August 8, 2022

Printable Minutes

TAMU Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2022
Via Zoom
The full video recording of the meeting can be accessed on the Faculty Senate website:


Speaker Rice called the third meeting of the 40th session to order at 3:08pm.   Due to ongoing social distancing practices resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was conducted via Zoom.
Senator Andrew Klein will be monitoring the raised hand function and will monitor the chat.  Registration function is being used to track attendance.


N.K. Anand, Vice President for Faculty Affairs

Dr. Heather Wilkinson, Vice President for Faculty Affairs & Associate Provost for Faculty Success. 

Dr. Heather Lench, Senior Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs.
Questions and comments by: Senator Rajesh Miranda, College of Medicine, Senator Jorge Alvarado, College of Engineering, Senator Debjyoti Banerjee, College of Engineering.
Colleagues, thank you for joining us today. A day for many of you is nearing the end of your summer break.  Once again, we are about to enter another stressful academic year with a highly contagious variant of Covid continuing to circulate. A new epidemic of Monkeypox and a massive reorganization of the university.  
Several of you have asked about the voluntary Covid statement for syllabi for fall. It has been approved and can be found on the Faculty Senate website under minimum syllabus requirements which can be found at the bottom of the page. 
Also, the redcap system is being revived by the university for students to self-report positive Covid Tests. Although there are many unknowns associated with Monkeypox, our health services have posted a helpful FAQ online that should help students navigate this healthcare issue.  If a student does contract the disease, CDC guidelines call for 2-4 weeks of isolation.  So, there is the potential for serious impact to student’s academic situation.  My hope is that faculty will be flexible and understanding if students find themselves in that difficult circumstance. 
Today we are also confronting another difficult campus issue, the need for improvement in shared governance.  The proposed resolution from the Executive Committee responding to concerns by many of you and other faculty members is on the agenda for action later this afternoon. 
Finally, in an effort to balance the equalizing effect of meeting online and its advantages for those in remote locations, with the desire of many for more collegiality that comes from in person sessions.  The Executive Committee is bringing a proposal for your consideration that would maintain online business while adding new opportunities for in person senate gatherings.  That too will be up for a vote later this afternoon. 
In closing the comments section, I want to wish all of you at least some relaxation before the semester begins.  I continue to be so proud of our entire faculty and the tremendous effort you and others continue to give to overcome challenges. 
Minutes- Faculty Senate Meeting July 11, 2022, Attachment B Approved as distributed.  FS. 40.044
The motion passed to approve the August 8, 2022; Consent Agenda - Approved
Core Curriculum Council Course Report –
Attachment C - Approved FS.40.060

  • Bylaw change to Legislative Committee – Attachment D1Approved FS.40.061
  • Bylaw changes to Research Committee – Attachment D2  - Approved FS.40.062
Comments made by: Senator Trevor Hale, Mays Business School, Speaker Dale Rice.

  • Resolution on Shared Governance – Attachment D3 - Adopted FS.40.063
    Comments made by: Senator Jorge Alvarado, College of Engineering, Senator Dana Gaddy, Veterinary Medicine, Senator Angie Hill Price, College of Engineering, Speaker-Elect., Tracy Hammond, College of Engineering, N.K. Anand, Vice President for Faculty Affairs, Senator Adam Kolasinski, Mays Business School, Senator Rajesh Miranda, College of Medicine, Senator Richard Waer, College of Engineering, Senator Clint Magill, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Senator Dan Collins, College of Arts and Sciences, Speaker Dale Rice.
  • Fall Meeting ScheduleAttachment D4Passed FS.40.064
    Comments made by: Senator Kathryn Falvo, TAMUG, Senator Mark Burge, School of Law, Senator Rajesh Miranda, College of Medicine.
Informational Item
  • Standard Administrative Procedures – Attachment D5Passed FS.40.065
Comments made by: N.K. Anand, Vice President for Faculty Affairs, Speaker-Elect., Tracy Hammond, College of Engineering, Senator Adam Kolasinski, Mays Business School, Tim Scott, Interim Provost, Senator Tony Cahill College of Engineering, Senator Mark Burge, School of Law, Senator Mark Sicilio, College of Medicine.
Speaker-Elect., Tracy Hammond asked if there were any positive issues or items of concern appearing on campus relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Speaker -Elect Tracy Hammond mentioned that the Texas Land Grant has been moved to November 4th and Texas A&M Prairie View tailgate planned for the next day.
N.K. Anand, Vice President for Faculty Affairs mentioned ACES & ACES + Programs for unrepresented faculty
Senator Rajesh Miranda, College of Medicine mentioned that the College of Medicine had its very first ACES Fellow. 
Senator Jim Woosley, College of Education and Human Development mentioned TAMU is hosting Faculty Senate Council on September 9th & 10Th
Senator Adam Kolasinski, Mays Business School asked N.K. Anand for documentation on the ACES + program.
Senator Jorge Alvarado, College of Engineering mentioned that an applicant received offer to come to TAMU and still hasn’t received offer letter. Also commented on the waste of water and asked what was being done to reserve water.
Senator Debjyoti Banerjee, College of Engineering mentioned that Microsoft Outlook emails are going to junk folder when they are not junk or from students.
Senator Andrew Klein, College of Arts & Sciences Thanked Tim Scott, Interim Provost for his work while in office.
Speaker Rice motioned to Adjourn the meeting at 5:06pm. 
Graduate Council
New Course Proposal – Passed FS.40.045
DDDS 045: Pediatric Dentistry – Dallas
New Course Proposal – Passed FS.40.046
ECEN 732: Online Decision Making and Learning
ENTC 615: Advanced Network Systems & Security
GEOL 611: Tracers in Hydrogeology
INTA 607: Eurasian Security
SCMT 635: Sourcing and Procurement Management
SCMT 640: Global Supply Chain and Logistics
SCMT 661: Operations Strategy
SCMT 670: Service Operations Models
SCMT 675: Supply Chain Security
SCMT 680: Practical Lean Business Systems
SCMT 701: Supply Chain and Analytics Career Management
SCMT 702: Supply Chain Communication and Leadership
Change in Course Request – Special Consideration – Passed FS.40.047
CSCE 689: Special Topics in...
Graduate Council – Change in Course Request – Passed FS.40.048
ENTC 600: Mechatronics II
MATH 602: Methods and Applications of Partial Differential Equations
MGMT 630: Behavior in Organizations
MGMT 633: Organizational Change and Development
MGMT 635: Employment Regulation
MGMT 650: Human Relations and Collective Bargaining in Industry
SCMT 616: Supply Chain Management
SCMT 637: Supply Chain Modeling and Optimization
Graduate Council – Change in Programs – Passed FS.40.049
College of Medicine
Department of Medicine
MS-MDSC: Master of Science in Medical Sciences
Graduate Council – Change in Programs – Inactivation Proposal – Passed FS.40.050
College of Liberal Arts
Department of English
BA/MA-ENGL/ENGL-LEN: English - 5-Year Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English
Graduate Council- Change in Program – Inactivation Proposal – Passed FS.40.051 
Mays Business School
College of Business
CERT-BUSI: Business - Certificate
Graduate Council- Change in Program – Inactivation Proposal- Passed FS.40.052
College of Geosciences
Department of Geography
CERT-RMSN: Remote Sensing - Certificate
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
New Courses -Passed FS.40.053
ENGL 366: Horror Studies
SPMT 401: Undergraduate Research Methods for Sport Organizations
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Change in Course Request – Passed FS.40.054
EHRD 402: Instructional Technology and Design
Change in Course Request – Inactivation Proposal- Passed FS.40.055
SPMT 334: Sport Communication
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee – Passed FS.40.056
Change in Programs

College of Engineering
Department of Nuclear Engineering
BS-NUEN: Nuclear Engineering - BS
W&C Courses
Course Submitted for C Certification – Passed FS.40.057
ANSC 437-C: Marketing and Grading of Livestock and Meat
Courses submitted for W Certification- Passed FS.40.058
CARC 101-W: Cultural and Social Issues in the Natural, Built and Virtual Environment
CHEN 432-W: Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
Course Submitted for W Recertification – Passed FS.40.059
ECEN 403-W: Electrical Design Laboratory I
_______________________End of Consent Agenda_____________________________