January 23, 2017

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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2017
MSC 2400*
Call to Order at 3:23 PM
Guest Speakers
Lallah Howard, HCM Functional Lead Manager Project HELIOS Powered by Workday
Joined by Brad Blair, Human Capital Management & Joe Corn, Payroll
On implementation of Workday and the proposed solution to the Extended Pay Plan
  • Workday will officially replace the current payroll system for all employees December 2017
  • Effects everything within HR/Payroll
    • HR Connect, Annual Enrollment, Leave Traq, Admin, Time Traq
  • There will be three town hall meetings to discuss the new system
    • February 7th- San Antonio
    • February 27th- Sessions in morning and afternoon
    • March 3rd- Tarleton
  • Questions raised by Senators Daugherity (CSCE), Price (ENGR), Bedford (HLKN), Davis (ENGR), Simmons (BCD), Magill (AGLS), Greenbaum (SCNC)
    • Lallah Howard confirmed that they were able to solve the EPP issue. Faculty who wish to take advantage of this option will be able to do so.
Speaker Comments
  • Update on meeting Senator Schwartner
  • Provost Search Committee is up and running
    • Currently taking resumes- deadline is February 15th
    • The search committee is accepting nominations
    • Hope to have 3-4 finalists by mid-late April with new provost in place by this summer
  • Thank you to Julie and Andrew for their hard work on ICD proposal- to be voted on today
  • Reminder that February and March meetings are in different rooms
    • February 13th in MSC 2400
    • March 20th in 2300A
  • Constitution forum and voting- senate needs to change the constitution because of the Health Science Center
  • 3 volunteers needed to participate on the Koldus Award Selection Committee. Notify Kelly ASAP if you are willing to participate.
  • We would like to extend a congratulations and thank you to Lane Stephenson on his retirement at the end of January after 50 years at Texas A&M
  • We will be accepting donations for the Aggie Spirit Award at the March meeting. Please consider donating to the students who have displayed outstanding courage and determination in the face of adversity while attending Texas A&M
  • We are beginning the elections process. If you are unsure if your term is expiring, please contact Kelly Drake in the Faculty Senate Office. Additionally, now is the time to start encouraging other faculty members within your college to consider running for the senate or other university committees.
  • Starving the Beast (Video)- we will be having a social event tied to a viewing of the documentary
Approval of November 14, 2016 and December 12, 2016 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
Attachment A
Consent Agenda
New Courses
AGEC 620   Food Security, Climate and Conflict         
ARCH 664   Urban Design for Architects
BICH 657                     Introduction to Structural Biology
BMEN 636  Pathophysiology of Systemic Diseases Augmented with Implantable Devices
CVEN 701   Mixing and Transport in Natural Civil Engineering Systems
DPHS 610   Practice Transformation
EDCI 720                     Engineering Design for School Teaching and Learning
EDCI 721                     How People Learn STEM
EDCI 723                     Developing Students’ Disciplinary Language and Reading in STEM Teaching and Learning
EDCI 726                     History and Trends in STEM Education
MGMT 627                Talent Management
SCSC 653                    Essentials for Weed Systematic Identification and Management in Agronomy
SPMT 616   Sales and Revenue Generation in Sport
SPMT 617   Communications and Media in Sport
SPMT 642   Best Practices in Coaching
VIBS 641                     Principles of Human Health Risk Assessment of Chemicals
VPAT 652                   Cell Mechanisms of Disease
VTPB 613                    Mammalian Genomics and Bioinformatics
WGST 657  Race, Gender, Science and Technology
Attachment B
Motion Passed
Change in Courses
AERO 615   Computational Fluid Dynamics for Aerospace Applications
BMEN 631  Biomolecular Engineering
CHEM 661  Radiochemistry
CVEN 674   Groundwater Engineering
ESSM 651   Geographic Information System for Resource Management
FSTC 684                     Professional Internship
FSTC 685                     Directed Studies
NURS 617   Advanced Pathophysiology
NURS 618   Advances Pharmacology
NURS 620   Advanced Practice Nursing Roles
NURS 630   Teaching and Learning Theory
NURS 638   Advanced Clinical Practicum and Project
VTPP 627                    Biomedical Physiology II
Attachment C
Motion Passed
Course Inactivation
COSC 624   Construction Business Development
COSC 628   Construction Contacts and Risk
VTPP 653                    Endocrinology
WFSC 643   Geospatial Technology in Military Land Management
Attachment D
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum
      College of Science
                                      Combination BA/MS in Mathematics/Mathematics-Fast Track
Attachment E
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum
      College of Science
                                      Combination BS/MS in Applied Mathematics/Mathematics-Fast Track
Attachment F
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum
      College of Education and Human Development
                                      Combination BS/MS in Kinesiology/Athletic Training-Education MS 3+2 Program
Attachment G
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum
      College of Science
                                      Combination BS/MS in Mathematics/Mathematics-Fast Track
Attachment H
Motion Passed
Special Consideration Item
      College of Education and Human Development
                      Teaching, Learning and Culture
                                      Certificate in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education       
Attachment I
Motion Passed
New Courses
BUSN 432   Strategic Philanthropy
MATH 200  Horizons of Mathematics
NUTR 320   Understanding Obesity: A Social and Scientific Challenge
Attachment J
Motion Passed
Change in Courses
AERO 351   Aerothermodynamics and Propulsion
AERO 485   Directed Studies
CSCE 285                    Directed Studies
CSCE 291                    Research
CSCE 485                    Directed Studies
CSCE 491                    Research
CVEN 485   Directed Studies              
CVEN 491   Research
ECEN 285                    Directed Studies
ECEN 291                    Research
ECEN 485                    Directed Studies
ECEN 491                    Research
ENDS 105   Design Foundations I
ENDS 115   Design Communication Foundations
ENGR 285   Directed Studies
ENGR 291   Research
GEOL 410   Hydrogeology
LAND 241   History and Development of Landscape Architecture in North America
Attachment K
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum
      College of Science
                                      BA in Chemistry- Chemical Education Track
Attachment L
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum
      College of Science
                                      BA in Chemistry- Environmental Chemistry Track
Attachment M
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum
      College of Architecture
                      Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning
                                      BLA- Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Attachment N
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum
      College of Architecture
                      Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning
                                       BS in Urban and Regional Planning
Attachment O
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum
      College of Science
                      College of Science
                                       BS in University Studies- Mathematics for Business Concentration
Attachment P
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum
      College of Science
                      College of Science
                                       BS in University Studies- Mathematics for Teaching Concentration
Attachment Q
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum
      College of Science
                      College of Science
                                       BS in University Studies- Mathematics for Pre-Professionals Concentration
Attachment R
Motion Passed
W-COURSES – December 19, 2016
Courses submitted for W certification
ENGL-HHUM-COMM-HIST 107         Introduction to the Health Humanities
Courses submitted for W recertification
LAND 431   Landscape Architecture Theory
NURS 467   Leadership in Management for the RN
Courses submitted for C recertification
ENTO 435   Case Studies in Problem Solving               
COSC 440   Interdisciplinary Capstone
COSC 441   Residential Capstone
COSC 442   Commercial Capstone
COSC 443   Industrial Capstone
COSC 446   Specialty Capstone
Attachment S
Motion Passed
__________________________________End of Consent Agenda____________________________________
Committee Reports
Informational Review Items
Unfinished Business
Old Business
New Business
                Posthumous Degree for Anita V. Mantri
                Doctor of Philosophy, College of Medicine
Attachment T
Motion Passed
                Proposed Changes to the International and Cultural Diversity Graduation Requirements
Approved by the Core Curriculum Council January 9, 2017
  • Samuel Evans (TAMU Student Senate, MAYS Business School)
    • Periodic review process, allows for updating the courses
  • Alexander Rodriguez (TAMU Student Senate, Political Science)
    • Cultural Competencies- including study abroad students to have these programs is encouraging
  • Bedford Clark (LIBA)- Is the ICD too patriarchal?
  • Wigenbach (AGLS)- How do we determine which instructors are accredited and which are not? How do we account for multiple sections being taught very differently from each other depending on the facilitator- and one does not adhere to the principles of the document? In other words, what is our quality control?
  • Stefanie Harris (LIBA)- 3 credits for ICD course, modified somewhat in terms of what counts as and ICD, CD course, the structure of these two classes is very different
  • Daugherity- intended for critical thinking
  • Bedford (HLKN)- video on racism (module) and apply it to the content of the course, ex. Dance- how does race impact dance? Do not replace teaching time, used outside of class
  • Difference between ICD and CD- already review ICD
  • Price (ENGR)- samples of discussion at the end of the packet are helpful. Who approved the appropriateness of the extracurricular activities? Will faculty who are considering teaching these course be able to see the modules in advance to decide of they want to teach one of these courses?
  • Wolf (LIBA)- my discomfort is with the mandated modules
  • Davis (ENGR)- concern about the courses not being limited by major
  • Rice- eliminate the module section with the intent to come back with a proposal of how the modules should be handled
    • Motion to remove the two paragraphs of module development. Seconded by Woosley.
  • Davis (ENGR)- concern about the amendment
  • Daugherity- favors Rice’s point
Motion to remove the two paragraphs labeled “Module” development on page 7 of the document
Y-52, N-14, A-3
Motion Passed
Motion to approve the ICD document with amendment (Jasperson-MAYS, motion seconded by Bedford)
Y-53, N-10, A-5
Motion Passed
Attachment U
Motion Passed with Amendment
Information & Discussion Only (not to be voted upon)
Committee of the Whole
  • Rajesh Miranda (COM)- concerns about the comments the president has made regarding the College of Medicine
  • Rick Carlson- steering committee/task force
  • Price (ENGR)- proposal to make the Q-Drop process electronic
Adjourned at 5:30 PM