May 9, 2022

Printable Minutes

TAMU Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2022
Via Zoom
The full video recording of the meeting can be accessed on the Faculty Senate website:


Speaker Dale Rice called the twelfth meeting of the 39th session to order at 3:02pm.   Due to ongoing social distancing practices resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was conducted via Zoom.
Senator Andrew Klein will be monitoring the raised hand function and will monitor the chat.  Registration function is being used to track attendance





Speaker Comments

In the interest of time the Annual State of the Senate Address has been deferred to the June meeting, so that there is sufficient time to deal with new business.
The motion passed to approve the May 9, 2022; Consent Agenda as presented.
(Full Consent Agenda with FS#’s can be found under Adjournment below.)
Core Curriculum Council Couse Report -
The motion passed to approve the Core Curriculum Course Report as presented.
(Full CCC Report can be found under Adjournment below.)
  1. Presentation of Administrative structural changes for the purpose of input including feedback on proposed name changes.
Interim Provost Tim Scott shared slides showing new structure and answered questions.
College Name Changes:
  • College of Arts & Sciences (Formerly College of Liberal Arts).
  • New School of Fine Arts, Performance & Visualization.
Department-level Name Changes:
  • Department of Communication & Journalism (Communication)
  • Department of Global Languages & Cultures (International Studies)
  • Department of Kinesiology & Sport Management (Health & Kinesiology)
  • Department of Socioecological Health (Health Promotion & Community Health Sciences)
Questions and comments raised by: Senator Maria Moyna – College of Arts & Sciences, Senator Angie Hill-Price – College of Engineering, Senator Daniel Jimenez – College of Engineering, Secretary Tracy Hammond – College of Engineering, Vice President N.K. Anand – Faculty Affairs, Senator Jorge Alvarado – College of Engineering, Senator Adam Kolasinski – Mays Business School, Senator M. Douglas Benson - Texas A&M Dallas, Senator Annie McGowen – Mays Business School.  Senator Rajesh Miranda – College of Medicine,
Speaker Rice stated that the SAP calls for faculty input not approval. 
Speaker Rice thanked Provost Scott and Vice President N.K. Anand for their input.
  1. Presentations from Speaker-Elect, Secretary and Executive Committee Candidates.
Presentations were made by: 
Speaker - Elect:
Senator Mark Sicilio – College of Medicine on behalf of Senator Trevor Hale – Mays Business School.
Secretary Tracy Hammond – College of Engineering
Senator Dan Collins – College of Science
Senator Janice Epstein – College of Science
Executive Committee:
Senator Mark Burge – School of Law, Senator Rebecca Burns – College of Nursing, Senator Shelley Holliday – College of Architecture, Senator Andrew Klein – College of Geosciences, Senator Robert Mackin – College of Arts & Sciences, Senator Angie Hill-Price – College of Engineering, Senator Mark Sicilio – College of Medicine, Senator Grace Townsend – Texas A&M at Galveston, Senator Jim Woosley- College of Education and Human Development.
Speaker Rice noted that elections for Speaker-Elect would take place starting after the meeting and would last for 2 days, followed by elections for Secretary and then the Executive Committee as a whole.  Presenters were allowed two minutes to give their presentations.
Approval of Minutes
Attachment B1 - FS.39.353 Approved
 Approval of April 11, 2022, Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes.
 Attachment B2  FS.39.354 Approved
 Approval of March 21, 2022, Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
 Attachment B3 FS.39.355 Approved
Approval of February 14, 2022, Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
Secretary- Tracy Hammond asked the committee if there are any positive actions or concerns related to diversity and inclusion on campus.
Senator Jorge Alvarado – Asked how many Hispanic Students were set to graduate.  Speaker Rice responded that the numbers weren’t broken down. Interim Provost Scott said that this information would come from the Registrar’s Office, and he would send a note to Vanessa Heidrick.
Senator Terri Pantuso – Asked what percentage of African American students are not athletes. No response was given.  
Senator Yava Jones-Hall – Commented that Prairie View is having first one-week camp with free admission to aim to increase minority enrollment in Veterinary school.
Secretary Tracy Hammond – Commented that the College of Engineering on June 8-9 will have an event to get involved with faculty and engineers from sister schools.
Senator Debjyoti Banerjee – Noted that the school of EnMed is now a separate college and asked about Senate representation.
Speaker Dale Rice responded that this fall would bring massive realignment within the Faculty Senate due to the merge of several colleges. 
Senator Adam Kolaniski – Wondered how receptive the administration is in receiving more formal feedback in regard to SAPs.  Speaker Dale Rice said Senate leadership is engaged frequently in providing feedback and is fully supportive of a more formal role. Interim Provost Scott said that he would speak with President Banks and ask for her feedback and get back to the Senate.
Speaker Rice said that he would extend the invitation to President Banks to join the meeting in September.
Senator John Stallone – Stated that the email from President Banks recognized that there was a lot of stress and uncertainty, and she would be addressing issues during her state of the faculty address.  He wishes she would discuss these issues now.
Senator Clint Magill – Stated that his department is small but makes a big contribution to the university. Feels that because a department doesn’t have 500 undergraduates, shouldn’t mean that they are gone.  Vice President N.K. Anand stated no decisions have been make based on these metrics. 
Senator Andrew Klein read comments from chat – Can we updated on the status of changing the titles of Clinical Faculty as part of the reorganization? Vice President N.K. Anand stated that there was a committee that has begun working on this but he does not have the final report yet.
Question in chat was asked to Interim Provost Scott: Do we have any administrative structure between the program deans and department heads for the College of Arts and Sciences? Interim Provost Scott responded that the department heads will report to the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.
Speaker Rice thanked everyone for joining virtually and reminded everyone to check their emails for ballots.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:49pm.
New Courses – Galveston FS.39.356 Passed
MARA 690: Maritime Interdisciplinary Studies - Business, Law and Policy
New Courses FS.39.357 Passed
MEEN 671: Human Sensing Technologies
RWFM 659: Human Dimensions of Parks and Protected Areas
STAT 660: Flexible Regression
TCMT 630: Organizational Leadership for Senior Technical Leaders
TCMT 636: Persuasive Communications for Technical Managers
Change in Courses – Qatar   FS.39.358 Passed
CHEN 610: Humanitarian Engineering
Change in Courses FS.39.359 Passed
CSCE 629: Analysis of Algorithms
ECEN 608: Modern Control
EDCI 641: The African American Learner in Urban Settings
EPSY 632: Social and Emotional Development and Interventions
MEEN 686: Composite Materials Processing and Performance
MSEN 625: Mechanical Behavior of Materials
NUEN 612: Radiological Safety and Hazards Evaluation
Change in Courses – Course Inactivation Proposal – Galveston Passed FS.39.360
MARB 603: Cetacean Behavior and Behavioral Ecology
MARB 606: Advanced Concepts in Marine Population Biology
MARB 607: Research and Conservation in Greece-Dolphins, Fisheries and Cultural Heritage
MARB 615: Coastal Marine Biology and Geology of Alaska
MARB 616: Introduction to Methods in Scientific Diving
MARB 617: Research Diving Methods
MARB 620: Marine Biological Resources
MARB 633: Applied Bioinformatics
MARB 635: Marine Invertebrate Zoology
MARB 642: Marine Bioacoustics
MARB 654: Coastal Plant Ecology
MARB 656: Tropical Marine Ecology
Change in Courses – Course Inactivation Proposal FS.39.361 Passed
MEEN 604: Time Frequency Nonlinear Vibration Control
MEEN 619: Conduction and Radiation
MEEN 623: Tensor Analysis for Engineers
MEEN 636: Turbulence: Theory and Engineering Applications
MEEN 638: Mechanics of Non-Linear Fluids
MEEN 641: Quantitative Feedback Theory
MEEN 646: Aerothermodynamics of Turbomachines
MEEN 670: Compressible Flow
MEEN 678: Aerosol Mechanics
Change in Programs      FS.39.362 Passed
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Department of Agriculture Leadership, Education & Communication
MAG-ADEV: Master of Agriculture in Agricultural Development
Change in Programs FS.39.363 Passed
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Department of Agriculture Leadership, Education & Communication
MS-ALEC: Master of Science in Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication
Change in Programs FS.399.364 Passed
College of Engineering
Department of Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution
MS-ENTC: Master of Science in Engineering Technology
New Courses FS.39.365 Passed
CSCE 439: Data Analytics for Cybersecurity
KINE 428: Exercise Biomechanics Laboratory
RWFM 336: Research Methods in the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Change in Courses FS.39.366 Passed
BIMS 110: One Health in Action
CSCE 434: Compiler Design
CSCE 483: Computer Systems Design
ECCB 403: Population and Community Ecology
KINE 426: Exercise Biomechanics
OCEN 344: Reinforced Concrete Structures
Change in Courses – Qatar   FS.39.367 Passed
CHEN 410: Humanitarian Engineering
Change in Courses Galveston FS.39.368 Passed
MARA 201: Foundations of Maritime Cyber Security
MARA 212: Business Law
MARA 301: Ocean Transportation I
MARA 304: Marine Insurance
MARA 342: Managerial Maritime Finance
MARA 345: Maritime and Marine Entrepreneurship Ventures
MARA 346: Maritime and Marine Business Plans
MARA 347: Launch a Startup
MARA 350: Maritime Business Computer Programming and Security
MARA 360: Maritime Cybersecurity Issues
MARA 363: The Management Process
MARA 373: Personnel Management
MARA 401: Brokerage and Chartering
MARA 402: Inland Waterways
MARA 416: Port Operations, Administration and Economics
MARA 421: Admiralty Law
MARA 424: Intermodal Transportation
MARA 435: Labor Law and Policy
MARA 440: Global Economy and Enterprise Management
MARA 466: Strategic Management
MARA 470: Environmental Law
MARA 475: Business Leadership
MARA 484: Management Internship
MARA 485: Directed Studies
MARA 489: Special Topics in...
MARA 491: Research
MARA 493: International Maritime Management Experience
Change in Courses – Inactivation Proposal - Galveston
MEEN 414: Principles of Turbomachinery   FS.39.369 Passed
Change in Programs FS.39.370 Passed
College of Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
BS-CVEN-COA: Civil Engineering, BS - Coastal Engineering Track
Change in Programs FS.39.371 Passed
College of Agriculture & Life Science
Department of Animal Science
CERT-EQSC: Equine Science - Certificate
W&C COURSES FS.39.372 Passed
Courses submitted for C Certification  
COSC 440-C: Interdisciplinary Capstone
Courses submitted for C Recertification   FS.39.373 Passed
GEOG 215-C: Geospatial Cornerstone
MATH 482-C: Research Seminar
NURS 424-C: Professional Issues
RPTS 402-C: Park Planning and Design
Courses submitted for W Certification   FS.39.374 Passed
BAEN 302-W: Biological and Agricultural Engineering Fundamentals II
ECMT 463-W: Introduction to Econometrics
ECON 318-W: The Economics of Gender and Race
ENGL 355-W: The Rhetoric of Style
STAT 482-W: Statistics Capstone
Courses submitted for W Recertification   FS. 39.375 Passed
ASTR 491-W: Research
BICH 491-W: Research
PHYS 491-W: Research
POLS 439-W: Foreign Policy Decision Making
RELS 420-W: Religion and the Environment
RUSS 301-W: Advanced Grammar and Composition I

____________________________End of Consent Agenda_____________________________
Language, Philosophy & Culture
ANTH 210-GE: Social and Cultural Anthropology
COMM 203-GE: Public Speaking