Past Agenda

Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda
May 8, 2017
Rudder 601
Call to Order
Guest Speakers
            Karen Butler-Purry, Associate Provost for Graduate & Professional Studies
            On changes to the English Language Proficiency requirements for international teaching assistants
Speaker Comments
Approval of April 10, 2017 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes - Attachment A
Consent Agenda
New Courses – Attachment B
FINC 640    Macro Finance
FINC 654    Behavioral Finance
MKTG 626  Marketing Analytics II
MKTG 630  Marketing Analytics and Consulting
PHYS 661    Superfluidity and Superconductivity
SPSY 682     School-Based Externship
Texas A&M University at Galveston
New Courses – Attachment C
MARS 604  Quantitative Methods for Resource Management II
Change in Courses – Attachment D
MKTG 625  Marketing Analytics I
NURS 631   Curriculum Foundations for Health Care Professionals
NURS 632   Assessment for Evaluation for Healthcare Professionals
NURS 633   Teaching Strategies for Healthcare Professionals
OCNG 608  Physical Oceanography
OCNG 657  Data Methods and Graphical Representation in Oceanography
OCNG 684  Professional Internship
Course Inactivations – Attachment E
VPAT 620                   Humane, Public Health and Regulatory Aspects of Animal Use
VTMI 601                   Fundamentals of Pathobiology
VTMI 602                   Animal Models of Obesity
VTMI 648                   Medical Mycology
VTMI 654                   Cell Culture Techniques
VTPB 421                    Infectious Diseases of Humans and Animals
VTPB 454                    Ornamental Fish Health Management
Special Consideration Item – Attachment F
 Mays Business School
BBA/MFM-ACCT/FINM-YF5 Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Master of Financial Management, 5-year Degree Program         
Change in Curriculum – Attachment G
 College of Architecture
College of Architecture
CERT-CG26 Health Systems and Design Certificate
Change in Curriculum – Attachment H
College of Liberal Arts   
CERT-CG36 Latino/a and Mexican American Studies Certificate
Change in Curriculum –Attachment I
      Mays Business School
MS-HRMT Master of Science in Human Resource Management
Change in Curriculum – Attachment J
 College of Geosciences
Atmospheric Sciences
PHD-ATMO Doctor of Philosophy in Atmospheric Sciences
Change in Curriculum – Attachment K
College of Geosciences
PHD-GEOG Doctor of Philosophy in Geography
Change in Curriculum – Attachment L
 College of Geosciences
Geology & Geophysics
PHD-GEOL Doctor of Philosophy in Geology
Change in Curriculum – Attachment M
College of Geosciences
Geology & Geophysics
PHD-GEOL Doctor of Philosophy in Geophysics
Change in Curriculum – Attachment N
College of Geosciences
PHD-GEOL Doctor of Philosophy in Oceanography
Program Inactivation – Attachment O
 Mays Business School
CERT-CG29 Human Resource Management Certificate
Program Inactivation – Attachment P
College of Education and Human Development
 College of Education and Human Development
CERT CG34 International Education Certificate
New Courses– Attachment Q
PETE 413                     Natural Gas Engineering
Change in Courses – Attachment R
ASTR 320                    Astrophysical Research Methods
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Change in Courses – Attachment S
MARA 281 Seminar in Undergraduate Research Methods
MARA 421 Admiralty Law
MARA 424 Economics of Transportation
MARA 440 Global Economy and Enterprise Management
MARA 470 Environmental Law
Change in Curriculum – Attachment T
      College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
                      College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
                                       CERT-CU4 Biomedical Research and Development Certificate
Change in Curriculum – Attachment U
      College of Science
                      College of Science
MINOR-NRSC Neuroscience Minor
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Change in Curriculum – Attachment V
      Maritime Administration
                      MINOR-MARA Maritime Administration-Minor
W-COURSES April 2017– Attachment W
Courses submitted for W certification
SOCI 316-W               Sociology of Gender
Courses submitted for W recertification
ANTH 305-W             Fundamentals of Anthropological Writing
ECON 465-W             Contemporary Economic Issues
ECON 470-W             Program Evaluation
GEOG 476-W            GIS Practicum
__________________________________End of Consent Agenda____________________________________
Committee Reports
            CORE CURRICULUM COMMITTEE – CCC Report – May 2017 – Attachment X
            Courses Submitted for Recertification as Core Curriculum
            ENGL 104        Composition and Rhetoric                                                                             
            ENGL 227        American Literature: Beginnings to Civil War                                  
            ENGL 334        Science Fiction Present and Past
Unfinished Business
Old Business
New Business
May 2017 Graduation Recommendation:
TAMU-Main – 8917
TAMU-Galveston – 274
TAMU-Qatar – 95
TAMU-Health Science Center – 669
TAMU-LAW - 151

Revisions to Student Rule 14 Degree Requirements- Attachment Y
Information & Discussion Only (not to be voted upon)
Committee of the Whole
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