June 13, 2022

Printable Minutes

TAMU Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2022
Via Zoom
The full video recording of the meeting can be accessed on the Faculty Senate website:


Speaker Dale Rice called the first meeting of the 40th session to order at 3:01pm.   Due to ongoing social distancing practices resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was conducted via Zoom.
Senator Andrew Klein will be monitoring the raised hand function and will monitor the chat.  Registration function is being used to track attendance.


Greg Hartman, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the University.  Discussed Pathforward, teams and final implementation.  He mentioned that the deadline is September 1st for the teams to complete their implementations however, most implementations have been completed.
Questions raised by: Speaker Dale Rice - Communication, Senator Adam Kolasinski - Mays Business School, Senator Jim Woosley – Education and Human Development, Senator Andrew Klein – Geoscience.
ORDER OF BUSINESS Swearing in of Professor William Byrnes, School of Law.  
Senator David Earnest, SEBAC Representative – Update to meeting, regarding Dental Plan RFP.  Three proposals submitted. Two finalists were Cigna and Delta Dental.  Delta Dental was chosen to continue as our dental plan for the next five years.  Covid-19 Update related claims accounted for 6% of medical spending.  Testing and treatment claims peaked in January 2022 and vaccines peaked in March 2021
State of the Senate Address:  Attachment A - FS.40.001
Approval of Minutes
 Attachment B1 - FS.40.002 - Approved

 Approval of May 9, 2022, Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes.
Attachment B2 – FS.40.003 - Approved
 Approval of January 10, 2022, Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
The motion passed to approve the June 13, 2022; Consent Agenda as presented.
(Full Consent Agenda with FS#’s can be found under Adjournment below.)
Core Curriculum Council Couse Report -
The motion passed to approve the Core Curriculum Course Report as presented.
(Full CCC Report can be found under Adjournment below.)
Bylaw Revisions – Attachment D FS.40.015
Qatar – Proposed resolution in support of the committee’s recommendations regarding structural changes to Texas A&M Qatar.  Secretary Janice Epstein moved to approve and resolve.  Senator Klein launched a poll. Attachment D FS.40.016       
Speaker-Elect, Tracy Hammond asked the committee if there are any positive actions or concerns related to diversity and inclusion on campus.
No comments or concerns made
General Information to committee of the whole. 
Senator Jorge Alvarado, College of Engineering regarding motion that was passed, Senator Edward Brothers, TAMUQ reported that there was no response from the President at this point. Interim Provost Tim Scott stated that he hopes to meet with President Banks and N.K. Anand next week,
Speaker Rice thanked everyone for joining virtually and reminded everyone to check their emails for ballots.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:16pm.
New Courses – FS. 40.004 - Passed
BUSH 633: Qualitative Methods for Public Service
INTA 724: Religion and International Security
INTA 727: The Department of Defense - An Instrument of National Power
ISTM 683: Web and Social Media Analytics
NUEN 621: Nuclear Criticality Safety Fundamentals
Change in Courses – FS.40.005 - Passed       
EPSY 634: Educational Neuroscience
EPSY 643: Applied Multivariate Methods
INTA 623: Grand Strategy
INTA 631: U.S. Military Power
INTA 645: Women and Nations
ISEN 622: Linear Programming
NRSC 601: Principles of Neuroscience I
NUTR 651: Nutritional Biochemistry of Fishes
PSAA 648: Performance Management in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
SPED 611: Multicultural & Bilingual Special Education
STAT 600: Reproducible Computations in Machine Learning
New Courses – FS.40.006 - Passed
RELS 367: Christianity and American Identity 
Change in Courses – FS.40.007 - Passed
ENGL 482: Advanced Studies in Health Humanities
ISEN 330: Human Systems Interaction
PHLT 441: Strategies for Population Health Improvement
SPMT 450: Professional Practice in Sport Management
Special Consideration Item – FS.40.008 - Passed
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Anthropology
MINOR-ARCA: Archaeology - Minor
Special Consideration Item – FS.40.009 - Passed
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Anthropology
MINOR-NARC: Nautical Archaeology - Minor
Courses submitted for C – Certification – FS.40.010 - Passed
BIMS 481-C: Seminar in Biomedical Science
COSC 441-C: Residential Capstone
COSC 442-C: Commercial Capstone
COSC 443-C: Industrial Capstone
COSC 446-C: Specialty Capstone

Courses submitted for C – recertification -FS.40.011 - Passed
ECEN 404-C: Electrical Design Laboratory II
Courses submitted for W – Certification – FS.40.012 - Passed
AGSM 439-W: Management of Agricultural Systems I
CLAS 410-W: Seminar in Classical Studies
DCED 308-W: Safe Practices in Teaching Dance
ESET 319-W: Engineering Leadership
GERM 310-W: Composition
KINE 403-W: Dance Wellness
KINE 407-W: Motor Control and Learning Lab
RUSS 322-W: Masterpieces of Russian Literature
SOCI 420-W: Advanced Methods of Social Research
Courses submitted for W- recertification – FS.40.013 - Passed
CVEN 207-W: Introduction to the Civil Engineering Profession
ESET 219-W: Digital Electronics
GEOL 420-W: Environmental Geology
INTS 410-W: Gender and the Global Modern
NUTR 204-W: Perspectives in Nutrition and Food Science
PHLT 310-W: Public Health Writing
PHLT 311-W: Narrative Approach to Public Health
RUSS 302-W: Advanced Grammar and Composition II
____________________________End of Consent Agenda_____________________________
Recertification for Foundational Component Area: Life and Physical Science
GEOS 210-GE: Climate Change
OCNG 251-GE: Oceanography