October 17, 2022

Printable Minutes

TAMU Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2022
Via Zoom
The full video recording of the meeting can be accessed on the Faculty Senate website:


Speaker Rice called the fifth meeting of the 40th session to order at 3:05pm.   Due to ongoing social distancing practices resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was conducted via Zoom.
Senator Andrew Klein will be monitoring the raised hand function and will monitor the chat.  Registration function is being used to track attendance.
Senators, I charge you to serve well and faithfully, to discharge your duties diligently, and to uphold the constitution of the Faculty Senate and the academic integrity of Texas A&M University.   Do you accept this obligation? 
All new senators accepted and were therefore sworn in.
Dr. Alan Sams, Interim Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer.   Introduced himself and his vision for the provost role.
Questions and comments were raised by: Speaker Elect-Tracy Hammond, Senator Jorge Alvarado, Senator Steve Hague, Senator Matthew Taylor, Senator Angie Hill Price, Senator Catharina LaPorte, Senator Andrew Klein, Senator Dan Collins, Speaker Dale Rice, Senator Robert Korty, Senator Kathryn Falvo, Senator Tracy Vemulapalli, Senator David Bapst. 
Dr. Mitch Wittenben, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology
Questions and Comments raised by: Senator Luz Herrera, Senator Debjoyti Banerjee, Senator Matthew Taylor, Speaker Elect- Tracy Hammond, Senator Catharina LaPorte, Senator Clint Magill, Senator Grace Townsend.
Dr. Jocelyn Widmer, Office for Academic Innovations to address Canvas issues.
Questions and Comments raised by: Senator Daniel Jimenez, Senator Tianna Uchacz, Senator Tracy Vemulapalli, Senator Asha Rao, Senator Andrew Tag, Senator Adam Haney.
Colleagues, we’ve hit the midway point in the semester.  Although we continue to deal with all the changes brought about by the reorganization of the university, I hope that at least in your classrooms things are going well.
Last month several of you requested that the senate had the opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The Executive Committee unanimously endorsed a resolution doing that and is putting it before you later in today’s meeting for your consideration.
We had the first of the Senate coffee hours last month, and from my perspective it was a success.  Senators had the opportunity to raise issues of concern as well as share successes from their individual schools and colleges.  Our next coffee hour will be this Friday in the great all in the YMCA, from eight to nine thirty.  I welcome you to come for as little as a few minutes or for the whole time if you can.
In addition to the monthly coffees, we proposed holding two in person receptions this year to provide another opportunity for networking and collegiality.  The fall reception honoring our new senators will be at 5:00pm next Monday at the Hotel and Conference center on campus.  Please respond to the invitation from the Senate office to allow us to plan for adequate food and beverages.  I hope to see many of you there next week.
Finally, I want to thank all of you for serving in the senate.  I especially want to express my gratitude to those of you who have taken on the added responsibility of chairing one of our committees.  Shared governance works best when we have dedicated faculty like you who are willing to participate in the process.  Thank you for all that you do. 
Minutes- Faculty Senate Meeting September 12, 2022, Attachment B Approved as distributed. FS.40.081
The motion passed to approve the October 17, 2022; Consent Agenda - Approved
Core Curriculum Council Course Report –
Attachment C - Approved FS.40.098

  1. Proposed Change to Student Rule 54 – Attachment D1 Approved FS.40.099
  2. Proposed Resolution on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Attachment D2 Adopted FS.40.100
Comments regarding the resolution raised by: Senator Adam Kolasinski, Senator Angie Hill Price, Dr. Annie McGowan.

 Speaker Elect- Tracy Hammond asked if there were any positive issues or items of concern appearing on campus relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Speaker Elect-Tracy Hammond reminded that November 4th is Texas Land Grant Day.
Senator Tracy Vemulapalli-Announced the First Inaugural Future Aggie Veterinary Experience this summer’s data was overwhelmingly positive.
Senator Epstein – Mentioned teaching engineering calculus to students and how it was much too advanced for some of the students who were enrolled in the class. 
Dr. Annie McGowan – Announced that Dr. Gina Garcia would be on campus this week to deliver a keynote address on Wednesday.
Speaker-Elect Tracy Hammond – Announced that Dr. Julie Harlin and her office have created a Scholars teaching program in which students from Prairie View can come to our campus for a semester and our students can go there.
Senator Asha Rao – Reminded that November eight is designated as a National First-Generation College Student Day. 
Senator Adam Haney – Reminded that November eight is mid-term elections so if you are already registered than make yourself available to vote.
Senator Angie Hill Price- Brought up concerns about faculty role in advising and if it is taken out of faculty hands then who will be making the decisions about which transfer students to accept.
Speaker-Elect Tracy Hammond- Brought up the issue on merit raises on main campus and Galveston.
Speaker Rice motioned to Adjourn the meeting at 5:05pm. 
Graduate Council
Graduate Council
New Courses – Approved FS.40.082
IDIS 657: Distribution Growth Strategies, Models, and Drivers
EMED 811: Career Exploration- Emergency Medicine
IMED 920: Transplant Hepatology
IMED 941: Congestive Heart Failure
MEEN 701: Principles of Precision Machine Design
MEID 621: Clinical Shadowing
MEID 622: Rural Community Medicine Shadowing
MEID 623: Pre-Clinical Research
MEID 624: Service Learning
MEID 625: Military Training
MEID 830: Service-Learning Internal Medicine and Pharmacy Interdisciplinary Health Research
MHUM 821: Research Practicum
MHUM 822: Introduction to Research
MHUM 823: Medical Scholarly Research
OBGY 920: Urogynecology Acting Internship
New Course – Galveston – Approved FS.40.083
MARB 693: Professional Study
Change in Courses – Approved FS.40.084
CSCE 702: Law and Policy in Cybersecurity
EDAD 601: College Teaching
EDAD 629: Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education
IMED 844: Cardiology Inpatient
MEEN 616: Surface Science
MEEN 630: Intermediate Heat Transfer
MEEN 649: Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
MEEN 652: Multivariable Control System Design
MEEN 654: Tribology-Mechanical Interface Design
MEEN 687: Additive and Subtractive Processes in Custom Manufacturing
MEEN 696: Bio-inspired Design
Change in Courses – Continued – Approved FS.40.085
PHPM 603: Managing Healthcare Data and Information
PHPM 606: Health Systems Management
PHPM 614: Strategic Planning and Marketing
PHPM 616: Management of Human Resources
PHPM 617: Quality and Process Improvement
PHPM 620: Operations Management
PHPM 623: Health Care Financial Management I
PHPM 633: Health Law and Ethics
PHPM 640: Health Policy and Politics
PHPM 661: Introduction To Health Economics
PHPM 680: Health Systems Leadership
SPED 605: Leadership in Applied Behavior Analysis
VIBS 601: Anatomy
WMHS 601: Applications and Problems in Hydrological Sciences
Change in Courses – Galveston – Approved FS.40.086
MARA 691: Research -
Change in Programs – Approved FS.40.087
College of Engineering
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
MS-CECN: Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Change in Programs – Approved FS.40.088
College of Engineering
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
MS-CPSC: Master of Science in Computer Science
Change in Programs – Approved FS.40.089
Mays Business School
Department of Accounting
MS-ACCT: Master of Science in Accounting
Undergraduate Curriculum
New Courses – Approved FS.40.090
DCED 230: Conditioning for Dancers
ECON 471: Data Science for Future Decision Makers
Change in Courses – Approved FS.40.091
MATH 147: Calculus I for Biological Sciences
VTPP 404: Food Toxicology and Safety
VTPP 423: Biomedical Physiology I
KINE 407: Motor Control and Learning Lab
BIMS 481: Seminar in Biomedical Science
Change in Programs – Inactivation Proposal – Approved FS.40.092
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Agriculture Leadership, Education and Communication
BS-USAL-LED*: University Studies - BS, Leadership Studies Concentration
Change in Programs – Inactivation Proposal – Approved FS.40.093
College of Arts and Sciences
University Studies
BS-USBU-BUS*: University Studies - BS, Business Concentration
Change in Programs – Inactivation Proposal – Approved FS.40.094
College of Arts and Sciences
University Studies
BS-USEH-CPF*: University Studies - BS, Child Professional Services Concentration
W & C Courses
Courses Submitted for C – Certification – Approved FS.40.095
NUTR 481-C: Seminar
Courses Submitted for W – Certification – Approved FS.40.096
BMEN 153-W: Pathways in Biomedical Engineering
 Courses Submitted for W – Recertification – Approved FS.40.097
AGCJ 313-W: Agricultural Media Writing I
COMM 425-W: Rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement
COMM 435-W: Rhetoric of Television and Film
COMM 403-W: Media, Children and Adolescents
COMM 476-W: Advanced Social Media
GEOG 324-W: Global Climatic Regions
End of Consent Agenda_____________________________
Recertification for Foundational Component Area: Communication
COMM 205-GE: Communication for Technical Professions
Recertification for Foundational Component Area: Mathematics
MATH 152-GE: Engineering Mathematics II
Recertification for Foundational Component Area: Language, Philosophy & Culture
PERF 156-GE: Dress in World Cultures
Recertification for Foundational Component Area: Life & Physical Sciences
ANSC 107-GE: General Animal Science
ECCB 205-GE: Fundamentals of Ecology
Recertification for Foundational Component Area: Social & Behavioral Sciences
SPMT 319-GE: Sociology of Sport
SPMT 337-GE: International Sport Business
Recertification for Foundational Component Area: International & Cultural Diversity (ICD)
HIST 357-ICD: Out of Africa: The Black Diaspora and the Modern World
Certification for Foundational Component Area: Cultural Discourse (CD)
HIST 240-CD: Empires of Food
RELS 367-CD: Christianity and American Identity
Certification for Foundational Component Area: Language, Philosophy & Culture
HIST 240-GE: Empires of Food