September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012
3:15 p.m., 601 Rudder Tower
Present:  Senators Ergun Akleman, Jorge Alvarado, Carisa Armstrong, Joe Arosh, Raymundo Arroyave, Judith Ball, Former Speaker Michael Benedik, Leonard Bierman, Doug Biggs, Tiffany Boudreaux, Joseph Boutros, Leonard Bright, Edward Brothers, William B. Clark, Charles Criscione, Robin Dabareiner, Joe Dannenbaum, Speaker-Elect Walter Daugherity, Darryl De Ruiter, Janice Epstein, Jose Fernandez-Solis, Edward Funkhouser, Holly Gaede, Clare Gill, Ira Greenbaum, Michael Greenwald, Janet Hammer, Mike Hanik, Julie Harlin, Greg Heim, Kevin Heinz, Kim Hill, Shelley Holliday, Richard Hutchinson, Wendy Jepson, Andrew Klein, Karen Kubena, Reza Langari, Paulo Lima-Filho, Igor Lyuksyutov, Carol Loopstra, Martha Loudder, Secretary-Treasurer Clint Magill, Vanita Mahajan, Stephen Miller, Jeffrey Morris, Adam Myers, Gene Nelson, Michelle Pine, Harland Prechel, Angie Price, Deva Reddy, Leslie Reynolds, Dale Rice, Eric Rowell, Luis San Andres, Ergin Sezgin, Jorge Seminario, Brian Shaw, Kathleen Speed, Karen Snowden, Richard Stadelmann, Speaker John Stallone, Bob Strawser, Kim-Vy Tran, Elizabeth Tebeaux, Mike Thornton, Grace Townsend, Manuelita Ureta, Wyoma vanDuinkerken, Gary Varner, Tryon Wickersham, B. Dan Wood, Richard Woodman, Jim Woosley
Absent:  Senators Louise Abbott, Perla Balbuena, June Martin, Gwan Seong Choi, Jonathan Coopersmith, Richard Curry, Swaroop Darbha, Stephen Guetersloh, James Hannah, Ed Harris, Sam Mannan, Christopher Mathewson, Peter McIntyre, Brian Perkins, Karen Russell, Ramesh Talreja, Jason Sawyer, Karen-Beth Scholthof, Keyan Zhu-Salzmann, William West, Matt Whiteacre
Call to Order
Guest Speaker
R. Bowen Loftin
Dr. Loftin announced the Council of Deans has established six (6) focus areas addressing global problems that cross all colleges.  In addition to helping achieve our long-range goals in Vision 2020, initiatives based on solving the problems will provide added incentive for potential donors. 
The six (6) ‘grand challenge’ areas are:
1) ‘One health’ targeting human, animal and ecological problems,
2) Energy,
3) Democracy for a safer world,
4) Economic diversity,
5) Educated leadership,
6) Natural and built environments.
Dr. Loftin announced that $16 million of one-time AUF funds are available that can be used for startups, equipment and other factors in attracting and retaining top faculty.  In addition, some $6 million or more of recurring funds, primarily from outsourcing income from Barnes and Noble and Pepsi as well as the new dining contract will be available for faculty salaries ($4.5 million) and graduate student programs ($1.5 million).  The CBE will be charged with considering the best use of buildings as well as condition in re-prioritizing optimal use of any funds used for deferred maintenance.  A committee of four (4) deans (Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture and Engineering) will consider the best use of a new building currently destined for the new HSC campus.  At least some of the $100 million the chancellor designated for hiring senior level professors can be used for building renovations to house those hired.
In response to a question from Senator Stadelmann’s (LA) concern about salary compression, the president indicated several studies have been made in the fairly recent past, and that the recently gained approval to reallocate fees collected from students might help alleviate compression, if it is found.  Senator Miller’s (LA) concern about a possible conflict between senior administration and the Board of Regents goals for the future was addressed by the observations that past boards have been equally involved in university operations and that universities in almost every state are suffering from similar problems that arise from reduced state funding.  The president pointed out that we must operate efficiently and that an upcoming fund drive through the A&M Foundation will use the focus areas to attract potential donors, a model that was recently successful at Stanford.
Senator Funkhouser’s (COALS) request for information on how such large amounts could be gained from the recent outsourcing of dining, facilities, custodial and grounds could only be explained by greater management efficiencies by the Compass subsidiaries in each of these areas based on cost models proprietary to the companies.  That did bring up the point that a team is now being hired to monitor Compass’ performance to assure they fulfill the agreed contracts ‘on a daily basis’.  In the meantime, BJ Crain (VP Finance and CFO) should be contacted concerning problems or complaints. 
Senator Jepson (GEOS) commented that it would take more that defining ‘grand challenge’ goals to make interdisciplinary programs work.  She suggested that success at the investigator level will require operational changes to remove current incentives that work against interdepartmental cooperation. Interim Dean of Faculties Benedik indicated that it is possible to have tenure via a college rather than a department but agreed there are still barriers such as awarding of SCHs that need to be lowered.  The President acknowledged that problems do exist, but also suggested that hiring faculty involved in interdisciplinary roles would help to force changes. 
With regard to a Senator’s question considering our stance on distance education, the President pointed out that we still have many more applicants than can be accepted for becoming on-campus students that we have 32 online-only MS degrees and that companies are reluctant to hire distance-only graduates.  He did however indicate that as student learning styles adapt to new technology, there is little doubt that increased levels of ‘blended learning’, ‘flipped’ courses (student lead, hands-on learning) rather than lectures will eventually lead to significant changes in our use of newer models of education.
Speaker Comments: 
The Speaker announced that Marilyn Willie has resigned after serving for 6 years as Assistant to the Faculty Senate. 
He also announced that the Health Science Center and Law school mergers are progressing with an organizational chart established and accreditation documents being prepared for the former but still only with joint committees considering positive and negative aspects to be considered for the latter.
The Speaker announced that the Core Curriculum revisions approved via the Senate last year have been returned for reconsideration.  A study from the President’s office suggested that advanced English and History students would be hampered if upper level courses cannot be used to satisfy the core requirements.  In addition a change in interpretation by the Coordinating Board means that graduation requirements (as was the case for our physical education courses) cannot be added to a core or degree plan if doing so would create more that 120 credits for graduation.  The Core Curriculum Council will reinvestigate our optimal solution to the problems raised and should have access to the data concerning the upper level courses being used. 
He announced there will be a new Senator orientation, likely before the next Faculty Senate meeting scheduled in October.
The Speaker announced that Vice President and former Senate Speaker Pierce Cantrell will head the internal search for a permanent Dean of Faculties.  Senator Hill (LA) emphasized the need to have completely separate offices to handle duties of the Dean of Faculties and the Ombudsperson. 
The July 9, 2012 Faculty Senate meeting minutes were approved as amended.            Motion Passed
                                                                                                                                                Attachment A
Consent Agenda  - Senator Magill (COALS) asked that Attachment D be removed from the consent agenda and placed on the new business agenda.  The remainder of the Consent Agenda passed unanimously.
GRADUATE COUNCIL GC Report                                                                                        Motion Passed
Change in Courses – August 3, 2012                                                                                 FS.30.025
CVEN 626                   Roadside Safety Design                                                                      Attachment B
MEEN 667                  Mechatronics
Course Withdrawals – August 3, 2012                                                                             Motion Passed      
OCNG 600                  Survey of Oceanography                                                                   FS.30.026
OCNG 622                  Anly of Benthic Committees                                                              Attachment C
OCNG 642                  Marine Biochemistry Lab
OCNG 647                  Chem Con of Mar Environments
OCNG/MARS 675      Env Mgmt System Strategies
OCNG/MARS 676      Marine Environmental Policies
New Course – July 13, 2012                                                                    FS.30.028
ENTO 425                  Disease Ecology                                                      Attachment E

Special Consideration – July 13, 2012                                                    Motion Passed
                                                                                                                   Attachment F  
The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences would like to request a new Certificate in Public Health Entomology, Department of Entomology.
Special ConsiderationJuly 13, 2012                                                      Motion Passed
                                                                                                                     Attachment G
The College of Education and Human Development would like to request a new concentration in  Non-Certification Child Professional Services, University Studies Degree, Department of Educational Psychology.

Special Consideration – July 13, 2012                                                      Motion Passed                                                                                                                                                                       FS.30.031
                                                                                                                      Attachment H
The College of Education and Human Development would like to request a new concentration in Sports Conditioning, University Studies Degree, Department of Health and Kinesiology. 
Special ConsiderationJuly 13, 2012                                                        Motion Passed
                                                                                                                        FS.30.032                                                                                                                                                                                Attachment I
The College of Education and Human Development would like to request a new concentration in Sports Leadership, University Studies Degree, Department of Health and Kinesiology.
UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM COMMITTEE UCC Report                      Motion Passed
 New Course – August 9, 2012                                                                      FS.30.033
 AGCJ 366                    Radio Broadcasting                                                     Attachment J
Change in Courses – August 9, 2012                                                                             
AGCJ 105                    Introduction to Agricultural Communications
AGCJ 203                    Agricultural Media Writing I
AGCJ 281                    Journalism Concepts in Agriculture
AGCJ 303                    Agricultural Media Writing II
AGCJ 304                    Editing for Agricultural Audiences
AGCJ 405                    Agricultural Publication Production
AGCJ 481                    Senior Seminar
SPAN 303                   Composition and Conversation
SPAN 306                   Business Spanish
APAN 331                  Spanish Literature to 1700
SPAN 332                   Spanish Literature from 1700 to 1936
SPAN 341                   Spanish-American Literature from 1492 to 1821
SPAN 342                   Spanish-American Literature from 1821 to 1935
SPAN 352                   Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN 410                   Hispanic Film
SPAN 411                   Contemporary Hispanic Society and Culture
SPAN 412                   Hispanic Writers in the U.S.
SPAN 413                   Hispanic Culture through Art
SPAN 421                   Spanish Language Poetry
SPAN 445                   Cervantes
SPAN 450                   Contemporary Spanish and Spanish-American Literature
SPAN 460                   Topics in Hispanic Literature
SPAN 461                   Topics in Hispanic Culture
SPAN 462                   Topics in Hispanic Linguistics
Change in Curriculum – August 9, 2012                                                                   Motion Passed
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences                                                                      Attachment K
Request change in curriculum in B.S. in Agricultural Communications and Journalism, Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications.
Change in Curriculum – August 9, 2012                                                                    Motion Passed
College of Liberal Arts                                                                                                Attachment L
Request change in curriculum in B.A. in Theatre Arts, Department of Performance Studies.
Changes in Courses – August 9, 2012                                                                         Motion Passed
Texas A&M University at Galveston                                                                           FS.30.036
MARE 242                  Manufacturing Methods I                                                             Attachment M
MARE 243                  Manufacturing Methods II
Special ConsiderationAugust 9, 2012                                                                     Motion  Passed
                                                                                                                                        Attachment N     
The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences would like to request requirement changes in the Minor in Agricultural Communications and Journalism, Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications.
Special Consideration – August 9, 2012                                                                     Motion Passed 
                                                                                                                                        Attachment O
The College of Liberal Arts would like to request requirement changes in the Minor in Classical Studies, Department of International Studies. 
W-COURSES                                                                                                                      Motion Passed
Courses submitted for C Certification – August 10, 2012                                             FS.30.039
MATH 442                 Mathematical Modeling                                                                  Attachment P
Courses submitted for W recertification – August 10, 2012
BIOL 401                    Critical Writing in Biology
ISEN 416                    Facilities Location, Layout, and Material Handling Systems
MARA 424                  Economies of Transportation
POLS 481                   Model 1 AP Generic (American Politics)
POLS 481                   Model 2 CP Generic (Comparative Politics)
POLS 481                   Model 3 IR Generic (International Relations)
POLS 481                   Model 4 PT Generic (Political Theory)
RTPS 403                   Financing & Marketing Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Services
Courses submitted for C recertification – August 10, 2012
NUTR 481                  Seminar in Nutrition
URPN 330                  Land Development I
____________________________________________End of Consent Agenda_________________________________________
Committee Reports
There were no Committee Reports
New Business                                                                                                                   Motion Passed
                                                                                                                                          Attachment D
Senator Magill (COALS) was concerned that the merging of the two low-performing MS degrees in Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology in the Special Consideration Item (Attachment D) would cause a problem since both were shown as having already expired at the end of August.  Vice-Provost Pam Matthews indicated it would not, since that was effectively the last day a student could be accepted in the old programs.  Senator Magill then moved for approval which was seconded and passed.
The Speaker asked the Caucuses to meet and select Caucus Leaders and Representatives for Senate committees.  That information should be provided to the Senate office via e-mail. 
Committee of the Whole
Senator Greenbaum (SCI) questioned why Departments were suddenly being asked to pay for a Supplemental Instruction program where top undergraduates from a prior semester are paid to assist with students having trouble in introductory courses.  Since less than 18% of the over 3,000 students in introductory Biology courses are Biology majors, it seemed unfair to ask his department to fund 70% of the costs.  He indicated the program was initiated and has in part been funded with funds from the Former Students Association via the Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Studies. 
Senator Price  (ENG) reported that Transportation Services has received some pressure to use funds set aside for new garage construction for a location near the football stadium rather than at two central campus locations indicated as most critical by an independent study. 
The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.