
WFSC 635             Urban Wildlife and Fisheries
WFSC 640             Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Fisheries Management
WFSC 649             Principles of Fisheries Management
Change in Courses - Inactivation Proposal Attachment F
     College of Dentistry
Department of Dentistry
DDDS 011             Anterior Composites and Esthetics
DDDS 012             Forensic Dentistry
DDDS 013             Orthodontic Clinical Selective
DDDS 014             Advanced Implant Dentistry-Case Analysis and Problem Based Approach
DDDS 015             Interdisciplinary C.A.R.E. and Collaboration
DDDS 017             Advanced Topics in Endodontics
DDDS 018             Orthodontic Externship
DDDS 019             Fabrication of Complete Dentures Utilizing CAD-CAM Technology
DDDS 024             Externship in Pediatric Dentistry
DDDS 025             Dental Ceramics
DDDS 034             Dental Implantology
DDDS 042             Athletic Mouthguards
DDDS 043             Tutoring Skills Seminar
DDDS 053             Secrets of Practice Success
DDDS 092             Craniofacial Research
DDDS 098             Dental Public Health
DDDS 099             Public Health Sciences Community Preceptorship Program
DDDS 532             Orthodontics
DDDS 554C           Periodontics
DDDS 556C           Fixed Prosthodon
DDDS 557C           Removable Prosth
DDDS 559C           Operative Dentis
DDDS 575             Pain & Anxiety Con
DDDS 576             Fixed Prosthodonti
DDDS 577             Rem Prosth
DDDS 578             Orthodontics
DDDS 580             Oral-Maxillofacial
DDDS 581             Oral Diagnosis
DDDS 583             Pediatric Dentistr
DDDS 584             Periodontics
DDDS 586             Pharmacology
DDDS 589             Endodontics
Special Consideration Item Attachment G
     College of Pharmacy
     Department of Pharmacy
      Pharmaceutical Sciences Major
                  Doctor of Philosophy Pharmaceutical Sciences
Special Consideration Item Attachment H
     Texas A&M Galveston
     Department of Marine Science
      Marine & Coastal Management & Science Major
      Doctor of Philosophy in Marine and Coastal Management and Science
New Courses – Attachment I
CARC 101          Cultural and Social Issues in the Natural, Built and Virtual Environment
GEOS 483          Service Learning in the Geosciences
Change in Courses – Attachment J
BIMS 320            Biomedical Genetics
ENGL 228           American Literature-Civil War to Present
SPAN 201           Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 202           Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 208           Spanish for Health Professionals I
SPAN 218           Spanish for Health Professionals II
SPAN 221           Field Studies Abroad I
SPAN 222           Field Studies Abroad II
SPAN 302           Advanced Grammar
SPAN 304           Advanced Grammar for Heritage Speakers
STAT 301           Introduction to Biometry
STAT 302           Statistical Methods
STAT 303           Statistical Methods
VIBS 243            Introductory Mammalian Histology
VTPP 323           Physiology of Domestic Animals
Change in Courses - Inactivation Proposal Attachment K
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department of Entomology
FIVS 310     Applied Digital Forensics and Incident Response         
Change in Programs Attachment L
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
     Department of Soil & Crop Sciences
           BS-PSSC-CRP: Plant & Environmental Soil Science Major, Plant & Soil-Crops Concentration
      Bachelor of Science, Crops Emphasis
Change in Programs Attachment M
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
     Department of Soil & Crop Sciences
           BS-PSSC-SWR       Plant & Environmental Soil Science Major, Plant & Soil-Soil and Water Concentration
      Bachelor of Science, Soil and Water Emphasis
Change in Programs Attachment N
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
     Department of Soil & Crop Sciences
           BS-TGSC    Turfgrass Science
      Bachelor of Science, Turfgrass Science
Change in Programs Attachment O
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department of Recreation, Park & Tourism Science
      CERT-CU56          Hospitality Management
Change in Programs Attachment P
College of Science
Department of Biology
      MINOR-BIOI          Bioinformatics – Minor

Special Consideration Item Attachment Q
College of Associate Provost for UG Studies
     Department of AP-Undergrad Studies
      MINOR-ENTR        Entrepreneurship - Minor
W&C COURSES          
New Core Component Proposal – Attachment R
         Courses Submitted for C Certification:
RPTS 402-C       Park Planning and Design
New Core Component Proposal – Attachment S
         Courses Submitted for W Certification:
ECON 318-W                   The Economics of Gender and Race
HEFB 325-W                    Introduction to Secondary School Teaching
KNFB 325-W                    Introduction to Secondary School Teaching
POLS 424-W                    Comparative Governmental Institutions
STAT 482-W                    Statistics Capstone
New Core Component Proposal – Attachment T
         Texas A&M Galveston
            Courses Submitted for W Certification:
MARS 431-W                  Geological Oceanography-Earth’s Climate
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Unfinished Business
Committee Reports
Core Curriculum Council Attachment U
New Courses Submitted for International and Cultural Diversity Designation
FILM 455-ICD        Italian Cinema
ITAL 452-ICD         Women and Gender in Italy
New Courses Submitted for Foundational Component Area: Lang, Phil, Culture – Attachment V
AFST 201-GE          Introduction to Africana Studies
LMAS 201-GE         Introduction to Latino-Mexican American Studies
Other Committee Reports 

Academic Affairs Committee – Attachment W

Budget Information Committee
Core Curriculum Council

Legislative Affairs Committee
Personnel & Welfare Committee

Planning Committee
Research Committee

Old Business
New Business
Open Access PolicyAttachment X
Proposed Revisions to Dean and Department Head Rules – Attachment Y
For Discussion Only 

Proposed Revisions to Student Rules Attachment Z
Rule 14.6                                 Degree Requirements
Rule 58 Membership              University Disciplinary Appeals Panel
Rule 58.2                                 University Disciplinary Appeals Panel
Rule 58.5-58.6                         University Disciplinary Appeals Panel
Rule 58.9                                 University Disciplinary Appeals Panel

Draft of Proposed 2019-2020 University Academic Calendar and Abbreviated Projection of the 2020-2021 University Academic Calendar Attachment AA
For Discussion Only

Committee of the Whole