April 8, 2013

Faculty Senate Meeting
April 8, 2013
3:15 p.m., 601 Rudder Tower
Louise Abbott, Ergun Akleman, Jorge Alvarado, Carisa Armstrong, Raymundo Arroyave, David Baca, Michael Benedik, Leonard Bierman, Doug Biggs, Andrea Bonito, Joseph Boutros, Leonard Bright, Edward Brothers, Richard Carlson, Gwan Seong Choi,William B. Clark, Joe Dannenbaum, Walter Daugherity, Janice Epstein, Edward Funkhouser, Clare Gill, Melinda Grant, Ira Greenbaum, Janet Hammer, Mike Hanik, Julie Harlin, Ed Harris, Greg Heim, Kim Hill, Angie Hill-Price, Shelley Holliday, Wendy Jepson, Andrew Klein, Karen Kubena, Paulo Lima-Filho, Carol Loopstra, Martha Loudder, Igor Lyuksyutov, Clint Magill, Vanita Mahajan, Sam Mannan, Peter McIntyre, Stephen Miller, Miguel Mora, Adam Myers, Gene Nelson, Mike Pilant, Michelle Pine, Harland Prechel, Dale Rice, Eric Rowell, Karen Russell, Luis San Andres, Jason Sawyer, Karen Beth Scholthof, Ergin Sezgin, Brian Shaw, Richard Stadelmann, John Stallone, Elizabeth Tebeaux, Mike Thornton, Grace Townsend, Manuelita Ureta, Wyoma vanDuinkerken, Gary Varner, Tryon Wickersham, Richard Woodman, Jim Woosley, Beth McNeill
Call to Order
Guest Speaker- LtGen Joe Weber USMC (Ret), Vice President for Student Affairs
Guest Speaker, Lt. Gen. Joe Weber, in his fifth year as Vice President for Student Affairs, provided his philosophy and described highlights of current activities at the University and responded to questions and comments by Senators.
Three tenets of his philosophy are: 1) there is a place for all in the Aggie family, 2) Aggies have ‘big shoes to fill’ after graduation so they must realize from day one that grades affect prospects, and 3) Student Affairs should complement what happens in the classroom.

General Weber outlined three current activities taking place in Student Affairs.
  1. Academic Success Center:  The role of Student Affairs in ensuring that struggling students are involved in the Academic Success Center, which helps identify issues that prevent success and promotes self-accountability.
  2. Living-learning centers:  For the first time in years, new housing is being constructed on campus, in the form of living-learning centers.The 640 bed north side dorm replacement will soon be available and learning centers are being incorporated into renovation of the corps dorms.A large 3600 bed complex is being planned for west campus.When the construction of this facility is complete it is the desire that all freshmen be housed on campus for at least their freshman year.This is based on studies showing that this requirement, which is practiced in most peer institutions, leads to higher academic success.
  3. Addressing issues identified in a Comprehensive Program Review, which suggested that one area of concern was allowing students too much latitude in the level of participation in extra-curricular activities:  Senator Price (ENG) asked about outsourcing the Child Care Center.  While General Weber questions why that operation is part of Student Affairs, he strongly favors increasing the size of the operation.  He contended that greater availability to child care would make TAMU more attractive to new faculty recruits with young families.  If outsourcing the operations at the center would improve service or lower costs, that would be acceptable, but the main problem is a source of funds for expansion. In response to her second question concerning outsourcing dorms, he feels that outsourcing services such as maintenance and housekeeping make sense, but there are too many dorm activities run by the students to relinquish all control of the dorms to an outside source.  In addition, the Residence Life component of Student Affairs financially is in good shape. 
Senator Arroyave (ENG) asked why it took over a week for the administration to respond to a widely publicized vote by the Student Senate that made TAMU seem especially unwelcoming to certain groups.  General Weber said that all higher administrators are continually sending out the opposite message, but that while the students are exercising lawful rights, they can only be reminded that having the right to say hateful words, doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.  They need faculty and administration leaders to be role models for understanding the meaning of respect for others, and in using civility during difficult dialogs. 

Senator Clark (LA) stated that civility and respect must come from both sides.  He has seen too many cases where students have faced scorn and derision for their religious beliefs, especially Christians.  He and General Weber agreed to meet for a dialogue on the issue. 

Senator Stadelmann (LA) asked about the possibility of Student Affairs helping support a debate team, something that at many places has a paid faculty advisor and even scholarships for team members.  General Weber agreed that support for a debate team is a worthy goal, but indicated there would also have to be support of an academic program, perhaps communications.

Senator Lima-Filho (SC) commented that acceptance of diversity has increased impressively during his 20 years at TAMU, but it needs to become an established tradition in the same way as other core values.  General Weber agreed and said the traditions of his era on campus (1968-72) were definitely not those of today’s students.
Senator Gill (AGR) indicated that she is in charge of the ‘difficult dialogues’ program that is offered through her position as Associate VP for Diversity. The program stresses the ability to hear each side’s position and offers training to those interested in becoming a facilitator.  
Speaker Comments
Senators Shelley Holliday and Karen Snowden were congratulated on receipt of Association of Former Students Awards for Teaching.

Donations were solicited for the Aggie Spirit Award, which is made by the Senate to students who overcome adversity while continuing to excel academically.  A call for nominations is forthcoming.

A call will also be going out for the Richard Stadelmann Award, which honors a first term Senator for outstanding service to the Senate.

A position description and call for nominations for the vacant position of Ombuds Officer will be going out soon.
Senator De Ruiter of the Anthropology Department was recognized for his role in the discovery of a previously un-described species of early hominids.

Nomination for Senate seats closed this past Friday, with only one seat having no applicants.  The speaker thanked the caucus leaders for helping identify the nearly full slate of candidates.

A call for nominations for Executive Committee members and officers for next year will be coming soon. 
A “Jazz Night” at the University Club is scheduled for Friday, April 26, 5-9 pm. 
Approval of March 18, 2013 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes                                         Attachment A
March Minutes passed as presented                                                                                    Motion Passed                                               
Before confirming the consent agenda, Senator Magill pointed out that a number of items in Attachment E dealing with course changes are being made to align with new core curriculum course requirements may raise unexpected issues.  Chemistry will be requiring co-registration with the corresponding laboratory course in order to meet some core requirements, such as teamwork.  What if a student passes the lecture course but not the lab course?  Will the 3 hours count toward the 9-hour Science requirement?  Similarly the legislation we passed specifically stated that 300 and 400 level courses with prerequisites cannot be considered for inclusion in the core, but English is dropping an English 104 requirement for a number of 200 level courses.  Senator Magill feels that our legislation should have included 200 level courses as having no prerequisites also, if that is in fact the way that the council will rule. 

Consent Agenda
Consent agenda approved. 
GRADUATE COUNCIL – GC REPORT                                                                                        Attachment B   
New Course Requests – March 7, 2013                                                                                   FS.30.140     
BICH 667              Molecular Probes                                                                                            Motion Passed
BUSH 600            Bush School Graduate Study Abroad
ISEN 650              Healthcare Delivery Systems Modeling and Analysis
ISYS 645               IT Security Controls
ISYS 655               Security Management and Compliance
PSAA 613             Immigration and Education Policy
SCMT 685            Directed Studies
SCMT 689            Special Topics in…
WFSC 605            Community Ecology
WFSC 649            Principles of Fisheries Management
Change Course Requests – March 7, 2013                                                                                      Attachment C         
NUEN 618            Multiphysics Computations in Nuclear Science & Engineering                              FS.30.141
PSAA 617             State and Local Government: Institutions and Policy                                              Motion Passed
PSAA 661             Public Personnel Administration
VIZA 630              Contemporary Art Studio/Seminar I
VIZA 631              Contemporary Art Studio/Seminar II
Special Consideration Item                                                                                                                   Attachment D
The Department of Information and Operations Management in the Mays Business School                  FS.30.142
requests that their graduate courses carry the newly approved ISYS and SCMT prefixes.                       Motion Passed
UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM COMMITTEE – UCC REPORT                                           Attachment E
Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee                                                               FS.30.143           
New Courses Request – March 8, 2013                                                                                  Motion Passed                   AFST 362              Women and War in the African Diaspora
NRSC 277             Introduction to Neuroscience
VIBS 277               Introduction to Neuroscience
Change Course Requests – March 8, 2013                                                                                     
ASTR 101              Basic Astronomy
CHEM 101            Fundamentals of Chemistry I
CHEM 102            Fundamentals of Chemistry II
CHEM 103            Structure and Bonding
CHEM 104            Chemistry of the Elements  
CHEM 106            Molecular Science for Citizens 
CHEM 107            General Chemistry for Engineering Students
ENGL 201             Approaches to Literacy
ENGL 204             Introduction to African American Literature
ENGL 205             Introduction to Africana Literature
ENGL 212             Shakespeare
ENGL 219             Literature And The Other Arts
ENGL 221             World Literature
ENGL 222             World Literature
ENGL 227             American Literature: Colonial to American Renaissance. 
ENGL 228             American Literature: Civil War To Present
ENGL 231             Survey of English Literature I
ENGL 232             Survey of English Literature II
New Courses Request – March 8, 2013                                                                         Attachment F
Texas A&M University at Galveston                                                                             FS.30.144
MARE 350            Commercial Cruise Internship                                                              Motion Passed
MART 350            Commercial Cruise Internship
MAST 101            Connections
Change in Course Request – March 8, 2013                                                                                           
MARS 360            Biochemistry
Department of Maritime Administration
Course prefix change from INFO to SCMT
INFO 303, INFO 336, INFO 364
                (see memorandum from Dr. Donna Lang and Dr. Johan Mileski)
Change in Curriculum – March 8, 2013                                                                          Attachment G
Texas A&M University at Galveston                                                                                    FS.30.145
                Department of Marine Biology                                                                           Motion Passed
                                B.S. in Marine Biology – License Option
Change in Curriculum – March 8, 2013                                                                            Attachment H
Texas A&M University at Galveston                                                                                     FS.30.146
                Department of Marine Engineering Technology                                                 Motion Passed
                                B.S. in Marine Engineering Technology – License Option
Change in Curriculum – March 8, 2013                                                                            Attachment I
Texas A&M University at Galveston                                                                                     FS.30.147
Department of Marine Sciences                                                                                          Motion Passed
B.S. in Marine Sciences – License Option
Change in Curriculum – March 8, 2013                                                                           Attachment J
Texas A&M University at Galveston                                                                                    FS.30.148
Department of Marine Sciences                                                                                         Motion Passed
                                B.S. in Ocean and Coastal Resources

Change in Curriculum – March 8, 2013                                                                       Attachment K
Texas A&M University at Galveston                                                                                FS.30.149
Department of Marine Transportation                                                                            Motion Passed
                                B.S. in Marine Transportation
W-COURSES                                                                                                                  Attachment L       
Courses submitted for W recertification – March 18, 2013                                     FS.30.150                    
GERM 315                   Literary Investigation: German Short Fiction                              Motion Passed
PHIL 419                      Current Continental Philosophy
WGST401/PHIL 489     Feminist Theory
Course submitted for C recertification – March 18, 2013                                                            
FSTC 481                     Professional Skills Development
___________________________________End of Consent Agenda____________________________________
Committee Reports                                                                                                                          
Senator Jepson, (GEO) Chair of the Workplace Climate and Diversity committee reported that the SAP concerning workplace bullying that passed the Senate some time ago was rejected by the System Council as being not legally sufficient (too broad and not needed based on other rules already in place).  That committee is now attempting to have the wording included in the hiring/employment policies of the Dean of Faculties and College Deans so that it will be clear that bullying is not a permissible workplace policy.  She indicated that the Committee will be offering a resolution for approval by the Senate to strengthen the chances for inclusion of the bullying wording in those guidelines. 

Richard Stadelmann reported that as requested by the Speaker, he had conferred with the current Faculty President, President-elect and Parliamentarian of the Blinn College Senate, who all expressed enthusiasm for increasing cooperation with our Senate.  

Executive Session
The Senate went into closed session to consider a nomination for an Honorary Degree to be presented in the December graduation.  It was approve unanimously. 
Old Business                                                                                                                                                  
Committee of the Whole
Richard Stadelmann encouraged all to participate in the exciting and educational events of International Week. It is an example of a Multicultural Event done well.

Senator Woodman (BUS) asked what had become of our resolution to oppose increasing student fees to help pay for the renovation of Kyle Field. While the two surveys yielding opposite results did receive publicity, no mention of the Senate’s stance has appeared in any public media.  He realizes that our resolutions are ‘symbolic’ but suggests we should at least send them to news media as well.  The Speaker agreed and said the resolution had in fact gone to the president. 

Senator Magill suggested that a recent action that charges $3.50 per square foot for research space to each investigator in the College of Engineering be looked into by our research committee.  It seems like it could be a case of ‘double dipping’ since those charges are typically a part of the indirect costs associated with grants.  Speaker-elect Daugherity, who is in that College, said he is of the impression that these funds previously were part of the overhead returned to the investigators by TAES, but now that the OSRS is in charge, these funds will be kept at a higher level.  
Senator Magill also reported that he had been told of a cheating scandal on another A&M campus that involved use of a keystroke recovery program on classroom computers that allowed students to recover instructor’s password and use them to access other files.  He raised the question if that could happen here.

Senator Lauder (Bus) went back to the question of anonymous student surveys that the administration had inadvertently sent to faculty and staff (she voted).   When told that non-student votes had been eliminated from the counts, she suggested that the claim of anonymity was obviously false. 
New Business
Proposed Revisions to TAMU Student Rules, Sections 8.2, 14.2, 13.3, 11, 40                                                Attachment M
The Speaker asked for any comments on Rule changes that are to be voted on in the next meeting.        FS.30.151
(ATT M) Senator Jepson said that since Final Examinations are announced before the beginning of the    Motion Passed
semester, the cut-off date should be much earlier than at least five days before the final exam period
begins, as the revised rule states. 
Honorary Degree Candidate                                                                                                              FS.30.152
                                                                                                                                                           Motion Passed