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TAMU Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda
June 14, 2021
3:00pm, via Zoom (link sent directly to Senators)
AWARD PRESENTATION                                                                                                                       
   Richard Stadelmann Faculty Senate Service Award
      Thomas Sullivan, University Libraries (posthumous)
Canvas Q&A with Dr. Jocelyn Widmer, Assistant Provost for Academic Innovation, and
Dr. Juan Garza, Assistant Vice President for Academic Services & Director of Provost Information Technology Office – Attachment A
(This is a video of current Canvas news for review prior to the meeting; the time allotted during the meeting is for Q&A only.)
MINUTESAttachment B
Approval of May 10th, 2021 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
New Courses
EEBL 600: Populations, Communities, and Ecosystems
INTA 718: Counterterrorism Financing
INTA 719: U.S.-Mexico Relations - History, Policy, and the Road Ahead
MXET 600: Mechatronics II
Change in Courses
ATTR 652: Clinical Education II
ATTR 653: Clinical Education III
ATTR 655: Clinical Education V
ATTR 656: Clinical Education VI
ATTR 661: Essential Clinical Skills
ATTR 671: Healthcare Administration, Management, and Delivery Strategies in Athletic Training
BIMS 602: Foundations in Biomedical Graduate Education and Research
EDCI 656: Learning Theories for Teachers of Young Children
EPSY 640: Statistical Analysis in Educational Research I
ESSM 646: Drones for Environmental Remote Sensing
FORS 601: Foundations of Forensic Healthcare
FORS 602: Victimology: Clinical Implications and Applications
FORS 610: Forensic Sexual Assault Examiner
FORS 611: Application of Clinical Pharmacology to Victims of Violence
FORS 612: Human Trafficking
FORS 613: Forensic Photography
FORS 614: Policy and Ethics of Interpersonal Violence
FORS 615: Forensic Mental Health
INTA 705: Biodefense for the 21st Century
MTDE 611: Enterprise Basics for Technical Entrepreneurs
MTDE 612: Sales, Operations, and Manufacturing for Technology Companies
MTDE 621: Technology Company Management, Leadership, and Corporate Culture
MTDE 652: Engineering Entrepreneurship Hour
SCMT 611: Statistical Foundation of Data Analytics
Change in Courses – Inactivation Proposal
 College of Engineering
  Department of Ocean Engineering
   OCEN 677: Environmental Fluid Mechanics
Change in Programs
 College of Engineering
  Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering
   MS-INEN: Master of Science in Industrial Engineering
New Courses
MEEN 435: Compressed Air Systems
Change in Courses
AGSM 315: Food Process Engineering Technology
ARTS 304: Graphic Design II
BICH 410: Comprehensive Biochemistry I
CEHD 300: Education and Human Development Study Abroad
ESSM 446: Drones for Environmental Remote Sensing
GEOL 102: Principles of Geology Laboratory
MEEN 260: Mechanical Measurements
MEEN 344: Fluid Mechanics
MEEN 357: Engineering Analysis for Mechanical Engineers
MEEN 442: Computer Aided Engineering
OCNG 320: Biological Oceanography
PSYC 105: First Semester Experience
PSYC 301: Elementary Statistics for Psychology
PSYC 307: Developmental Psychology
RPTS 320: Event Management and Operations I
RPTS 321: Event Management and Operations II
SPMT 260: Overview of Practices in Sport
SPMT 262: Human Capital Management in Sport
SPMT 270: Sport Marketing
SPMT 272: Sport Marketing Issues
Change in Courses – Galveston
DIVE 331: Alternative Diving Technology
Change in Courses – Inactivation Proposal
 College of Education & Human Development
  Department of Educational Psychology
   EDTC 489: Special Topics in...
Courses Submitted for C Certification
ANSC 412-C: Swine Production and Management
DDHS 4710-C: Applied Research Methods
Courses Submitted for W Certification
BAEN 480-W: Biological and Agricultural Engineering Design II
BMEN 465-W: Biomechanics Experiential Learning Lab
PHIL 332-W: Social and Political Philosophy
Courses Submitted for W Re-Certification
BMEN 450-W: Case Studies
DDHS 4220-W: Comprehensive Care Seminar
GERM 315-W: Literary Investigations: German Short Fiction
VIST 339-W: Research Techniques in Visualization
WGST 401-W: Feminist Theory
______________________________End of Consent Agenda_______________________________

Recertification for Foundational Component Area: Communication
ENGL 203-GE: Writing about Literature
Recertification for Foundational Component Area: Creative Arts
PERF 324-GE: Music in World Cultures
Recertification for Foundational Component Area: Language, Philosophy & Culture
ENGL 222-GE: World Literature
GEOG 301-GE: Geography of the United States
Recertification for Foundational Component Area: Life and Physical Sciences
ASTR 109-GE: Big Bang and Black Holes
RENR 215-GE: Fundamentals of Ecology--Laboratory
Recertification for Foundational Component Area: Mathematics
MATH 140-GE: Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences
MATH 150-GE: Functions, Trigonometry and Linear Systems
SEBAC Report – Senator Greg Heim, Mays Business School – Attachment D
Proposed Revisions to Student Rules
Student Rules 1.7 and 1.8        Student Registration – Attachment E
Student Rule 24.4.1                 Dishonesty – Attachment F
Student Rule 24.4.5                 Hazing – Attachment G
Student Rule 24.4.14               Weapons and Explosives – Attachment H
Student Rule 57                       Undergraduate Academic Appeal Panel – Attachment I
Student Rule 59                       Graduate Academic Appeal Panel – Attachment J
Student Rule 62                       First Professional Appeal Panel – Attachment K
Proposed Restructuring and Name Change of Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Sciences (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences) – For Informational Review – Attachment L