February 12, 2018

Printable Minutes

Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2018
Rudder 601
Call to Order
Speaker Price called the meeting to order at 3:16pm.
Guest Speakers
Speaker:  Michael K. Young, President of Texas A&M University 
President Young stated that the President’s office is particularly focused on several issues at this time.  The President addressed the “President’s Excellence Fund” for which over 200 grant applications were received.   Faculty will be receiving a memo soon that addresses the granted distributions which the fund’s committee felt allowed for maximum impact.  Texas A&M has received $892M for various research projects last year which puts A&M in the top 15 for granted research money in the nation. 
The President said that TAMU has the #1 social media platform of any University in the country right now and our faculty have been using this to let lay audiences know about what work is going on here and about our various successes.
President Young said that the Admissions process is largely complete.  Many deadlines were extended for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  The President said that we are working to pause growth in the next academic year in an effort to control the availability of classes and majors.  Only Veterinary Medicine and Engineering will be increasing their admissions because their new facilities allow for an increase in students.
President Young and the Chancellor will testify at upcoming hearings at the Texas Legislature to reinforce and secure TAMU’s budgetary position.
Last week the Board of Regents unanimously passed a system policy change that could curtail faculty influence over and participation in senior academic and administrative appointments across the System. The Regents were concerned that the small percentage who actually voted on candidates was not reflective of the whole body of faculty and may have been precluding worthy candidates from proper consideration and appointment.  Faculty Senate Speaker Price addressed the Board of Regents at that meeting and asked that the voting on this resolution be deferred until there could be more collaboration about this issue.  The Regents declined and approved the system policy change.  President Young and Provost Fierke are working on a solution to include faculty in an enhanced process.
Several questions were asked of President Young by Senators:
Senator Alvarado [ENGR] asked what priorities are considered when scheduling capital improvements.  Is the only way to get renovations or new facilities through private donations?  The President stated that there is an administrative process that the Board of Regents and the System Chancellor use to figure out what our priority projects are.  The majority of improvement capital is from legislative appropriations or “puff money” with some additional contributions from donors.  The President mused that legislator interest and money are always key when it comes to prioritizing improvements.
The President said that we currently have significant deferred maintenance challenges and have upped the amount of money we put into that per year (upped from $6M to $22M).  Additionally, we are putting about $3M a year in classroom additions and renovations and teaching laboratory improvements. 
Senator Daugherity [ENGR] asked if there were other matters that the President is aware of, that the Faculty Senate may or may not be aware of, that the Board of Regents may be considering.  The President indicated “No”.
Senator Watanabe [SCNC] asked about the rumored changes to the mechanism used in hiring of research faculty/graduates.  President Young had no knowledge of that rumor and indicated that no changes were on the horizon.
Senator Magill [AGLS] asked about the relationship between RELLIS and Texas A&M University.  The President stated that RELLIS was a system initiative which had no relation to the interests of the university.
Speaker:  Allison Wilson of Ayers Saint Gross (ASG) [ASG is the consultant updating our Campus Sustainability Master Plan]
Ms. Wilson reported on the TAMU Campus Sustainability Master Plan currently in process.  More information and updated progress can be followed at:  http://asg-architects.com/transforming-sustainability-at-texas-am/
Speaker:  Dr. Heather Wilkinson, Associate Dean of Faculties for Faculty Development
Dr. Wilkinson address many faculty opportunities
  1. “Roadmap Workshop for a Successful Academic Career” March 5-6 from 8am-5pm Rudder 301This is a tenure track faculty workshop.
  2. Tier One Program (TOP) Grants are due March 28th.  New this year:  All faculty from all TAMU campuses can serve as the PI.  Department head and dean certification is required. 
  3. Promotion and Tenure Process Workshops scheduled:                                    03/27/18:  “Demystifying the Tenure and Promotion Process” 
              03/29/18:  “Academic Professional Track Faculty Promotions”
    04/02/18:  “Is this the right time or not?  Preparing for Promotion to Full Professor”
  4. Transformational Teaching and Learning Conference theme: “Student-Centered Innovation”There are two nationally recognized plenary speakers scheduled: April 17-18 at the MSC
    Speaker:  Traci E.W. Lacy, Associate Director of Partnership Services [Fulbright Workshop]
    Our eighth annual Fulbright Workshop is scheduled for March 8th in Rudder 601. 
    Speaker Comments
    Speaker Price advised that we still need several more members for the Election Committee.
    Speaker Price asked each Faculty Senate Committee Chair to provide a brief update as to what they are working on in committee.  These reports will be verbally presented at the March and April meetings.
    Speaker Price detailed her participation at the Board of Regents meeting last week.  The Faculty Senate Executive Committee will be addressing the implications of this change in system policy and how that affects Texas A&M University Rules 12.99.99.M5 and 12.99.99.M6.
    Approval of Minutes
    The November 13, 2017, December 11, 2017 and January 22, 2018 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes were approved as submitted.
Consent Agenda:
New Courses   Motion Passed   FS.35.232 
FINC 633  Seminar in Commercial Banking
FINC 636 Marketing Financial Products and Services
MEEN 683            Multidisciplinary System Analysis and Design Optimization
RPTS 674 Administration - Management and Leadership in Youth Programs
SOCI 666 Black Feminist Theory and Intersectionality
Change in Courses   Motion Passed   FS.35.233
AERO 602            The Theory of Fluid Mechanics
AERO 655            Helicopter Aerodynamics
BMEN 627            Magnetic Resonance Engineering
BMEN 632            Molecular and Cellular Biomechanics
BMEN 680            Biomedical Engineering of Tissues
BMEN 682            Polymeric Biomaterials
BMEN 683            Polymeric Biomaterials Synthesis
BMEN 686            Biomedical Nanotechnology
COMM 681           Professional Seminar
ECMT 660            Mathematical Economics I
FORS 602 Victimology Clinical Implications and Applications
FORS 603 Impact of Violence Across the Lifespan
GEOG 665           GIS-Based Spatial Analysis and Modeling
ISTM 705 Information Management for Decision Making
MEEN 635            Flow and Fracture of Polymeric Solids
MEEN 645            Mechanics of Compliant Materials
NURS 638 Advanced Clinical Practicum and Project
NUTR 684            Professional Internship
NUTR 685            Directed Studies
PHEB 609             Categorical Data Analysis
PHEB 612             Data Management – Computing
PSAA 608 Cybersecurity Policy Issues and Operations - A Manager’s Guide
PSYC 603 Motivation and Cognitive Processes
PSYC 606 Learning
PSYC 607 Experimental Psychology
PSYC 608 Introduction to Clinical Ethics and Techniques
PSYC 609 Physiological Psychology
PSYC 610 Organizational Psychology
PSYC 611 Personnel Psychology
PSYC 614 Practicum in Psychology
PSYC 615 Perceptual Processes
PSYC 618 Psychology of Persuasion
PSYC 619 History and Systems of Psychology
PSYC 620 Theories of Social Psychology
PSYC 623 Psychological Assessment I
PSYC 624 Psychological Assessment II
PSYC 626 Psychopathology
PSYC 630 Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
PSYC 633 Gender and Minority Issues in Clinical Psychology
PSYC 634 Principles of Human Development
PSYC 635 Behavioral and Cellular Research Seminar
PSYC 636 Seminar in Developmental Psychology
PSYC 649 Seminar in Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYC 670 Professional Seminar in Social Psychology
PSYC 681 Industrial - Organizational Psychology
PSYC 684 Professional Internship
PSYC 689 Special Topics in...
PSYC 690 Cognoscenti - Professional Issues in Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 697 Seminar in the Teaching of Introductory Psychology
COURSE INACTIVATIONS   Motion Passed   FS.35.234
BMEN 630 Global Medical Device Regulation
Change in Curriculum 
College of Engineering   Motion Passed   FS.35.235
                  Department of Chemical Engineering
                              CERT-CG17 Engineering Therapeutics Manufacturing Certificate
College of Engineering   Motion Passed   FS.35.236
                  Department of Engineering Technology
                              MS-ENTC Master of Science in Engineering Technology
New Courses   Motion Passed   FS.35.237
ANSC 111 Animal Production Systems    
AREN 440            Architectural Engineering HVAC Design
BIOL 496 Ethics in Biological Research
COMM 275           Introduction to Social Media
Change in Courses   Motion Passed   FS.35.238
BMEN 211            Biomedical Applications of Circuits, Signals and Systems
CVEN 302            Computer Applications in Engineering and Construction
ENTO 432            Applied Forensic Entomology
INTS 405 War and Memory
ISTM 320 Business Systems Analysis and Design
MATH 142            Business Calculus
MEEN 221            Statics and Particle Dynamics
MEEN 361            Materials and Manufacturing in Design Laboratory
      MEEN 436            Principles of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
MMET 281            Manufacturing and Assembly Processes II
MMET 313            Industrial Welding Processes
MMET 370            Thermodynamics for Technologists
MSEN 320            Deformation and Failure Mechanisms in Engineering Materials
MSEN 401            Materials Research and Design I
OCEN 336            Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
OCEN 344            Reinforced Concrete Structures
VIST 442   Digital Characters - Art and Technology - Uses and Meaning
VIST 465   Art - Culture and Time Based Media
Change in Curriculum 
Department of Liberal Arts
BA-USLA-SEL University Studies – BA - Society, Ethics and Law Concentration   Motion Passed   FS.35.239
Department of Marketing – Mays Business School
BBA-MKTG-ADS Marketing – BBA - Advertising Strategy Track   Motion Passed   FS.35.240
BBA-MKTG-ANC Marketing – BBA - Analytics and Consulting Track   Motion Passed   FS.35.241
BBA-MKTG-PSS Marketing – BBA - Professional Selling and Sales Management Track Motion Passed   FS.35.242
BBA-MKTG-RBM Marketing – BBA - Retail Buying and Management Track Motion Passed   FS.35.243
Department of Mathematics 
BS-APMS Applied Mathematical Sciences - BS Math Emphasis Motion Passed   FS.35.244
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Department of Liberal Studies 
BA-BS-USGA-TCC University Studies – BS - Tourism and Coastal Community Development                      Concentration Motion Passed   FS.35.245
W and C Courses – January 2018   Motion Passed   FS.35.246
Courses submitted for W Certification:
ESSM 481-W Senior Seminar
VIST 339-W Research in Visualization    
Courses submitted for W Recertification:
POSC-FTSC 406 Poultry Further Processing
SPMT 482 Professional Writing Seminar
URPN 330 Land Development I
URPN 493 Urban and Regional Studies Capstone
Courses submitted for C Certification: None
Courses submitted for C Recertification: None
__________________________________End of Consent Agenda______________________________
Committee Reports - None
Old Business - None
Unfinished Business
Change in Courses:  PSYC 671 Experimental Design for Behavioral Scientists
Motion to pull for further discussion at the department level; motion seconded and confirmed; this item will be sent back to the college for revisions.
Change in Curriculum:  Department of Liberal Arts MINOR-JOUR Journalism – Minor
Motion to pull for further discussion at the department level about removing the pre-requisite; motion seconded and confirmed; this item will be sent back to the college for discussions and possible revisions.
New Business - None                       
Information & Discussion Only (not to be voted upon)
Committee of the Whole
Speaker-Elect Harlin announced that invitations have been sent out regarding the joint meeting.  Faculty Senate at Texas A&M will be partnering with the Faculty Council at the University of Texas to explore issues related to academic freedom, freedom of speech, and civility on our campuses.  This joint meeting will be held in College Station on March 23, 2018.  The Keynote Speaker will be Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of the University of California’s Berkeley School of Law.  There will be a Joint Faculty Panel Discussion and there are plans to form a “Joint Statement on Academic Freedom, Freedom of Speech, and Civility”. 
Senator Wolf (LIBA) reiterated that she deeply appreciates the Faculty Senate Executive Committee’s efforts in opposing the change in the system rule before the Board of Regents.  However, she feels that this change now means that dean’s and department heads have no accountability to the faculty anymore.  She was concerned that someday deans from industry will be telling faculty what they can research, what they can teach, how many students they need to have in each class and what they are doing is or isn’t important.  Senator Wolf summarized that she thinks that faculty need to move for more democracy, not less, and keep speaking about it whenever possible and keep attempting to work with the administration for a more equitable solution.
The meeting adjourned at 5:11 pm.