Minimum Syllabus Requirements

Updated MSR Template and COVID Statement for Summer 2021
(Updated 04/30/2021)
The Faculty Senate approved a significant revision to the university’s Minimum Syllabus Requirements (MSR) in June/July 2020. In addition, a Summer 2021 COVID Temporary Addendum for the MSR was drafted and approved.

You should be aware of the following major changes to the MSR.
  1. Faculty are responsible for ensuring their electronic syllabus meets accessibility standards (see TAMU SAP 29.01.04.M0.02). This requirement was added to the MSR.
  2. The requirements are grouped into two categories: course information and university policies.
  3. The university policies section includes revisions to the Academic Integrity Statement and Policy (Aggie Honor statement) and ADA Policy. In addition, statements were added for Attendance, Makeup Work, Title IX, and Mental Health and Awareness.
If faculty are interested in the rationale and justification for the MSR changes, please review the cover letter provided as Attachment B to the June 13, 2020, Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda.

Microsoft Word Syllabus Template

The Faculty Senate provides the following Microsoft Word syllabus template documents that include all required content for the syllabus AND meets minimum electronic document accessibility standards.   

Canvas Syllabus Tool

As announced by Dr. Jocelyn Widmer, Assistant Provost for Academic Innovation, the new minimum syllabus requirements have been built into the blueprint that has been applied to all course shells in Canvas. Fall 2021 Minimum Syllabus Requirements will soon be reflected in faculty Canvas shells under the Syllabus tool on each course navigation.

Summer 2021 COVID Temporary Addendum 

The Faculty Senate approved a Summer 2021 COVID Temporary Addendum for the MSR.  Please check back for updated COVID Addendums for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021.