February 14, 2022

Printable Minutes

TAMU Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2022
Via Zoom
The full video recording of the meeting can be accessed on the Faculty Senate website:


Speaker Dale Rice called the ninth meeting of the 39th session to order at 3:04pm.   Due to ongoing social distancing practices resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was conducted via Zoom.
Senator Andrew Klein monitored the raised hand function and the chat.  Registration function is being used to track attendance


Vice President for Faculty Affairs Dr. N.K. Anand.  Regents Professor in James J. Cain, 51.  Is a former member of the Faculty Senate.

Vice President Anand presented slides which outlined his position:
  • Champion of Faculty of all Ranks and Campuses
  • Gatekeeper of Faculty Academic Excellence
  • Champions Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity
  • Faculty Advocacy and Development
  • Faculty Grievances
  • Sets tone and standards for faculty recruitment and retention
  • Faculty Budget
  • Strategic Hiring
  • Honors and Awards
Speaker Rice noted faculty concerns about the deadline being moved up for Tenure-Promotion packages.  Concerned about pulling external letters together in time to meet the new deadline.
Vice President for Faculty Affairs Dr. N.K. Anand response – If departments have their tenure and promotion complete by August 31st it will fall under their present college.  As of September 1st, some departments will fall under their new colleges and schools.
Questions and concerns were raised by: Senator Claire Carly-Miles, College of Liberal Arts, Senator Catharina Laporte, College of Liberal Arts, Senator Maria Irene Moyna, College of Liberal Arts, Senator Peter McIntyre, College of Science, Senator Dan Collins, College of Science, Joseph Pettibon, Vice President for Enrollment and Academic Services, Tim Scott, Interim Provost and Executive Vice President. 
Speaker Rice Thanked Vice President for Faculty Affairs N.K. Anand and Interim Provost and Executive Vice President Tim Scott.
ANNOUNCEMENTS – Attachment A  FS.39.298
First order of business is the SEBAC report from Dr. David Earnest our Senate SEBAC representative. Also, Judy Cato and Jessica Palacios from the Systems Benefits Administration were present to answer questions.

Senator Earnest shared a PowerPoint presentation to view click here.
Jessica Palacios stated that the dental plan has reached the end of its contract. It is possible that the dental provider could change, depending on the pricing proposals.  There have been concerns brought to SEBAC concerning Delta Dental rates and network availability. These items of concern will be kept in mind when going through the RFP process.
Speaker Rice thanked Senator Earnest, Judy Cato and Jessica Palacios.
Second order of business, announcement from Speaker-Elect Patricia Smith about the upcoming joint meeting of the Texas Faculty Council and our senate on March 7, 2022.

Approval of minutes – January 10, 2022, In progress FS.40.299

Colleagues once again I come before you, following another concerning action on the part of the administration.  The Battalion was given an ultimatum to give up its student organization status and move under the auspices of the university or face dire fiscal consequences.  This has raised many concerns about free speech rights and if they could be next.
Student Body President, Natalie Parks was invited to share the student opinions.  She discussed how the Battalion was given an ultimatum on something that has worked for the last 100+ years and students weren’t consulted on this issue. There are other issues dealing with extracurricular activities which the university has been involved in where the students weren’t consulted on first.  The overall theme is that their voices aren’t being heard.
The motion passed to approve the February 14, 2022; Consent Agenda as presented.
(Full Consent Agenda with FS#’s can be found under Adjournment below.)
Core Curriculum Council Course Report -Attachment C – Passed
The motion passed to approve the Core Curriculum Course Report as presented.
(Full CCC Report can be found under Adjournment below.)
MEETING MINUTES delayed until April
New Business
Speaker-Elect Patti Smith asked if there were any positive actions or items of concern regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.  No comments or concerns were brought forth by the committee.
Senator Joan Wolf stated that Speaker Rice had done a fantastic job with not having an assistant.
Senator Angie Hill-Price asked about joint meeting that field of study was addressed during the next meeting.

Senator Peter McIntyre mentioned it feels like a virtual collapse in private administration regarding shared governance. Seeking guidance from Speaker Rice and the Executive Committee.  Wanting to make sure shared governance is embedded in the working groups.  Speaker Rice stated the Executive Committee looked at the working groups and found that 26 out of the 41 had a direct impact on the academic side of campus.  There are a fair number of senate representatives on the working groups to ensure that faculty get a voice and are being listened to on the working groups. 
Senator Catharina Laporte suggested that if you had a question about the MGT working groups to email someone that you know who is on the working groups.
Speaker Rice noted that students are involved in the working groups that he is involved. 
Senator Adam Haney would like to look at the study abroad program in which students are being charged a $200 application fee in addition to their other fees.
Senator Easterwood wants support for the battalion.  Feels that we need to listen to concerns.
Senator Alvarado will the senate pass a resolution for the battalion.  Speaker-Elect Patti Smith said they will take this issue to the Executive Committee and will share feedback with the senate.
Senator Miranda wants the senate to support the battalion which is a student run organization.
Senator Catharina Laporte regarding the MGT report, feels that those involved in the working groups should bring forth any changes to the senate on an ongoing basis.  Speaker Rice would like those involved in the working groups to flag important items to bring forth to the Executive Committee.
Senator Adam Kolaniski an article in the battalion quotes President Banks has no intention in absorbing editorial control of the battalion.
Senator Andrew Klein The Coalition for intercollegiate athletics is holding is holding an event at the NCA which you can attend virtually.
Speaker Rice thanked everyone for joining virtually the meeting was adjourned
 New Courses – FS.39.300 Passed
ECCB 645: Ecological Genomics
MEEN 698: Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineering and Biological Applications
MEEN 699: Plasma Engineering and Applications
SOCI 642: Fertility and Mortality

Change in Courses – FS.39.301 Passed
MGMT 621: Research Methods for HR Professionals
MGMT 655: Survey of Management
VIBS 611: Tumor Cell Biology and Carcinogenesis
Change in Programs FS. 39.302 Passed
College of Business
Mays Business School

CERT-BDAT: Business Data Analytics - Certificate
Change in Programs – FS.39.303 Passed
College of Architecture
Department of Architecture
CERT-FCAM: Facility Asset Management - Certificate
Change in Programs – FS. 39.304 Passed
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Department of Agriculture Leadership, Education
EDD-AGED: Doctor of Education in Agricultural Education
Change in Programs – Inactivation Proposal – FS.39.305 Passed
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Department of Agriculture Leadership, Education
CERT-ADPE: Advanced Pedagogy in Agriculture - Certificate
Special Consideration Item – FS. 39.306 Passed
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences and Bush School of Government and Public Service               
Department Rangeland, Wildlife & Fisheries Mgmt. and Public Service & Administration
BS/MPS-RWFM/PSAA-BPS: Rangeland, Wildlife and Fisheries Management- 5-year Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Service Administration
Special Consideration Item – FS.39.307 Passed
School of Law

ML-CBAV: Master of Laws in Cross-Border Advocacy
Courses Submitted for C Certification – FS. 39.308 Passed
AREN 401-C: Architectural Engineering Design I
HORT 481-C: Seminar
Courses Submitted for W Certification – FS.39.309 Passed
BUSN 101-W: Freshman Business Initiative
RDNG 372-W: Reading and Writing across the Middle Grades Curriculum
Courses Submitted for W Recertification – FS.39.310 Passed
BUSN 403-W: Transformational Leader Portfolio
Core Curriculum Council - FS.39.311 Passed
New Courses – International and Cultural Diversity (ICD)
IBUS 310-ICD: Global Context of Business
IBUS 320-ICD: Global Sustainable Business
Change in Course-International and Cultural Diversity (ICD)
ARTS 150-ICD: Art History Survey II
New Courses – Cultural Discourse (CD)
HIST 308-CD: History of American Indians in the U.S. South
Recertification for Foundational Component Area- Creative Arts
ARTS 150-GE: Art History Survey II
Recertification for Foundational Component Area – Life & Physical Sciences
ASTR 111-GE: Overview of Modern Astronomy
Recertification for Foundational Component Area – Social & Behavioral Sciences
ECON 202-GE: Principles of Economics
Recertification for Foundational Component Area – Creative Arts
HISP 204-GE: Spanish and Spanish American Literature in Translation
 Recertification for Foundational Component Area – American History
HIST 258-GE: American Indian History
Recertification for Foundational Component Area – American History
HIST 304-GE: Southwest Borderlands
Recertification for Foundational Component Area – Social & Behavioral Sciences
URPN 202-GE: Building Better Cities
__________________________End of Consent Agenda_____________________________