Past Agenda

Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda
June 11, 2018
Rudder 601
Call to Order
Speaker Comments
Richard Stadelmann Faculty Senate Service Award Presentation
Guest Speakers
Information Related to Civil Rights and Difficult Faculty Issues
Kevin McGinnis—Chief Compliance Officer, Texas A&M University
Geoffrey Booth—Chair, University Grievance Committee (UGC)
    UGC Briefing
    Booth’s Address
Len Bierman—Chair, Committee on Academic Freedom, Responsibility, and Tenure (CAFRT)
    CAFRT Hearing Guidelines
George Welch—Faculty Omsbuds Officer
Changes to Medical Plan Effective June 15
Carrie Byington- Vice Chancellor for Health Services, Senior Vice President Health Science Center and Dean, College of Medicine
Minutes – Attachment A
Approval of May 14, 2018 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
Consent Agenda
New Courses – Attachment B
ACCT 622     Accounting in Income Taxes
ACCT 624     Tax Technology and Analytics
CSCE 712    Digital Forensic Engineering
ENTO 632    Professional Grant and Contract Writing in Entomology      
GEOP 619    Finite Element Methods in Geophysics
INTA 694      Economic Restructuring in Latin America
OCEN 684    Professional Internship       
PHPM 678    Qualitative Research in Public Health
VIBS 676      Speciation Genetics
Change in Courses – Attachment C
ACCT 610            Financial Accounting
ALEC 617             Leadership in Organizational Culture and Ethics
CPSY 676            Family Counseling and Psychotherapy
EHRD 690            Theory of Educational Human Resource Development Research
ESSM 612            Rangeland Vegetation Management
ESSM 652            Advanced Topics in Geographic Information Systems
HORT 604            Applied Physiology of Horticultural Crops
ISTM 655              Security Management and Compliance
LAND 630             Development of Landscape Architecture
PETE 611             Application of Petroleum Reservoir Simulation
PETE 663             Formation Evaluation and the Analysis of Reservoir Performance
PHEB 619            Infectious Disease Epidemiology
PHEO 676            Environmental Sustainability and Public Health
PLAN 612             Transportation in City Planning
PLAN 624             Digital Communication in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning
POSC 684            Professional Internship
PSAA 631             Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
PSAA 653             Weapons of Mass Destruction
PSAA 668             U.S. Law and Homeland Security
PSAA 669             Legal Environment of Nonprofit
PSAA 676             Public Service and Administration Capstone Seminar II
PSYC 671            Experimental Design for Behavioral Scientists
RPTS 670             Youth Development Programs and Services
SENG 655            Process Safety Engineering
SPED 601            Assessment in School Settings
VIBS 603              Neuroanatomy
VIBS 610              Epidemiologic Methods II and Data Analysis
VIBS 670              Advanced Toxicology
WFSC 642            Field Military Land Management
Change in Courses - Inactivation Proposal Attachment D
     College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
           ENTO 621 Biology and Systematics of Entomophagous Insects
Change in Courses - Inactivation Proposal Attachment E
     College of Dentistry
           OBIO 680  Current Topics in Biomedical Sciences I
           OBIO 681  Current Topics in Biomedical Sciences II
           OBIO 684  Directed Readings I
           OBIO 685  Directed Readings II
           OBIO 686  Directed Readings III
Change in Programs Attachment F
College of Engineering
     Department of Mechanical Engineering
           MS-MEEN   Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Change in Programs Attachment G
College of Engineering
     Department of Petroleum Engineering
           MS-PETE    Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering
Change in Programs Attachment H
College of Nursing
Department of Nursing
           MSN-FNPR            Master of Science in Nursing in Family Nurse Practitioner
Change in Programs Attachment I
College of Nursing
Department of Nursing
           MSN-FRNR           Master of Science in Nursing in Forensic Nursing
Change in Programs Attachment J
College of Nursing
Department of Nursing
           MSN-NRED           Master of Science in Nursing in Nursing Education
Change in Programs Attachment K
School of Law
     Department of School of Law
           MJ-INPR                Master of Jurisprudence in Intellectual Property
Change in Programs Attachment L
School of Law
     Department of School of Law
           MJ-JURS               Master of Jurisprudence
Change in Programs Attachment M
School of Law
     Department of School of Law
           ML-INPR                Master of Laws in Intellectual Property
Change in Programs Attachment N
School of Law
     Department of School of Law
           ML-LAWS              Master of Laws
            New Courses – Attachment O
PHLT 270 Broad Street Learning Community I
            New Courses – Attachment P
            Texas A&M University at Galveston
MARA 350            Maritime Business Computer Programming and Security
Change in Courses – Attachment Q
ACCT 408            Internal Auditing
ACCT 447            Financial Statement Analysis
ALED 424             Applied Ethics in Leadership
BESC 367             U.S. Environmental Regulations
BESC 401            Bioenvironmental Microbiology
BESC 402            Microbial Processes in Bioremediation
COSC 301            Construction Surveying
COSC 461            Building Information Modeling System
FIVS 205  Introduction to Forensic and Investigative
HIST 280  The Historian’s Craft
HORT 428            Greenhouse Technology & Sustainable Crop Production Systems
MATH 409            Advanced Calculus I
MATH 491 Research
MEEN 408            Mechanics of Robotic Manipulators
NURS 462 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for the RN
PHLT 301 Public Health Concepts
PHLT 331 Occupational Safety and Health I
PLPA 301 Plant Pathology
RPTS 371 Understanding and Developing Effective Skills for Youth Development
RPTS 426 Tourism Impacts
URPN 369 Transportation and Urban Form
VTPB 405 Biomedical Microbiology
WFSC 484            Internship
WFSC 491            Research
Change in Courses – Attachment R
Texas A&M University at Galveston
MARB 415            Coastal Marine Biology and Geology of Alaska
W&C COURSES          
C Courses Attachment S
ANSC 406-C  Beef Cattle Production and Management
C Recertification
BESC 481-C  Seminar
FSTC 481-C   Seminar in Food Sciences
SPAN 301-C  Oral Expression
W Courses Attachment T
BUSN 403-W Personal Competency Assessment
HLTH 482-W  Grant Writing in Health
INTS 491-W   Research
INTS 497-W   Independent Honors Study
PETE 436-W  Petroleum Technical Presentation II
PHIL 352-W   Africana Philosophy
PHIL 371-W   Philosophy of Literature
PHIL 413-W   Eighteenth-Century Philosophy
PHYS 327-W  Experimental Physics I
W Certification
ASTR 491-W  Research
IDIS 340-W    Manufacturer Distributor Relations
PHIL 414-W   Nineteenth Century Philosophy
PHIL 416-W   Recent British and American Philosophy
PHIL 418-W   Existentialism
W Recertification
ENGL 355-W  The Rhetoric of Style
PHIL 480-W   Medical Ethics
PHYS 491-W  Research
RUSS 301-W Advanced Grammar and Composition I
______________________________End of Consent Agenda____________________________________
Student Rule Attachment U
Consideration of Student Rule 10.21 Grading
Committee Reports
Core Curriculum Council Attachment V
New Courses Submitted for International and Cultural Diversity Designation
ALEC 350-ICD       Global Agricultural Issues
ANTH 335-ICD      Cultures of Central Asia
ANTH 426-ICD      Anthropology of Food and Nutrition
ANTH 435-ICD      Medical Anthropology
ECON 312-ICD      Poverty, Inequality and Social Policy
ECON 452-ICD      International Trade Theory and Policy
ENGL 308-ICD      History of Literary Criticism
GERM 202-ICD     Intermediate German II
GERM 322-ICD     German Culture and Civilization II
MGMT 450-ICD     International Environment of Business
MGMT 457-ICD     Global Entrepreneurship
MKTG 402-ICD      International Marketing: Study Abroad
PHIL 283-ICD        Latin American Philosophy
POLS 366-ICD       Political Conflicts of the Middle East
PSYC 206-ICD      Black Psychology
PSYC 303-ICD      Psychology of Women of Color
SPAN 304-ICD      Advanced Grammar for Heritage Speakers
SPAN 412-ICD      U.S. Hispanic Writers
New Courses Submitted for Cultural Discourse
ANTH 404-CD Women and Culture
ARTS 234-CD  Body Art of Tattoos
COMM 257-CD            Communication, Religion and the Arts
ENGL 378-CD The British Novel, 1870 to Present
PHIL 111-CD               Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 376-CD               Philosophy, Film and Evil
PHIL 382-CD               Ethics and Cybertechnology
PHIL 482-CD               Ethics and Engineering
Courses Submitted for Recertification for International and Cultural Diversity Designation
ANTH 201-ICD Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 205-ICD Peoples and Cultures of the World
ANTH 270-ICD Cultural Diversity and Ethic
ENGL 204-ICD Introduction to African-American Literature
ENGL 206-ICD Twenty-first Century Literature and Culture
ENGL 306-ICD Transnational Literature and Culture
ENGL 338-ICD American Ethnic Literature
ENGL 352-ICD Literature, World War II to Present
FREN 202-ICD Intermediate French II
MUSC 201-ICD            Music and the Human Experience
MUSC 328-ICD            Japanese Traditional Performing Arts
SOCI 205-ICD Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 206-ICD Global Social Trends
THAR 281-ICD History of the Theatre II
Courses Submitted for Recertification for Cultural Discourse Designation
ENGL 350-CD Twentieth-Century Literature to World War II
MUSC 222-CD Music of the Americas
PERF 301-CD  Performance in World Cultures
SOCI 217-CD              Introduction to Race and Ethnicity
THAR 156-CD Dress, Culture and Society
THAR 386-CD Evolution of the American Musical
WGST 200-CD Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Texas A&M University at Galveston
New Courses Submitted for Cultural Discourse Attachment W
MAST 226-CD Museums, Law & Ethics
Other Committee Reports 
Academic Affairs Committee
Core Curriculum Council
Personnel & Welfare Committee
Research Committee

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