August 14, 2017

Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
August 14, 2017
Rudder 601

The meeting was called to order at 3:21pm.
Guest Speaker
Speaker Comments
  • Speaker Price announced the restoration of the assistant position to Faculty Senate.
  • Speaker Price encouraged the Senators to be active and engaged, and make sure that they attend the Faculty Senate meetings regularly. 
  • Speaker Price also encouraged the Senators to be active participants in their caucuses and within their colleges.
  • Speaker Price was scheduled to meet with the Council of Deans and President Young to continue positive relationship.
Approval of June 12, 2017 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes –
Attachment A
The minutes were approved as submitted. 
Consent Agenda
New Courses
AERO 655                  Helicopter Aerodynamics
ECEN 756                   Game Theory
ECEN 757                    Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing
ECEN 758                    Data Mining and Analysis
ECEN 774                    Laser Principles and Applications
EDCI 703                     International Teacher Education
EDCI 704                     US Teacher Education
EDCI 705                     Studying Teacher Education
EDCI 735                     Programming Usable and Reliable Educational Technology Theory and Practice
ENGR 632                    Subsea Project Implementation
PETE 653                     Linear and Nonlinear Rock Mechanics
PETE 659                     Rock Mechanics Related to Hydraulic Fracturing
PHEB 681                    Seminar
VTPP 626                    Systemic Physiology and Disease
Attachment B
Motion Passed with the removal of items ECEN 758 and EDCI 735
Change in Courses
AERO 601                   Advanced Aerodynamics
ECEN 601                    Mathematical Methods in Signal Processing
ECEN 629                    Applied Convex Optimization
ECEN 646                    Probability and Random Processes for Information Science
ECEN 661                    Advanced Digital Communications
HIST 629                     Research Methods in History
MEEN 684                   Professional Internship
SCSC 658                    Watershed Water and Soil Quality Management
SEFB 618                     Applied Behavior Management in the Classroom
SPED 601                    Assessment in School Settings
SPED 602                    Ethics and Professional Conduct in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis
SPED 609                    Educating Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
SPED 617                    Adolescent Literacy for Students with Diverse Instructional Needs
VPAT 651                   Systemic Pathology II
VTMI 647                   Virology
Attachment C
FS. 35.004
Motion Passed
Course Inactivations
ESSM 616   Arboriculture
ESSM 617   Urban Forestry
ESSM 670   Ecosystems and Markets
ESSM 675   International Sustainable Community Development
Attachment D
FS. 35.005
Motion Passed
Special Consideration
College of Science
                      MS-QFIN Master of Science in Quantitative Finance
Attachment E
FS. 35.006
Motion Passed
New Courses –
AERO 455   Helicopter Aerodynamics
AGEC 235   Foundations of Money Education
FINC 440    Macro Finance
FINC 441    Private Equity Insights, Industry Dynamics and Deal Making
HORT 460   Landscape Estimating, Bidding, and Operations
PHIL 382     Ethics and Cybertechnology
Attachment F
FS. 35.007
Motion Passed
Change in Courses –
AGCJ 305    Theory and Practice of Agricultural Publishing
AGCJ 312    Editing for Agricultural Audiences
AGCJ 314    Agricultural Media Writing II
AGEC 217   Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics Analysis
ALEC 485    Directed Studies
MEEN 410  Internal Combustion Engines
MEEN 414  Principles of Turbomachinery
MEEN 441  Design of Mechanical Components and Systems
MEEN 471  Elements of Composite Materials
MEEN 476  Nanoscale Issues in Manufacturing
MKTG 404  Advanced Excel for Marketing Managers
NRSC 485   Directed Studies
NRSC 491   Research
SCSC 458   Watershed, Water and Soil Quality Management
Attachment G
FS. 35.008
Motion Passed
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Change in Courses –
MARA 402 Inland Waterways
Attachment H
FS. 35.009
Motion Passed
Course Inactivations –
ENTO 315                   Biotechnology and Society
ISYS 400                      Business Communications II
PETE 322                     Geostatistics
Attachment I
FS. 35.010
Motion Passed
Special Consideration –
      College of Engineering
                      Computer Science and Engineering
                                       BA-COMP Bachelor of Arts in Computing
Attachment J
Pulled for further consideration.
Change in Curriculum –
      Agriculture and Life Sciences
                      Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
                                       BS-AGCJ Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications and Journalism
Attachment K
FS. 35.011
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum –
      Agriculture and Life Sciences
                      Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
                                       MINOR-AGCJ Minor in Agricultural Communications and Journalism Minor
Attachment L
FS. 35.012
Motion Passed
Change in Curriculum –
      Agriculture and Life Sciences
                      Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
                                       MINOR-LDAG Leadership Minor
Attachment M
FS. 35.013
Motion Passed
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Change in Curriculum -
      Galveston Campus
                      Marine Engineering Technology
                                      BS-MARR-LIO Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Technology with License Option
Attachment N
FS. 35.014
Motion Passed
W-Courses – June-July 2017-
Courses submitted for W certification:
BIOL 480-W                     Departmental Colloquium
CHEN 433-W                    Chemical Engineering Laboratory II

Courses submitted for W recertification:
GEOS 405-W                    Environmental Geosciences
MAST 411-W                    International Maritime Culture
PHIL 419-W                      Current Continental Philosophy
PHIL 361-W                      Metaphysics
Courses submitted for C recertification:
DDHS 4710-W      Applied Research Methods
Attachment O
FS. 35.015
Motion Passed

__________________________________End of Consent Agenda____________________________________
Informational Review Items
Veterinary Medicine
Change in Courses -
VMID 935        Surgery
VTPB 922         Pathology I
VTPP 924         Pharmacology
Attachment P
FS. 35.016
Motion Passed
Unfinished Business
ECEN 758- Motion to turn back to Committees-Passed
EDCI 735-Motion to be tabled for further discussion-Passed
  • More discussion in college is needed in case of duplicates.
Attachment J-Motion to be approved.  Votes counted; motion failed.
  • English would like to discuss with Computer Science to look at required courses.
Old Business
Special Consideration Item –
      Bush School of Government and Public Service
      College of Education and Human Development
                      Public Service and Administration
                           Educational Administration and Human Resource Development
                                Master of Public Service and Administration/Doctor of Philosophy Collaborative Degree Program
Attachment Q
FS. 35.017
Motion Passed
Program Change –
      College of Education and Human Development
                      Educational Administration and Human Resource Development
                                                                Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration         
Attachment R
FS. 35.018
Motion Passed
New Business                              
August 2017 Graduation Recommendation:
                      TAMU-Main (including HSC)-2165
Motion Passed
FS. 35.019
Information & Discussion Only (not to be voted upon)
Proposed Revisions to Student Rule 7-Attendance- Attachment S
Student Rule 7 to be added to the September Agenda for discussion and potential vote in October.  Rule would be implemented in the Spring’18 or Fall’18.
Committee of the Whole
Discussion of Free speech due to the rally that was to take place at the Rudder courtyard.  The rally was canceled, but Senators are still concerned with the idea that people can reserve the courtyard and have sound equipment.
There was a concern brought up concerning the College of Medicine.  The concern was that the College of Medicine was moving away from shared governance.
The meeting adjourned at 4:39pm. 
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