December 11, 2012

December 12, 2011
3:15 p.m., 601 Rudder Tower
Present: Louise Abbott, Derya Akleman, Jorge Alvarado, Michael Benedik, Leonard Bierman, Charles Bollfrass, Patrick Burkart, John Carhart, Gwendolyn Carroll, Jonathan Coopersmith, Joe Dannenbaum, Walter Daugherity, Darryl De Ruiter, Ron Douglas, Janice Epstein, Jose Fernandez-   Solis, L. Paige Fields, Norma Funkhouser, Holly Gaede, Fran Gelwick, Clare Gill, Ira Greenbaum, Janet Hammer, Mike Hanik, Kevin Heinz, Kim Quaile Hill, Shelley Holliday, Wendy Jepson, Guido Kanschat, Karen Kubena, Paulo Lima-Filho, Thomas Linton, Carol Loopstra, Blanca Lupiani,    Clint Magill, Christopher Mathewson, Kathryn McKenzie, A. Gene Nelson, Brian Perkins, Michelle Pine, Harland Prechel, Leslie Reynolds, Dale Rice, J. Maurice Rojas, Luis San Andres, Jason Sawyer, Karen-Beth Scholthof, Brian Shaw, Kathleen Speed, John Stallone, Bob Strawser, Elizabeth Tebeaux, Grace Townsend, Manuelita Ureta, Wyoma vanDuinkerken, Gary Varner, William West, Tryon Wichersham, B. Dan Wood, Jim Woosley
Absent: Ergun Akleman, Jaime Alvarado-Bremer, Carisa Armstrong, Perla Balbuena, Judith Ball, Maria Barrufet, Hassan Bashir, Doug Biggs, Edward Brothers, Joe Cerami, Gwan Seong Choi, William Bedford Clark, Mark Clayton, Richard Curry, Robin Dabareiner, Swaroop Darbha, John Edens,    Gioia Falcone, Edward Funkhouser, Stephen Guetersloh, Ed Harris, Karl Haupt, Dirk Hays, Richard Hutchinson, Andrew Klein, Igor  Lyuksyutov,Vanita Mahajan, R.N. Mahapatra, Sam Mannan, Stephen Miller, Jeffrey Morris, Sudarsan Rangan, Richard Stadelmann, Douglas Starr, Winfried Teizer, Mike Thornton, Jijayanagaram Venkatraj, Wei Wan, Richard Woodman, Keyan Zhu-Salzman
Call to Order:
Speaker Benedik called the meeting to order at 3:20 P.M. There were two senators from Galveston present via videoconferencing.
Speaker  Comments:
Speaker Benedik stated he received quite a few emails regarding his communication on showing graded work to students. He said all were either positive or incredulous that such a statement was needed, however he did get one recurring question which was “how long” does a faculty member  need to keep graded material. The student rule is that grade appeals can be made for 6 months after the end of a course, so that should be the target. He
stated he routinely just keeps paperwork for 1 year.
The speaker noted there have been a lot of inquiries regarding the proposed policy on bullying. He said the Senate Committee on Workplace, Climate and Diversity has been working on generating a final draft of this document in conjunction with the Staff Council. He hopes we will have this available for comments either in the January or subsequent Senate meeting.

He reminded everyone that the Faculty Senate meeting has been moved back 2 weeks to Jan 23. The 16th is MLK day and the university is closed. Speaker Benedik announced that the joint UT / A&M Faculty Senate/Faculty Caucus meeting is scheduled for February 27 and as of now we are still
planning to have our regularly scheduled Senate on Feb 13 as well.
He noted that the Academic Affairs Committee has just been charged with looking into alternate vehicles for student evaluations of teaching to possibly replace PICA. The Dean of Faculties will be working with them to demo some alternative software packages and see whether they provide added  benefits that we could take advantage of. Once they have met, reviewed and discussed we can look forward to their report to the Senate.
Guest Speakers:
Speaker Benedik introduced Provost Karan Watson to discuss the software tool from Academic Analytics being used to assess strategic progress and accountability. Access to the data the company collects is limited to the doctoral-granting universities and colleges which are its customers. The databases it mines track federal research funding by individual, but only aggregate data is reported to the university. The software tool is not comprehensive; for example, it does not include teaching and service or non-federal research funding or conference papers, and it measures quantity (of publications, etc.), not quality. However, it will provide useful external benchmark data to compare us to our peers, as promised in both Vision 2020 and the “Strategic Plan 2010-2015.” The reports include our scholarly activities and graduations, scholarly impact and teaching loads, etc., compared    to peer institutions.  She said it is important to make our productivity visible now in appropriate forms or else the legislature may prescribe the form as  it did in House Bill 2504 for posting student evaluations online within three clicks of the home page.  An extensive discussion followed.
Speaker Benedik next introduced Ben Wu to discuss our QEP program, which is required for SACS’ decennial reaffirmation of accreditation. The QEP program focuses on student learning and is a major part of the “Aggies Commit” [to learning for a lifetime] program.  When the QEP document is complete it will be distributed to faculty, staff, and students for feedback; the SACS on-site review will be April 2-5, 2012.
Speaker Benedik then introduced Jim Kracht to discuss changes to the General Studies program. He said that over the last six years the program has grown from about 1900 students to 5200 (with over one fourth of freshmen going into General Studies) and needs to be reduced back to about 2000 students over the next year and a half. The focus will be on providing students who are switching majors one semester to take needed prerequisites for the new major and/or to improve their GPR; student must leave General Studies when they reach 60 hours. Transfer students with more than 45 hours will ultimately not be allowed to enter General Studies, and the number of freshmen will be substantially reduced by redirecting incoming freshmen whose first choice of major is full to another major instead of to General Studies. Also, colleges have been asked to accept a one-time group of General Studies students into their majors this academic year.
Holly Gaede (Science) asked how students can fulfill a multiple-semester prerequisite sequence for a new major in one semester. Jim Kracht replied many of these barriers to changing majors were put in place for enrollment management reasons and he is discussing possible solutions with the colleges; in addition, more direction is needed to place students in the correct major to start.

Jose Fernandez-Solis (Architecture) asked if the students from General Studies moving to the colleges will come with funding for the additional faculty needed to accommodate them; Jim Kracht said they were already in the pipeline for a major. Karan Watson added that many of these students are already taking the courses they would take in a major, and that there are no General Studies faculty. She also said additional resources from the budget reallocation are going to improve advising, but if colleges want more faculty positions for more students she would have to take faculty positions away from units with fewer students. Graduating more students sooner is important or else we may lose state funds. Demand for some fields (e.g.,   petroleum engineering) is cyclical so staffing decisions have to be long range.
Hank Walker was recognized and said that no faculty member or department head he has talked to thinks this is a good idea because of the impact on the students. He estimated that 20 to 25 per cent of the budget would need to be shifted to engineering, business, and architecture to meet the student demand. Karan Watson replied that 35 to 40 per cent of the General Studies students wanted an engineering major but only 9 per cent were able to get it, so the changes in General Studies and advising should redirect students away from majors which are full.
Chris Mathewson (Geosciences) asked how General Studies students could be taking the same courses as their intended major; Karan Watson replied that most freshman courses are core curriculum courses, e.g., all but four hours in the first year of engineering.
The November 14 Faculty Senate meeting minutes were approved as submitted.                      Motion Passed 
                                                                                                                                                       Attachment A
Consent Agenda    The consent agenda was approved as submitted.                                       Motion Passed
GRADUATE COUNCIL                                                                                                                 FS.29.76
New Courses - November 3, 2011                                                                                               Attachment B                 AFST 685                                  Directed Studies
AFST 689                                  Special Topics in…
ANTH 655                                 Empires and World-System
CVEN 754                                 Advanced Structural Design Studio
GEOP 681                                Emergent Field-Based Techniques of Near-Surface Applied Geophysics
LAND 632                                 Design for Active Living
LDEV 669                                  Income Property Land Development
MARB 640                                 Ecosystem Functions in Marine Environments
PERF 682                                 American Theatre: Gender on the US Stage
PLAN 632                                  Design for Active Living
PLAN 642                                  Planning for Coastal Sustainability and Resiliency
WFSC 641                                Sustainable Military Land Management
WFSC 642                                Field Military Land Management
Course Changes - November 3, 2011                                                          Motion Passed
LAND 601 Landscape Architectural Design Theory FS.29.77
LAND 602 Landscape Architectural Design Application  Attachment C
LAND 603 Principles and Techniques of Land Development  
LAND 612 Landscape Architectural Site Development  
LAND 614 Landscape Architectural Construction  
LAND 620 Open Space Development I  
LAND 621 Open Space Development II  
LAND 646 Professional Practice  
LAND 684 Professional Internship  
LAND 685 Directed Study  
LAND 693 Professional Study  
MKTG 613 Marketing Management  
MKTG 621 Survey of Marketing  
MKTG 650 Analyzing Consumer Behavior  
MKTG 656 Marketing Communications Management  
MKTG 671 Product Innovation  
MKTG 675 Marketing Strategy  
Special Consideration - November 3, 2011                                                  Motion Passed
College of Architecture                                                                                   
Department of Landscape and Urban Planning                                              Attachment D
Proposal to offer two masters non-thesis degree programs as a simultaneous two – degree program Master of Real Estate (MRE) and Master of Science in Land Development (MSLD).
Special Consideration - November 3, 2011                                                    Motion Passed

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences                                                      FS.29.79
Proposal for a Certificate in Military Land Sustainability                                    Attachment E

Special Consideration - November 3, 2011                                                                    Motion Passed
College of Architecture                                                                                                   FS.29.80
Proposal to offer a Graduate Certificate in Transportation Planning via distance             Attachment F

Special Consideration - November 3, 2011                                                                    Motion Passed
ollege of Agriculture and Life Sciences                                                                     FS.29.81
                                                                                                                                            Attachment G
Proposal to move/transfer the administrative and degree-granting authority of the graduate degree programs in Nutrition  and Food Science and Technology from the Interdisciplinary Degree Program in Nutrition and the Interdisciplinary Program in Food Science into the Department of Nutrition and Food Science

New Course - November 11, 2011                                                                       Motion Passed
ACCT 421 Critical Communication Skills for Accountants FS.29.82
ALED 424 Applied Ethics in Leadership  Attachment H
ARCH 216 Computational Methods in Architecture  
ARCH 248 Writing in Architectural History  
ARCH 317 Digital Fabrication for Architecture  
ARCH 390 Introduction to Architectural Research  
BICH 404 Biochemical Calculations  
CHEM 456 Chemical Biology  
COMM 324 Communication Leadership and Conflict Management  
ENTC 269 Embedded Systems Development in C  
ENTC 329 Six Sigma and Applied Statistics  
ENTC 366 Communications Electronics  
HEFB 322 Teaching and Schooling in Modern Society  
HEFB 324 Technology and Teaching Skills for the 21st Century Learner  
HEFB 325 Introduction to Secondary School Teaching  
HEFB 450 Supervised Student Teaching  
HORT 426 International Floriculture Marketing  
HUMA 321 Political Islam and Jihad  
INFO 300 Business Communications I  
INFO 400 Business Communications II  
INTS 205 Current Issues in International Studies  
INTS 401 Urbanism and Modernism  
INTS 403 Nations and Nationalisms  
INTS 405 War and Memory  
KNFB 324 Technology and Teaching Skills for the 21st Century Learner  
MKTG 426 Advanced Retail Case Competition  
MKTG 445 Advertising Account Planning  
RELS 321 Political Islam and Jihad  
Withdrawal of Courses - November 11, 2011
ARCH 312                                 Design Journal
ARCH 329                                 The American House
ENDS 170                                 Computer Techniques for Design and Visualization
ENTC 216                                 Semiconductor Process Technology
ENTC 351                                 Electronic Devices and Circuits II
ENTC 407                                 Instrumentation and Controls
Change in Courses - November 11, 2011
AERO 404                                 Mechanics of Advanced Aerospace Structures
AERO 424                                 Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control
ANSC 316                                 Equine Selection and Judging
ANSC 320                                Animal Nutrition and Feeding
ANSC 406                                 Beef Cattle Production and Management
ANSC 412                                 Swine Production and Management
ANSC 414                                 Sheep and Goat Production and Management
ANSC 420                                 Equine Production and Management
ANSC 439                                 Feedlot Risk Management
ANSC 481                                 Seminar
ANSC 487                                 Sensory Evaluation of Foods
ARCH 305                                 Architectural Design III
ARCH 310                                 Site Planning and Design
ARCH 330                                 The Making of Architecture
ARCH 331                                 Foundations Structures
ARCH 335                                 Foundations Systems
ARCH 350                                 History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Architecture
ARCH 401                                 Design Creativity
ARCH 405                                 Architectural Design IV
ARCH 406                                 Architecture Design V
ARCH 407                                 Integrated Home Architecture Studio
ARCH 408                                 Experimental Home Architecture
ARCH 421                                 Energy and Sustainable Architecture
ARCH 431                                 Integrated Structures
ARCH 432                                 Integrated Home Structures and Construction
ARCH 435                                 Integrated Systems
ARCH 436                                 Integrated Home Architecture Systems
ARCH 452                                 Alternative Careers in Architecture
ARCH 463                                 Elements of Interior Architecture
ARCH 485                                 Directed Studies
ARCH 489                                 Special Topics in…
ARCH 491                                 Advanced Architecture Innovation Research
ATMO 324                                Physical and Regional Climatology
ATMO 336                                Atmospheric Dynamics
ATMO 456                                Practical Weather Forecasting
ATMO 461                                Broadcast Meteorology
ATMO 463                                Air Pollution Meteorology
CSCE 110                                 Programming I
DASC 312                                 Food Chemistry
DASC 313                                 Food Chemistry Lab
DASC 314                                 Food Analysis
ECEN 303                                 Random Signals and Systems
ECEN 448                                 Real-Time Digital Signal Processing
ENDS 105                                 DesignFoundationsI
ENDS 112                                 Environmental Responsibilities and Design
ENDS 115                                 Design Communication Foundations
ENDS 116                                 Design Communication Foundations II
ENDS 260                                 Comparative Theory in the Built and Virtual Environments
ENDS 484                                 Summer Internship
ENDS 485                                 Directed Studies
ENDS 491                                 Research
ENDS 494                                 Internship
ENTC 211                                 Circuit Analysis II
ENTC 219                                 Digital Electronics
ENTC 251                                 Engineering Leadership
ENTC 303                                 Fluid Mechanics and Power
ENTC 349                                 Microprocessors
ENTC 352                                 Introduction to Mixed-Signal Test and Measurement
ENTC 359                                 Electronic System Interfacing
ENTC 410                                 Manufacturing Automation and Robotics
ENTC 412                                 Production and Inventory Planning
ENTC 419                                 Engineering Technology Capstone I
ENTC 420                                 Engineering Technology Capstone II
ENTC 435                                 Data Communications
ENTC 452                                 Advanced Semiconductor Test and Measurement
FSTC 312                                 Food Chemistry
FSTC 313                                 Food Chemistry Lab
FSTC 314                                 Food Analysis
FSTC 369                                 Experimental Nutrition & Food Science Laboratory
FSTC 415                                 Religious and Ethnic Foods
ISEN 220                                  Introduction to Production Systems
ISEN 314                                  Statistical Control of Quality
ISEN 315                                  Production System Planning
ISEN 316                                  Production Systems Operations
ISEN 414                                  Total Quality Engineering
ISEN 424                                  Systems Simulation
ISEN 459                                  Manufacturing Systems Design
KNFB 322                                 Teaching and Schooling in the Modern Society
KNFB 323                                 Introduction to Secondary School Teaching
LAND 240                                 History of Landscape Architecture
LAND 310                                 Landscape Theory
LAND 318                                 Landscape Design I
LAND 319                                 Landscape Design II
LAND 320                                 Landscape Design III
LAND 329                                 Landscape Construction I
LAND 330                                 Landscape Construction II
LAND 331                                 Landscape Construction III
LAND 340                                 Development of Landscape Architecture in North America
LAND 442                                 Professional Practice
MKTG 321                                Marketing
MKTG 322                                Consumer Behavior
MKTG 323                                Marketing Research
MKTG 325                                Retailing Concepts and Policies
MKTG 326                                Strategic Planning
MKTG 347                                Advertising and Creative Marketing Communications
MKTG 401                                Global Marketing
MKTG 409                                Principles of Marketing
MKTG 425                                Retail Merchandising
MKTG 436                                Sales Management
MKTG 440                                Services Marketing
MKTG 442                                Product Management
MKTG 448                                Marketing Management
MKTG 484                                Marketing Internship
NUTR 369                                 Experimental Nutrition & Food Science Laboratory
NUTR 404                                 Nutrition Assessment and Planning
NUTR 405                                 Nutritional Treatment of Disease
NUTR 415                                 Religious and Ethnic Foods
NUTR 444                                 Nutrition Through Life
POSC 308                                 Avian Anatomy and Physiology
POSC 429                                 Advanced Food Bacteriology
Change in Curriculum - November 11, 2011                                                 Motion Passed

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences                                                    FS.29.83
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics                                                   Attachment I
B.S. in Biochemistry 
B.S. in Genetics

Change in Curriculum - November 11, 2011                                                 Motion Passe
ollege of Agriculture and Life Sciences                                                    FS.29.84
Department of Nutrition and Food Science                                                      Attachment J
B.S. in Food Science and Technology Food Science Option
Industry Option

Change in Curriculum - November 11, 2011                                                 Motion Passed
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences                                                    FS.29.85
Department of Nutrition and Food Science                                                      Attachment K
B.S. in Nutritional Sciences General Nutrition Track
Didactic Program in Dietetics Track

Change in Curriculum - November 11, 2011                                                Motion Passed
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences                                                   FS.29.86
Department of Nutrition and Food Science                                                    Attachment L
B.S. in Nutritional Sciences Molecular and Experimental Track

Change in Curriculum - November 11, 2011                                               Motion Passed
College of Architecture                                                                               FS.29.87
Department of Architecture                                                                           Attachment M
B.E.D. in Environmental Design Architectural Studies Option

Change in Curriculum - November 11, 2011                                               Motion Passed
College of Geosciences                                                                              FS.29.88
Department of Atmospheric Sciences                                                           Attachment N
B.S. in Meteorology

Change in Curriculum - November 11, 2011                                              Motion Passed
College of Liberal Arts                                                                               FS.29.89
Department of European and Classical Languages and Cultures               Attachment O
B.A. in International Studies
International Politics and Diplomacy Track International Commerce Track
International Communication and Media Track International Arts and Culture Track International Environmental Studies Track
Change in Curriculum - November 11, 2011                                            Motion Passed
ollege of Science                                                                                    FS.29.90
Department of Chemistry                                                                            Attachment P
B.A. in Chemistry
B.S. in Chemistry
Special Consideration - November 11, 2011                                                                                      Motion Passed

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences                                                                                         FS.29.91
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics Minor in Biochemistry – requirement changes               Attachment Q
Special Consideration - November 11, 2011                                               Motion Passed
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences                                                  FS.29.92
Department of Nutrition and Food Science                                                    Attachment R
B.S. in Nutritional Sciences
General Nutrition Track
Request for a Secondary Teacher Certification Track
Special Consideration - November 11, 2011                                             Motion Passed
College of Architecture                                                                             FS.29.93
Department of Architecture                                                                          Attachment S
Minor in Art and Architectural History – requirement changes


Special Consideration - November 11, 2011                                             Motion Passed
Mays Business School                                                                              FS.29.94
Department of Marketing                                                                             Attachment T
Request for a new Certificate in Advertising

Special Consideration - November 11, 2011                                            Motion Passed
Mays Business School                                                                             FS.29.95
Department of Marketing                                                                            Attachment U
Request for a new Certificate in Retailing


Special Consideration - November 11, 2011                                          Motion Passed
Mays Business School                                                                           FS.29.96
Department of Marketing                                                                          Attachment V
Request for a new Certificate in Sales

Special Consideration - November 11, 2011                                        Motion Passed
Dwight Look College of Engineering                                                  FS.29.97
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering                               Attachment W
B.S. in Industrial Engineering    Request to change grade requirements

Special Consideration - November 11, 2011                                         Motion Passed
College of Science                                                                                 FS.29.98
Department of Chemistry                                                                        Attachment X
Minor in Chemistry – requirement changes

Texas A&M University at Galveston
Change in Curriculum - November 11, 2011                                        Motion Passed

Texas A&M University at Galveston                                                    FS.29.99
Department of Maritime Administration                                                   Attachment Y
B.S. in Maritime Administration Financial Management Track Operations Management Track

Special Consideration - November 11, 2011                                          Motion Passed

Texas A&M University at Galveston                                                      FS.29.100
Department of Marine Sciences                                                                Attachment Z
Minor in Ocean and Coastal Resources – requirement changes

Special Consideration - November 11, 2011                                          Motion Passed

Texas A&M University at Galveston                                                      FS.29.101
Department of Maritime Administration                                                     Attachment AA
Minor in Maritime Administration – requirement changes

Special Consideration                                                                                                                                                        Motion Passed

Attachment BB

The GC and UCC supports the action taken by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) and recommends approval of the program phase-outs and consolidations.
November 21, 2011                                                                                Motion Passed                                                    W
 certification:                                                                                      FS.29.103                                                           
ARCH 205                               Architectural Design I                             Attachment CC
ARCH 248                              Writing in Architectural History
ARCH 390                                 Introduction to Architectural Research
GERM 491                                Research
C certification:
ARCH 305                               Architectural Design III
W recertification:
ARCH 212                                 Social and Behavioral Factors in Design
COMM/WGST 420                    Gender and Communication
COMM 460                               Communication and Contemporary Issues
ENGL 401                                 Critical Theory and Practice
ENGL/WGST 474                      Studies in Women Writers
FSTC/DASC 313                        Food Chemistry Laboratory
MARB 435                                 Marine Invertebrate Zoology
MAST 425                                 Thesis and Technical Writing
WFSC 403                                Animal Ecology

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                                     Motion Passed
Proposed Revisions to Student Rules 14.1 and 50.2                             FS.29.104
                                                                                                                Attachment DD                                                        
                                                                             End of Consent Agenda 

Committee Reports

BYLAWS COMMITTEE                                                                            Motion Passed
Honors Council Changes                                                                          FS.29.105                                                                                                                                                                            Attachment EE

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                                       MotionPassed
Athletic Department Resolution                                                                 FS.29.106                                                                                                                                                                             Attachment FF
Attachment FF was moved by Secretary Daugherity and opened for discussion.  Speaker Benedik relayed a request from President Loftin that the senate consider deleting the restriction on student funds since student fees have historically been used for renovating the student seating at Kyle Field.
A senator
so moved, and the amendment was seconded.
Guido Kanschat (Science) argued against the amendment on the grounds that his NSF grants do not allow payment of any student fees since some student fees are for sports stadiums. Brian Perkins (Science) also spoke against the amendment.
Karan Watson said that first the next legislature would have to authorize a student referendum to approve or disapprove a new student fee for Kyle Field modifications. She added that without the possibility of student fees there might have to be a large increase in student ticket prices, or a reduction in the number of student seats (31,000 at midfield) to perhaps 9,000 in the end zone. Jim Woosley (Education and Human Development) agreed that students should be free to consider these tradeoffs.
After some friendly amendments to the amendment were declined, the amendment to replace the phrase “university or student funds” with “university funds” passed, by a vote of 25 to 16, and the resolution as amended was adopted.

New Business
Executive Session                                                                                      Motion Passed
Honorary Degree 1                                                                                     FS.29.107
Honorary Degree 2
The senate then went into executive session to consider honorary degree nominations and all visitors were asked to leave.
Committee of the Whole
At the conclusion of the executive session the open session was resumed and Speaker Benedik turned the chair over to Speaker-Elect Stallone to convene the Committee of the Whole.
There being no business to come before the Committee of the Whole, Speaker-Elect Stallone returned the chair back to Speaker Benedik, who adjourned the meeting at 5:10 P.M.