May 9, 2016

Faculty Senate Meeting
May 9, 2016
Rudder 601
Call to Order
Guest Speaker
Speaker Comments
Approval of April 11, 2016 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes - Attachment A
Consent Agenda
April 7, 2016                
New Course Request – Attachment B  
ECON 663            International Transfer Pricing
WFSC 644            Wildlife and Natural Resource Policy
Course Change Request— Attachment C
ARCH 634             Architectural Lighting
FSTC 681              Seminar
NUTR 681            Seminar
MEEN 659            Vibration Measurement in Rotating Machinery and Machine Structures
Curriculum Change Request— Attachment D
Maritime Administration
                MMAL: Masters in Maritime Administration and Logistics (Non-thesis/Thesis)
                                Add MARA 363 as a required course.
Special Consideration Item— Attachment E
College of Medicine
Master of Science in Education of Healthcare Professionals
                                Final Exam Exemption for Non-Thesis (Project) Students
New Courses—April 1, 2016– Attachment F
BMEN 458           Motion Biomechanics
RPTS 381              Visitor and Resource Protection II
Change in Courses – March 4, 2016 – Attachment G
ENGR 111            Foundations of Engineering I
ENGR 112            Foundations of Engineering II
RPTS 304              Administration of Recreation Resource Agencies
RPTS 336              Research and Analysis in Recreation and Tourism
RPTS 421              Planning and Implementing of Events in Resorts and Hotels
RPTS 484              Internship
Change in Curriculum – Attachment H
College of Science
        Department of Physics and Astronomy
              Minor in Physics
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Change in Curriculum – Attachment I
Texas A&M University at Galveston
        Department of Maritime Administration
              BS in Maritime Administration and MMAL in Maritime Administration and Logistics—3+2 program
Special Consideration Item – Attachment J
College of Engineering
        Department of Nuclear Engineering
              BS in Radiological Health Engineering
                    Request to discontinue degree program
Special Consideration Item – Attachment K
School of Public Health
        Department of Public Health Studies
              Minor in Occupational Health and Safety
                    Request for a new minor
Special Consideration Item – Attachment L
College of Science
        Department of Biology
              Minor in Bioinformatics
                    Request for a new minor
W-COURSES   - April 7, 2016 – Attachment M
Courses submitted for W certification
ANTH 205                                        Peoples & Cultures of the World: Cultural Diversity & Ethics
ISEN 330                                           Human Systems Interaction
WFSC 485                                        Field Research in Vertebrate Natural History
Courses submitted for W recertification
HIST 280                                           The Historian’s Craft
JOUR 490 W                                    Journalism as a Profession
SEFB 420                                          Education and Employment Issues in Secondary Special Education
SPAN 303                                         Composition and Conversation
VIBS 408                                           Neuroscience and Religion
__________________________________End of Consent Agenda____________________________________
SEBAC Report
Report from Committee on Non-Sponsored Research— Attachment N
Informational Review Items
School of Law
Change in Courses– Attachment O
LAW 7104            Advanced Torts
LAW 7108            Accounting for Lawyers
LAW 7112            The Art of Lawyering
LAW 7114            Adoption Law
LAW 7154            Children and the Law
LAW 7174            Trusts and Fiduciary Responsibility
LAW 7179            Complex Litigation
LAW 7187            Conflict of Laws
LAW 7205            Art Law
LAW 7290            Estate and Gift Tax
LAW 7302            Federal Courts
LAW 7310            Non-Profit Organizations
LAW 7371            International Business Transactions
LAW 7383            Juvenile Justice
LAW 7401            Land Use
LAW 7408            Energy Law
LAW 7416            Legislation
LAW 7435            Mergers and Acquisitions
LAW 7438            Natural Resources Law
LAW 7440            Insurance Law
LAW 7458            Preparing for the Bar
LAW 7484            Remedies
LAW 7533            Texas Real Property
LAW 7550            Trademark and Unfair Competition Law
LAW 7557            Sales and Leases
LAW 7588            Elder Law
LAW 7725            Texas Criminal Law Practicum
LAW 7865S          Family Law and Benefits Clinic
Unfinished Business
Old Business     
Proposed Revisions to Student Rule 7.11516—Attachment P
Proposed Revisions to Student Rule 10.11516—Attachment Q
Proposed Revisions to Student Rule 14.11516—Attachment R
New Business
May 2016 Graduation Recommendation
TAMU-Main                                       8109
TAMU-Galveston                               254
TAMU-Qatar                                      77
TAMU-Health Science Center            684
TAMU-LAW                                        161
For Review/Discussion (to be voted upon at next meeting)
Information Only
Committee of the Whole