January 22, 2018

Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
January 22, 2018
Rudder 601
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Speaker Price at 3:19pm.
Speaker Price installed the newest Senators being appointed to the Faculty Senate.
Speaker Price expressed sympathy on behalf of the Senate to Senator Strong on the loss of his son, Cooper.
Guest Speaker
Dr. Carol A. Fierke, Provost and Executive Vice President
Texas A&M University
Provost Fierke began by telling the Faculty Senators that she had a wonderful first semester and thinks that she now has a sense of the campus. She then included a word of thanks to everyone who has been meeting with her at the different schools and helping in her transition.
The Provost continued that she was here today to notify the faculty that the Texas A&M System is proposing a change in System Policy that is going to make faculty feel like there is less Faculty Governance.  She then began a discussion about a proposed Texas A&M System Policy revision being submitted to the Board of Regents and asked how we can together mitigate this new policy change and gain more faculty input.  Provost Fierke advised that she asked the System if she could share the full written policy with the faculty at this time but the System would only approve the reading of it; stating that the Board of Regents had not seen it yet; however, it is planned for the February Board of Regents agenda.  The Provost asked the System for more time to respond to this policy change but that request was denied.  She stated that she would like to develop a culture where faculty concerns can be heard even if their vote does not carry weight in the final decision-making process. 
This revised policy is titled “Appointing Power and Terms and Conditions of Employment”.  Provost Fierke read the currently proposed language:  “While University Presidents and Agency Directors are expected to seek input from key campus or agency stake holders, including administrative faculty and staff, in their decisions associated with the appointment or reappointment of Administrators, their appointment decisions shall not be constrained by member rules in the appointment and reappointment of Vice Presidents, Deans, Department Heads and Deputy or Associate Directors”.  Provost Fierke is interpreting the new policy change as “in the future, Yes/No votes taken from faculty will be advisory, but not mandatory, votes”. 
In speaking to several colleges, Provost Fierke has determined that one of faculty’s biggest concerns seems to be in the reviewing of department heads.  The Provost would like to provide more resources for our leaders to do their job better and would like to implement a more formalized 360-review system for department heads.  She stated that she will be organizing a group from the Faculty Senate to discuss what kind of feedback faculty can have in the review system.  She also stated that she would like to work with search committees and give them more influence and power as she feels that they are obligated to listen to and express their peers’ voices. 
Senator Miranda (College of Medicine) stated that we need to find a way to counteract these types of policy changes with new ways for faculty to express their concerns that also carries a little weight.  He stated that rules such as this particular policy revision, without an alternate method of faculty expression, create disinterested faculty.
Senator Fernandez-Solis (Architecture) stated that a Yes/No vote is very quantifiable and asks how weak faculty involvement [when faculty desire to send a strong message] is going to be as quantifiable going forward.
Senator Schifrinson (Bush School of Government) asked what mechanism there will be under the new policy to prevent someone from ultimately being employed that was not properly vetted by a search committee.
Provost Fierke answered that concern stating that we are Federal contractor and we also have to follow the Fair Employment Act.  She advised that we will need to develop a new process that is fair and equitable and includes faculty input if only in an advisory capacity.    
Senator Walker (Engineering) noted that most search problems in the past were the result of the Regents having a different vision of the perfect candidate than the faculty and the Search Committee. 
Provost Fierke noted that this rule change will result in the Chancellor and the President making the decision on the selection of Vice Chancellors who are also Deans (“Super Deans”) and then afterward only advising the Regents of their selection.  The Provost intends for the current requirement of 50% faculty on each search committee to stand.  She also does not intend for the length of appointment or number of terms requirements to change at this time.
Speaker Comments
Speaker Price noted that unfortunately System Policy does trump University Policy 12.99.99M5.
Speaker Price asked everyone to encourage their fellow faculty members to accept Faculty Senate Committee assignments whenever possible.
Consent Agenda
New CoursesPassed – FS.35.153
                        BMEN 642   Mass and Energy Transfer in Biosystems
                        CSCE 702        Law and Policy in Cybersecurity
                        CSCE 703     Cybersecurity Risk
                        CYBR 684     Professional Internship
                        ECEN 748    Data Stream Algorithms and Applications
                        ECEN 758      Data Mining and Analysis
                        ECEN 759      Hardware Security
                        ECEN 769      Materials Informatics
                        ECON 656      Field Experiments in Economics
                        EDCI 724        Science and Mathematics in the Teaching of Engineering Content in K-12 Schools
                        GEOG 663     GIS in Petroleum
                        MSCI 605        Foundations of Biomedical Informatics
                        MSEN 634      Nano-Scale Phenomena in Polymeric Systems
                        MSEN 643      Materials Electrochemistry and Corrosion
                        MSEN 644      Corrosion and Electrochemistry Lab
                        MSEN 646      Corrosion Prevention and Control Methods
                        MSEN 659      Materials Design ePortfolio
                        MSEN 666      Nanoindentation and Small-Scale Contact Mechanics
                        PHEO 671      Environmental and Occupational Health Communication
                        SPMT 640       Psychology for Coaches
                        TCMT 610       Engineering Personal Leadership
                        TCMT 611       Financial Decision Making
                        TCMT 612       Technical Management Decision Making
                        TCMT 621       Technical Project Management
                        TCMT 622       Value Chain Management
                        TCMT 631       Capstone I
                        TCMT 632       Developing New Products
                        TCMT 633       Contract and Risk Management
                        TCMT 641       Capstone II
                        TCMT 642       Managing Technical Teams
                        VIZA 676        Data Visualization
                        VIZA 677        Virtual Reality
Change in CoursesPassed FS.35.154
     AGEC 661      Applied Econometric Methods in Agriculture and Resources I
     AGEC 662    Applied Econometric Methods in Agriculture and Resources II
     BIED 611     Dual Language Program Methodologies
     BIED 613        Spanish-English Biliteracy
     BMEN 628      Embedded Systems for Medical Applications
     BMEN 669      Entrepreneurial Pathways Issues in Medical Devices
     ECEN 757      Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing
     EDCI 629        Historical Analysis of Urban School Reform
     EDTC 608       Online Course Design
     FORS 610        Forensic Sexual Assault Examiner
     FORS 611        Application of Clinical Pharmacology to Victims of Violence
     FORS 612     Human Trafficking
     FORS 614        Policy and Ethics of Interpersonal Violence
     FORS 615        Forensic Mental Health
     HCPI 655        Leadership and Health Policy I
     HCPI 658        Survey Research
     LAW 743      Innocence Project
     MEEN 618      Energy Principles and Variational Methods in Applied Mechanics
     MSEN 655      Materials Design Studio
     NRSC 691       Research
     PETE 621     Petroleum Development Strategy
     PETE 622       Exploration and Production Evaluation
     PHPM 601      Foundations of Public Health
     RDNG 602      Teaching Reading in the Elementary Grades
     RDNG 603      Using Advanced Literacy to Teach and Learn Across Disciplines
     RDNG 605      Practicum in Literacy Intervention
     RDNG 609   Foundations of Reading Instruction
     RDNG 616      Organization and Supervision of Reading Programs
     RDNG 634      Reading Research and Trends
     RDNG 635      Theories of the Reading Process
     SPED 620       Bilingual Special Education
     SPED 628       Consultation in Special Education
     SPED 632       Transition Education and Services for Individuals with Disabilities
     STAT 638        Introduction to Applied Bayesian Methods
     STAT 645        Applied Biostatistics and Data Analysis
     VIBS 607         Applied Epidemiology
     VIBS 645      Practice of Evaluating Human Health Risks of Chemicals
     AGEC 635      Consumer Demand Analysis for Food and Agricultural Products
     BMEN 605      Virtual Instrumentation Design for Medical Systems
     BMEN 607      Clinical Engineering
     BMEN 609      Optical Therapeutic and Interventional Principles
     BMEN 611      Biomedical Imaging Systems
     BMEN 620      Bio-Optical Imaging
     BMEN 621      Microscale Bio-Optical Applications
     BMEN 624      Biomedical Sensing and Imaging at the Nanoscale
     BMEN 626      Optical Biosensors
     BMEN 640      Design of Medical Devices
     BMEN 660      Vascular Mechanics
     BMEN 662      Vascular Fluid Mechanics
     BMEN 672      Introduction to Diagnostic Radiology Physics
     MSCI 606        Application of Clinical Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Principles
Change in Curriculum 
College of Architecture - Passed FS.35.156
Department of Architecture
CERT-CG20: Facility Management - Certificate                     
College of Engineering – Passed FS.35.157
          Department of Biomedical Engineering
CERT-CG45: Quality Engineering for Regulated Medical Technologies – Certificate  
College of Engineering – Passed FS.35.158
          Department of Nuclear Engineering
CERT-CG65: Nuclear Security - Certificate

School of Public Health – Passed FS.35.159
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
CERT-MACH: Maternal and Child Health – Certificate
College of Engineering – Passed FS.35.160
          Materials Science and Engineering
                      CERT-CG72 Materials Informatics and Design - Certificate
Miscellaneous RequestPassed FS.35.161
Graduate Courses Taught in Non-Traditional Formats - Spring 2018 – 3rd Request
New CoursesPassed FS.35.162
     ARCH 409    Urban Design Studio
     AREN 300   Architectural Engineering Systems
     AREN 320      Lighting Engineering for Buildings
     AREN 330      Mechanical Systems for Buildings
     AREN 399      High Impact Experience for Architectural Engineers
     AREN 401      Architectural Engineering Design I
     AREN 402      Architectural Engineering Design II
     ATMO 370      Student Experiences Abroad in Meteorology
     BIOL 492        Biomedical Therapeutics Development
     COMM 476     Advanced Social Media
     CSCE 412        Cloud Computing
     CYBR 484       Professional Internship
     ECEN 470      Laser Principles and Applications
     GEOS 471       Data Methods in Geosciences Laboratory
     ITDE 399        High Impact Experience for Interdisciplinary Engineers
     ITDE 499        Degree Plan Approval for ITDE
     MEEN 406      Energy Management in Industry
     MSEN 205      Materials in Society
     MSEN 399      High Impact Professional Development
     MXET 400      Mechatronics II – Industrial Robotic Systems
     PHYS 206        Newtonian Mechanics for Engineering and Science
     PHYS 207        Electricity and Magnetism for Engineering and Science
     RPTS 324        Event Management Final Assessment
     URPN 409       Urban Design Studio
     URPN 419       Community Outreach in the Public Interest
     VIBS 456         Science in Cinema and Society
     VIST 235         Theory and Practice in Visualization
     VIST 339         Research Techniques in Visualization
     VIST 354         Principles of Multimedia Design
     VIST 357         Interaction Design
     VIST 476         Data Visualization
     VIST 477         Virtual Reality
Change in CoursesPassed FS.35.163
     AERO 201      Introduction to Flight 
     AERO 212    Introduction to Aerothermodynamics
     AERO 222      Introduction to Aerospace
     AERO 301      Theoretical Aerodynamics
     AERO 304      Aerospace Structural Analysis I
     AERO 306      Aerospace Structural Analysis II
     AERO 307      Aerospace Engineering Laboratory
     AERO 310      Aerospace Dynamics
     AERO 401      Aerospace Vehicle Design I
     AERO 451      Human Spaceflight Operations
     AERO 452      Heat Transfer and Viscous Flows
     AERO 455      Helicopter Aerodynamics
     AFST 285        Directed Studies
     AFST 291        Research                                                                                                                                                                                     AFST 485        Directed Studies
     AFST 491        Research
     ANTH 270      Cultural Diversity and Ethics
     ANTH 421      Advanced Museum Studies
     ARCH 413       Elements of Urban Design
     AREN 200      Architectural Engineering Foundations
     ARTS 103        Design I
     ARTS 104        Introduction to Graphic Design
     ARTS 111        Drawing I
     ARTS 115        Drawing for Visualization
     ARTS 212        Life Drawing
     ARTS 303        Graphic Design I
     ARTS 305        Painting I
     ARTS 308        Sculpture
     ARTS 311        Traditional Photography
     ARTS 312        Advanced Photography
     ARTS 325        Digital Painting
     ARTS 329        Texas Art History
     ARTS 330        The Arts of America
     ARTS 335        The Art and Architecture of Rome
     ARTS 350        The Arts and Civilization
     ARTS 353        Color Theory
     ARTS 445        Byzantine Art and Architecture
     ATMO 336      Atmospheric Dynamics
     BICH 414        Biochemical Techniques I
     BIOL 405        Comparative Endocrinology
     BIOL 440        Marine Biology
     BMEN 207      Computing for Biomedical Engineering
     BMEN 341      Biofluid Mechanics
     BMEN 361      Biosolid Mechanics
     BMEN 428      Embedded Systems for Medical Applications
     BMEN 468      Advanced Biomechanics
     BMEN 469      Entrepreneurial Pathways in Medical Devices
     BMEN 487      Drug Delivery
     CHEM 231      Techniques of Organic Chemistry
     CHEM 237      Organic Chemistry Laboratory
     CHEM 315      Fundamentals of Quantitative Analysis
     CHEM 316      Quantitative Analysis
     CHEM 318      Quantitative Analysis Laboratory
     CHEM 362      Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
     CHEM 434      Analytical Instrumentation Laboratory
     CHEN 322      Chemical Engineering Materials
     CHEN 324      Chemical Engineering Mass Transfer Operations
     CHEN 364      Kinetics and Reactor Design
     CHEN 426      Chemical Engineering Plant Design
     CHEN 432      Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
     CHEN 433      Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
     CHEN 461      Process Dynamics and Control
     CHEN 481      Seminar
     COSC 175       Construction Graphics Communication
     CSCE 312        Computer Organization
     CSCE 314        Programming Languages
     CVEN 221      Engineering Mechanics - Statics
     CVEN 306      Materials Engineering for Civil Engineers
     CVEN 307      Transportation Engineering
     CVEN 322      Civil Engineering Systems
     CVEN 345      Theory of Structures
     CVEN 399      Mid-Curriculum Professional Development
     CVEN 444      Structural Concrete Design
     CVEN 450      AutoCAD in Civil Engineering
     ECEN 214      Electrical Circuit Theory
     ECEN 215      Principles of Electrical Engineering
     ECEN 248      Introduction to Digital Systems Design
     ECEN 303      Random Signals and Systems
     ECEN 322      Electric and Magnetic Fields
     ECEN 370      Electronic Properties of Materials
     ECEN 411      Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
     ECEN 463      Magnetic Resonance Engineering
     ENGL 356      Literature and Film
     ENGR 251      Creating a Self-Aware Leader
     ENGR 350      Leading for Impact in Engineering Business and Society
     ENGR 450      Finding Your Leadership Qualities
     ENGR 451      Leading for a Lifetime - Continual Learning and Influence
     ESET 210        Circuit Analysis
     ESET 211        Power Systems and Circuit Applications         
     ESET 315        Local-and-Metropolitan-Area Networks
     ESET 319        Engineering Leadership
     ESET 329        Six Sigma and Applied Statistics
     ESET 333        Product Development
     ESET 349        Microcontroller Architecture
     ESET 350        Analog Electronics
     ESET 352        Electronics Testing I
     ESET 355        Electromagnetics and High Frequency Systems
     ESET 359        Electronic Instrumentation
     ESET 369        Embedded Systems Software
     ESET 415        Advanced Network Systems and Security
     ESET 419        Engineering Technology Capstone I
     ESET 420        Engineering Technology Capstone II
     ESET 452        Electronics Testing II
     ESET 453        Validation and Verification
     ESET 455        Wireless Transmission Systems
     ESET 456        Embedded Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) Systems
     ESET 462        Control Systems
     ESET 469        Embedded Real Time Software Development
     FILM 285        Directed Studies
     FILM 481        Seminar in Film Studies
     FILM 485        Directed Studies
     FINC 341        Business Finance
     FREN 221       Field Studies I
     FREN 222       Field Studies II
     FREN 418       Seminar in French Civilization
     GEOL 203      Mineralogy
     GEOL 207      Dinosaur World
     HHUM 107     Introduction to the Health Humanities
     HHUM 482     Health Humanities Senior Seminar
     HISP 205         Don Quixote and the Other Arts
     HISP 206         Food in the Hispanic World
     HISP 260        Contemporary Mexican Culture
     HLTH 210       Introduction to the Discipline
     HLTH 214       Health and Physical Activity for Children
     HLTH 216       First Aid
     HLTH 331       Community Health
     HLTH 332       School Health Program
     HLTH 333       Spirituality and Health
     HLTH 335       Human Diseases
     HLTH 353       Drugs and Society
     HLTH 405       Rural Health
     HLTH 484       Community Health Internship
     IDIS 300          Industrial Electricity
     IDIS 343          Distribution Logistics
     IDIS 400          Industrial Automation
     IDIS 424          Purchasing Applications in Distribution
     IDIS 433          Industrial Sales Force Development
     IDIS 434          The Quality Process in Distribution
     IDIS 444          Ethics and Leadership in Distribution
     IDIS 450          Analytics for Distribution Operation
     IDIS 464          Distributor Operations and Financial Management
     ISEN 210        Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering Design
     ISEN 310        Uncertainty Modeling for Industrial Engineering
     ISEN 425        Design and Analysis of Industrial Systems with Simulation
     ISTM 310        Network Communications and Infrastructure
     ISTM 455        Cybersecurity Management
     JOUR 102        American Mass Media
     JOUR 200        Mass Media Information
     JOUR 203        Media Writing I
     JOUR 230        Communication Technology Skills
     JOUR 285        Directed Studies
     JOUR 289        Special Topics in...
     JOUR 303        Media Writing II
     JOUR 304        Editing for the Mass Media
     JOUR 484        Internship
     JOUR 485        Directed Studies
     JOUR 489        Special Topics in...
     JOUR 490        Journalism as a Profession
     JOUR 491        Research
     KINE 311       Fundamental Rhythms and Dance
     KINE 312       Coaching of Baseball
     KINE 314       Coaching of Soccer
     KINE 317       Coaching of Football
     KINE 321       Coaching of Volleyball
     KINE 351       Coaching of Basketball
     KINE 355       Coaching of Track
     KINE 426       Exercise Biomechanics
     KINE 433       Physiology of Exercise
     KINE 434       Advanced Exercise Physiology
     KINE 439       Exercise Evaluation and Prescription
     MEEN 210      Geometric Modeling for Mechanical Design
     MEEN 222      Materials Science
     MEEN 225      Engineering Mechanics
     MEEN 315      Principles of Thermodynamics
     MEEN 344      Fluid Mechanics
     MEEN 345      Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
     MEEN 357      Engineering Analysis for Mechanical Engineers
     MEEN 360      Materials and Manufacturing Selection in Design
     MEEN 363      Dynamics and Vibrations
     MEEN 364      Dynamic Systems and Controls
     MEEN 368      Solid Mechanics in Mechanical Design
     MEEN 381      Seminar
     MEEN 401      Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design
     MEEN 402      Intermediate Design
     MEEN 404      Engineering Laboratory
     MEEN 417      Basics of Plasma Engineering and Applications
     MEEN 421      Thermal-Fluids Analysis and Design
     MEEN 445      Mechanics of Compliant Materials
     MEEN 451      Viscoelastic Materials
     MEEN 461      Heat Transfer
     MEEN 464      Heat Transfer Laboratory
     MEEN 475      Materials in Design
     MGMT 363     Managing People in Organizations
     MKTG 321      Marketing
     MMET 181      Manufacturing and Assembly Processes I
     MMET 201      Manufacturing and Materials
     MMET 275      Mechanics for Technologists
     MMET 301      Mechanical Power Transmission
     MMET 303      Fluid Mechanics and Power
     MMET 320      Quality Assurance
     MMET 361      Product Design and Solid Modeling
     MMET 363      Mechanical Design Applications I
     MMET 376      Strength of Materials
     MMET 380      Computer-Aided Manufacturing
     MMET 383      Manufacturing Information Systems
     MMET 401      Fluid Power Transmission
     MMET 402      Inspection Methods and Procedures
     MMET 405      Weldability of Ferrous Metals
     MMET 410      Manufacturing Automation and Robotics
     MMET 412      Production and Inventory Planning
     MMET 414      Micro-Nano Manufacturing
     MMET 418      Medical Manufacturing
     MMET 422      Manufacturing Technology Projects
     MMET 429      Managing People and Projects in a Technological Society
     MMET 463      Mechanical Design Applications II
     MSEN 201      Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering
     MSEN 210      Thermodynamics of Materials
     MSEN 250      Soft Matter
     MSEN 260      Structure of Materials
     MSEN 281      Materials Science and Engineering Seminar
     MSEN 301      Unified Materials Lab I
     MSEN 302      Unified Materials Lab II
     MSEN 305      Kinetics of Materials
     MSEN 325      Properties of Functional Materials
     MSEN 330      Numerical Methods for Materials Scientists and Engineers
     MSEN 340      Case Studies in Materials
     MSEN 360      Advanced Materials Characterization
     MSEN 370      Computational Materials Science and Engineering
     MSEN 380      Communicating Materials Science and Engineering
     MSEN 400      Design and Analysis of Materials Experiments
     MSEN 402      Materials Research and Design II
     MSEN 410      Materials Processing
     MSEN 415      Defects in Solids
     MSEN 420      Polymer Science
     MSEN 426      Polymer Laboratories
     MSEN 430      Nanomaterials Science
     MSEN 440      Materials Electrochemistry and Corrosion
     MSEN 444      Corrosion and Electrochemistry Lab
     MSEN 446      Corrosion Prevention and Control Methods
     MSEN 458      Fundamentals of Ceramics
     MSEN 472      Atomistic Simulation of Materials
     MSEN 474      Materials Modeling of Phase Transformation and Microstructural Evolution
     MSEN 476      Multi-Scale Computational Materials Science
     MXET 300      Mechatronics I – Mobile Robotic Systems
     MXET 375      Applied Dynamic Systems
     NRSC 485       Directed Studies
     NRSC 491       Research
     OCEN 201      Introduction to Ocean Engineering
     OCEN 213      Principles of Materials Engineering
     OCEN 214   Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
     OCEN 221      Engineering Mechanics - Statics
     OCEN 261      Applied Numerical Methods
     OCEN 265      Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
     OCEN 300      Ocean Engineering Wave Mechanics
     OCEN 362      Hydromechanics
     OCEN 363      Dynamics and Vibrations
     OCEN 400      Basic Coastal Engineering
     OCEN 401      Underwater Acoustics for Ocean Engineers
     OCEN 402      Principles of Naval Architecture
     OCEN 403      Dynamics of Offshore Structures
     OCEN 405      Finite Element Analysis in Engineering Design
     OCEN 406      Capstone Design I
     OCEN 407      Design of Ocean Engineering Facilities II
     OCEN 408      Underwater and Moored System Design
     OCEN 410      Ocean Engineering Laboratory
     OCEN 411      Environmental Nearshore Hydrodynamics
     OCEN 415      Offshore Structure Design
     OCEN 421      Naval Architecture Design II
     OCEN 459      Mechanical Vibrations
     OCEN 461      Ocean Instrumentation and Control Theory
     OCEN 465      Subsea Pipeline Design
     OCEN 467      Offshore Random Processes
     OCEN 481      Seminar
     OCEN 491      Research
     PETE 225       Introduction to Drilling Systems
     PETE 311       Reservoir Petrophysics
     PSYC 291        Research
     PSYC 301        Elementary Statistics for Psychology
     PSYC 306        Abnormal Psychology
     PSYC 307        Developmental Psychology
     PSYC 311        Psychology of Animal Behavior
     PSYC 315        Social Psychology
     PSYC 320        Sensation-Perception
     PSYC 323        Psychology of Adolescence
     PSYC 330        Personality
     PSYC 332        Neuroscience of Learning and Memory
     PSYC 333        Biology of Psychological Disorders
     PSYC 335        Physiological Psychology
     PSYC 336        Drugs and Behavior
     PSYC 340        Psychology of Learning
     PSYC 350        Cognitive Neuroscience
     PSYC 352        Organizational Psychology
     PSYC 353        Personnel Psychology
     PSYC 360        Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
     PSYC 371        Forensic Psychology
     PSYC 411        Psychology of Self
     PSYC 414        Behavior Principles
     PSYC 470        Psychological Testing and Measurement
     RELS 285        Directed Studies
     RELS 289        Special Topics in...
     RELS 485        Directed Studies
     RELS 489        Special Topics in...
     SCMT 303       Statistical Methods
     SCMT 364       Operations Management
     SOMS 380       Workshop in Leadership Education
     SOMS 381       Workshop in Leadership Education II
     SOMS 481       Seminar in Executive Leadership
     SOMS 482       Seminar in Executive Leadership II
     SPAN 484       Internship
     VIBS 407         Core Ideas in Neuroscience
     VIST 105         Principles of Design I
     VIST 106         Principles of Design II
     VIST 170         Introduction to Visualization Computing
     VIST 205         Principles of Design III
     VIST 206         Visual Studies Studio I
     VIST 270         Computing for Visualization I
     VIST 271         Computing for Visualization II
     VIST 275         Introduction to Visualization
     VIST 305         Visual Studies Studio II
     VIST 310         Photography for Visualization
     VIST 370         Interactive Virtual Environments
     VIST 372         Creating Digital Environments
     VIST 375         Foundations of Visualization
     VIST 405         Visual Studies Studio III
     VIST 406         Visual Studies Studio IV
     VIST 432         Applied Perception
     VIST 441         Scientific and Technological Developments in Visual Arts
     VIST 470         Digital Rendering
     VIST 472         Digital Compositing
     VIST 474         Designing for the Web
     VIST 484         Summer Internship
     VIST 486         Introduction to Game Design
     VIST 491         Research
     VIST 494         Internship
     WGST 285      Directed Studies
     WGST 291      Research
     WGST 481      Senior Seminar
     WGST 484      Internship in Women's and Gender Studies
     WGST 485      Directed Studies
     WGST 491      Research
BMEN 231   Foundations of Biomechanics
BMEN 282   Engineering Biology
BMEN 306   Biomeasurements Lab
BMEN 310   Clinical Engineering
BMEN 342   Biomaterials and Medical Devices
BMEN 405   Virtual Instrumentation Design for Medical Systems
BMEN 423   Microscale Bio-Optic Applications
BMEN 424   Biomedical Sensing and Imaging at the Nanoscale
BMEN 426   Optical Biosensors
BMEN 430   Medical Device Regulation
BMEN 440   Design of Medical Devices
BMEN 460   Vascular Mechanics
BMEN 462   Vascular Fluid Mechanics
BMEN 470   Introduction of Biomedical Optics
CHEM 103   Structure and Bonding
CHEM 104   Chemistry of the Elements
CHEM 113   Physical and Chemical Principles
CHEM 114   Qualitative Analysis
CHEM 317   Quantitative Analysis
OCEN 100   Introduction to Offshore and Coastal Engineering
OCEN 210   Properties of Engineering Materials
OCEN 212   Engineering Science in Thermodynamics
OCEN 215   Principles of Electrical Engineering
OCEN 216   Principles of Thermodynamics
OCEN 217   Electrical Engineering - Circuits
OCEN 310   Engineering Analysis
OCEN 319   Naval Architecture Design I
OCEN 463   Hydrodynamics of Offshore Structures
OCEN 475   Environmental Fluid Mechanics
OCEN 482   Seminar
OCEN 483   Marine Foundation Analysis and Design
Program InactivationsPassed FS.35.165
     Department of Engineering
     CERT-CU18 Engineering Honors - Certificate
Change in Curriculum 
Department of Aerospace Engineering
BS-AERO Aerospace Engineering – BS Passed FS.35.166
Department of Architecture
CERT-CG28 Historic Preservation – Certificate Passed FS.35.167
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
BS-BAEN Biological and Agricultural Engineering – BS Passed FS.35.168
Department of Biomedical Engineering
BS-BMEN Biomedical Engineering – BS Passed FS.35.169
CERT-CU47 Quality Engineering for Regulated Medical Technologies-Certificate Passed FS.35.170
Department of Chemical Engineering 
BS-CHEN Chemical Engineering – BS Passed FS.35.171
CERT-CU20 Engineering Therapeutics Manufacturing – Certificate Passed FS.35.172
Department of Civil Engineering
BS-CVEN-CEM Civil Engineering - BS Construction Engineering and Management Track       Passed FS.35.173
BS-CVEN-COE Civil Engineering BS - Coastal and Ocean Engineering Track Passed FS.35.174
BS-CVEN-ENE Civil Engineering - BS Environmental Engineering Track Passed FS.35.175
BS-CVEN-GCE Civil Engineering - BS General Civil Engineering Track Passed FS.35.176
BS-CVEN-GEO Civil Engineering - BS Geotechnical Engineering Track Passed FS.35.177
BS-CVEN-STR Civil Engineering - BS Structural Engineering Track Passed FS.35.178
BS-CVEN-TRA Civil Engineering - BS Transportation Engineering Track Passed FS.35.179
BS-CVEN-WRN Civil Engineering - BS Water Resources Engineering Track Passed FS.35.180
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
BS-CECN Computer Engineering - BS Computer Science Track Passed FS.35.181
BS-CPSC Computer Science - BS Passed FS.35.182
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
BS-CEEN Computer Engineering - BS Electrical Engineering Track Passed FS.35.183
BS-ELEN Electrical Engineering – BS Passed FS.35.184
Department of Engineering
BS-ENGE College of Engineering Passed FS.35.185
BS-ENGE Engineering First-Year Curriculum Passed FS.35.186
CERT-HLDR CERT-CU62 Holistic Leadership in Engineering – Certificate Passed FS.35.187
Department of Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution
BS-ESET Electronic Systems Engineering Technology – BS Passed FS.35.188
BS-IDIS Industrial Distribution – BS Passed FS.35.189
BS-MMET Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology – BS Passed FS.35.190
BS-MXET Multidisciplinary Engineering Technology – BS Passed FS.35.191
Department of Health & Kinesiology
BS-MS-KINE-ATTR-ETR Kinesiology - 5-Year Bachelor of Science-Master of Science Passed
Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering
BS-INEN Industrial Engineering – BS Passed FS.35.193
Department of International Studies 
MINOR-CLAS Classical Studies – Minor Passed FS.35.194
Department of Liberal Arts
MINOR-LMAS Latino and Mexican-American Studies – Minor Passed FS.35.195
Department of Materials Science and Engineering 
BS-MSEN Materials Science and Engineering – BS Passed FS.35.196
Department of Mathematics 
BA-MATH Mathematics – BA Passed FS.35.197
BA-MS-MATH-MATH-FTR Mathematics 5-Year Bachelor of Arts-Master Mathematics Passed FS.35.198
BS-APMS-ACT Applied Mathematical Sciences - BS Actuarial Emphasis Passed FS.35.199
BS-APMS-BIO Applied Mathematical Sciences - BS Biological Science Emphasis Passed  FS.35.200
BS-APMS-CPS Applied Mathematical Sciences - BS Computational Emphasis Passed FS.35.201
BS-APMS-ECO Applied Mathematical Sciences - BS Economics Emphasis Passed FS.35.202
BS-APMS-STA Applied Mathematical Sciences - BS Statistics Emphasis Passed FS.35.203
BS-MATH Mathematics – BS Passed FS.35.204
BS-MS-APMS-MATH-FTR Applied Mathematics - 5-Year Bachelor of Science-Master of
      Science in Mathematics Passed FS.35.205
BS-MS-MATH-MATH-FTR Mathematics - 5-Year Bachelor of Science-Master of Science in
      Mathematics Passed FS.35.206
Department of Mechanical Engineering 
BS-MEEN Mechanical Engineering – BS Passed FS.35.207
Department of Nursing
BSN-NURS-ACL Nursing - BS Second Degree BSN Track Passed FS.35.208
BSN-NURS Nursing - BS Traditional BSN Passed FS.35.209                                
Department of Nuclear Engineering 
BS-NUEN Nuclear Engineering – BS Passed FS.35.210
Department of Oceanography
BS-OCNG Oceanography – BS Passed FS.35.211
Department of Petroleum Engineering 
BS-PETE Petroleum Engineering – BS Passed FS.35.212
Department of Political Science
BS-POLS Political Science – BS Passed FS.35.213
Department of Science
BS-USSC-MBU University Studies - BS Mathematics for Business Concentration Passed   FS.35.214
BS-USSC-MFT University Studies - BS Mathematics for Teaching Concentration Passed   FS.35.215
BS-USSC-MPP University Studies - BS Mathematics for Pre-Professionals Concentration  Passed FS.35.216
Department of Visualization 
BS-VIST Visualization – BS Passed FS.35.217
MINOR-ARTV Art – Minor Passed FS.35.218
     Texas A&M University at Galveston
Department of Marine Biology 
          BS-MARB Marine Biology – BS Passed FS.35.219
Department of Marine Science        
          BS-USGA-OOH University Studies - BS Oceans and One Health Concentration
      Passed FS.35.220
Department of Liberal Studies 
                 BS-USGA-MPC University Studies - BS Maritime Public Policy and Communication                                          Concentration Passed FS.35.221
     College of Liberal Arts 
     Department of Communication
     CERT-SMDI Social Media – Certificate Passed FS.35.222
     Mays Business School 
     Department of Finance
     CERT-CFIN Corporate Finance – Certificate Passed FS.35.223
     CERT-CMIN Capital Markets and Investments – Certificate Passed FS.35.224
     CERT-IBPE Investment Banking and Private Equity – Certificate Passed FS.35.225
Miscellaneous Request
Courses Taught in Non-traditional Formats- Spring 2018- Second Request – Passed FS.35.226
W and C Courses – November and December 2017 Passed FS.35.227
Courses submitted for W Certification:
     ALED 440-W Leading Change
     ENGL 354-W Modern Rhetorical Theory
     MARB 408-W Marine Botany
     NUEN 303-W Nuclear Detection and Isotope Technology Laboratory
Courses submitted for W Recertification: None
     AGEC 429-W Agricultural Policy
     ECON 491-W Research
     POLS 413-W American Foreign Policy
Courses submitted for C Certification:
     CSCE 482-C Senior Capstone Design
     CSCE 483-C Computer Systems Design
Courses submitted for C Recertification: None
     ALED 340-C Survey of Leadership Theory
                        MMET 422-C Manufacturing Technology Projects
__________________________________End of Consent Agenda______________________________
Committee Reports
Core Curriculum Committee- December 2017 Passed FS.35.228
       PHYS 123 Physics for Future Presidents Life & Physical Sciences
            PHYS 206 Newtonian Mechanics for Students in Engineering and Science Life & Physical Sciences
            PHYS 207 Electricity and Magnetism for Students in Engineering and Science Life & Physical Sciences
            KINE 311 Fundamental Rhythms and Dance Creative Arts
            ANTH 270 Cultural Diversity and Ethics Language, Philosophy and Culture
Unfinished Business 
Old Business
New Business
Proposed Revisions to Student Rule - Passed
Committee of the Whole
Speaker-elect Harlin brought the Senate into the Committee of the Whole.  She announced that we are hosting the Joint Meeting with UT-Austin on Friday, March 23rd.  She has secured a speaker for that event – Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of UC-Berkeley Law School.  He will speak on issues related to academic freedom, freedom of speech and civility on college campuses.  We are looking for volunteers to serve on a faculty panel to discuss those subjects at the meeting along with panel members nominated by UT-Austin. 
Other issues briefly discussed:
  • Paycheck detail issues with the new Workday System
  • Budget cuts at the Texas A&M Library limiting book availability
  • Suggestion to create a joint statement at the upcoming TAMU/UT joint meeting regarding academic freedom and freedom of speech in university systems
  • Concern over the building of the RELLIS Campus (i.e. Texas A&M University is not academically involved in the RELLIS Campus – that is a System initiative)
  • Logistic issues with large Senate agendas
The meeting was adjourned at 4:40pm.